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Collect 200 Endurance Badges in Last Stand.

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  • AllOvaMyselfAllOvaMyself660,228
    25 Oct 2016 02 Nov 2016 17 Jan 2018
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    No way around it, this one's a bit of a grind, and I'd put off using this solution until after you've achieved:

    Warhammer: End Times - VermintideUnbreakableThe Unbreakable achievement in Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide worth 474 pointsGet Gold on Town Meeting.

    ...since you'll be picking up many badges in your attempts to get that achievement. This solution is to grind out the badges you have left. It can also be used to farm XP to unlock:

    Warhammer: End Times - VermintideSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide worth 453 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Last Stand

    You get Endurance Badges for surviving increasingly difficult waves of enemies in the Last Stand game mode. You will earn badges every few waves but they will appear randomly on the map and you must literally run to the badge and press cn_X to pick it up. The first badge will appear at the end of Wave 2, and the next one after that appears at the end of Wave 5, but getting through wave 5 is pretty time consuming. On Herioc difficulty It takes roughly 4 minutes to get through Wave 2, grab the badge and then allow the team to wipe. After being scored and given XP, you can select Retry and do it all over again. It takes far longer than 4 minutes to get through Waves 3-5 and the badge is still worth the same as the first one: a single badge closer to the goal of 200. So it's best to simply die after collecting the badge following Wave 2.

    Starting Things Up

    Go to the mission table and select:

    Custom Game
    Last Stand
    Town Meeting
    Difficulty of Your Choice

    After selecting this, the game will go back to you standing at the table, but now the mission parameters are displayed in the HUD on the top of the screen. Hold cn_LB to start the match and when it asks you if you want to start without a group, press cn_A for yes to continue.

    Number of Players

    Now I've set this up for solo play, but obviously friends can be invited and any badges picked up by one player counts for every player in the match. You should avoid Public matches just for the reason that randoms may not understand you are deliberately trying to die at the beginning of Wave 3 which will prolong the process.

    Difficulty Level and Badges

    You can do this at any difficulty, but the gameplay and rewards will be slightly different depending on what you choose. There are three difficulty levels Veteran, Champion and Heroic and these essentially correspond the main campaign's Hard, Nightmare and Cataclysm respectively. The badges you pick up will have different names and appearances but they are all Endurance Badges and they all count toward the achievement.

    If you successfully obtain a badge, you will receive the following at the end of the match after dying at the beginning of Wave 3:

    Veteran - Footman Badge = 150XP & 12 Jade (Green) crafting tokens
    Champion - Sergeant Badge = 200XP & 9 Hematite (Blue) crafting tokens
    Heroic - General Badge = 400XP & 6 Opal (Orange) crafting tokens

    Keep in mind that if you do not collect a badge before the match ends, you will get no reward at all.

    While this can be played on Veteran, Wave 1 is slightly longer due to having the directional tutorial and Wave 2 spawns 2 Gutter Runners. On the other hand both Champion and Heroic only spawn common rats for Waves 1 & 2 reducing the difficulty slightly. It is actually harder to die at the beginning of Wave 3 on both Veteran and Champion, so Heroic is actually the ideal difficulty because you can die faster and restart the match more quickly.

    Location, Location, Location

    It's only two waves so it shouldn't be too strenuous no matter what difficulty you choose. Keep in mind that your BOTS will actually use the items you equip the characters with, so be sure to give them whatever trinkets or weapons you think will help. If you have a favorite spot to make a stand and pass round 2, go ahead and use that, but for those of you still needing a suggestion, check out the video below for a decent spot.

    In case there are questions about it, I am playing on Heroic with the Bright Wizard using a Conflagration Staff:

    A couple of notes about the spot I use in the video. There is a rat spawn hole just above you while you are standing in this alcove. Rats rarely drop out of it and the BOTS generally take care of it, but keep your eye out for enemies behind you when they are away from you. Also if you jump up and down, the BOTS tend to stand behind you allowing you to see the area better. Also, this is one of the respawn points in the rare and unfortunate event a BOT is killed. Oftentimes, they'll respawn right in front of you.

    Here's a tip you can take home and use in the rest of the game: If you do not already know this, when reviving/rescuing comrades, hold cn_LT, aim at them, then press and hold cn_X when the prompt appears. You will block the entire time and, most importantly, if an enemy hits you, you will not be interrupted. Open chests this way as well. You're welcome... wink

    Essentially, just follow what I do in the video once you've got the match calibrated and you'll have an effective farming system - even if it's still a little slow.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to track how many badges you have without having to tally it yourself, if you want to do that. The achievement will unlock after the match while your XP and tokens are being awarded.

    If you have issue with this solution can you please comment before thumbing it down so that I might improve it. Thanks in advance.
  • Dennis19901Dennis19901196,724
    05 Jan 2018 11 Jan 2018
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    My best advice is to go for this achievement while getting Gold on Town Meeting and getting level 100. The rewards for last stand are pretty bad, exp wise and token wise (the gems for upgrading weapons).

    It will likely take you a good few tries before you get Gold on Town Meeting. Just keep trying though and collect every badge that pops up. By the time you get this achievement you will already have collected quite a few badges.

    After you've gotten Gold on Town Meeting, your best bet is to start the map The Fall on Champion. If you are playing solo, it's best to go Kruber with shield as he can easily push off enemies on the bridge and deal with rat ogres (repeater handgun). If you are playing with more people, make sure someone is Bardin with his shield. He can push off entire hordes of enemies with the correct perks (even storm vermin!).

    My advice is to just keep going rather than to keep resetting. You need the exp for level 100 anyway (likely) plus you will get a lot better at dealing with 1 (and 2) rat ogres in this game mode. Resetting after the second wave is also hardly any faster as the first 2 waves take the most time.
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