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  • Dennis19901Dennis19901196,724
    07 Jan 2018 11 Jan 2018
    12 0 2
    One of the best ways to gain exp is to run a short level on nightmare. I chose The Enemy Below as it was the shortest in my experience.

    Gather all 3 tomes and 2 grimoires and expect to gain 1.800 exp per run. (A run took me about 9-10 minutes).

    Make this achievement your last priority as you get experience for every successful mission in this game. As you farm for better gear, try to get the pickaxe or executioner sword, or try to beat cataclysm, this will all give you exp.

    For reference, I was about level 80 after I completed all (other) achievements.
  • MrIcyDeathMrIcyDeath1,026,939
    24 May 2018 19 May 2018 23 May 2018
    8 0 0
    This is an alternative to running a nightmare mission solo.

    Load up black powder on Cataclysm (have the speed trinket helps). Your goal is to run directly to the exit boat blocking when needed, than jumping to your death.
    This will fail the mission but since you loaded the "checkpoint" you get 250xp for failing.

    After about level 65 every level needs 5000xp to advance. Meaning 20 runs will level you up, which takes about 30mins counting load times.
  • inToX ShredzinToX Shredz693,959
    13 Apr 2019 13 Apr 2019
    4 0 0
    There are multiple methods for doing this achievement, however, after doing some testing using different methods, i have found the fastest ways.

    Method 1:
    Similar to MrIcyDeath's method but using a different level, on Trials of the Foolhardy, you can make your way through he level and die at a certain point to receive xp for making it mostly through the level. Because this level is considered a larger level, you will instead receive 500xp on cataclysm and 400xp on nightmare, as apposed to 250xp and 200xp from a shorter level. I have provided a link to a video of me doing the run below.

    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed

    There are a few tricks to do this method in a faster way as i have done in the video;
    No.1 I use the wizard beam staff to overcharge and down myself quickly to save time.
    No.2 If you down yourself on some stairwells, the bots wont revive you and it will waste a few minutes for minimal xp.
    No.3 You have to make it to exactly where I make it to receive the full 500xp.
    From timing myself i was able to complete a 5000xp level in under 18 minutes including loading times.

    Method 2:
    There is an exploit on the map, Reikwald Forest. You can use this exploit to skip the entire level and complete it in under 7 minutes. This method is not as quick as method 1, but you do get gear for completing the level, and you will also receive another achievement for doing this level in under 10 minutes on nightmare or above. The xp you receive from this level will vary and depend on how many bots make it out alive, 1200xp for nightmare and 1500xp for cataclysm, or half if all the bots die.

    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed

    There are a few tricks to keep your bots alive during this level also;
    No.1 Star of the sisterhood (shared health pool) is good for keeping you bots alive as they will not fall like dominoes if one dies.
    No.2 Getting gold loot for your bots also helps, but isn't entirely necessary.
    No.3 There is a point in the video where i stop and kill all the rats around my bots at the start before moving on, this is important because if you leave your bots, they will stop attacking and die.
    No.4 There is always 1 horde that spawns before you leave your bots, so stay with them till it is dead.
    No.5 There is a spot you see me shooting in my video when I am about to re-enter the map; this is a specials spawn point so be aware of gutter runners and gas rats waiting there.
    My run isn't very clean, it can be done a lot better without the bots going down quite easily. I accidentally shot the patrol, they usually wont see you if you get into the spot quickly and the bots will teleport soon after.
    The only problem with this method is that it's very fragile, as an ogre or as seen a patrol can spawn at the start killing your bots. Doing this on nightmare is quite easy to recover from this though, however on cataclysm, it pretty much means your bots are dead no matter what.
    All up, running nightmare, I was able to get 6000xp in 26 min this way.

    Method 1 is much quicker then method 2 but it gets boring quickly, so I found myself cycling between the two methods. These are by far the fastest way to get the xp, but it can get extremely repetitive.
    I hope this guide helps.
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