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Get Up, Mr. Bubbles! achievement in Rocket League®

Get Up, Mr. Bubbles!

Equip the Bubbles Rocket Trail and Score an Aerial goal, while playing in AquaDome

Get Up, Mr. Bubbles!0
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How to unlock the Get Up, Mr. Bubbles! achievement

  • z 4assed monkeyz 4assed monkey306,067
    07 Oct 2016 07 Oct 2016 23 Jul 2017
    244 35 54

    • Equip the Bubbles rocket trail (requirement)
    • Exhibition Match
    • Game Mode: ANY
    • Arena: AquaDome (requirement)
    • Team Size: ANY
    • Bot Difficulty: NO BOTS
    • Match Length/Max Score: UNLIMITED

    ...and some options that might make it easier...

    • Ball Size: LARGE/GIGANTIC (recommended by Oberindianer)
    • Ball Weight: SUPER LIGHT (recommended by KillrNut)
    • Ball Bounciness: HIGH
    • Boost Amount: UNLIMITED

    Do whatever you're comfortable with to get an Aerial Hit; there are some nice suggestions in the earlier solutions. To be clear, to pull off an Aerial Hit correctly (in the classic way that doesn't involve Rumble power-ups), you must jump or double-jump into the air with cn_A then boost into the ball with cn_B. Boost must be active at the moment of contact. If successful you will see the Aerial Hit bonus pop up immediately after the hit, no matter where the ball is headed. If the ball is heading into your opponent's goal, good for you.

    If the ball is not heading into the correct goal, do not touch the ball again from your current team, pause the game cn_start and select CHANGE TEAM, then join the other team color. As the other team, guide the ball into your own goal. The game will remember the aerial hit from the original team, considering it to be an aerial goal. The achievement will pop during the match immediately after you succeed.

    Morjax's video follows this methodology. It was posted as a comment here on Oct. 13, 2016.

    Prior to Morjax's, I found WarWolf7's video to be helpful.
    (And case you didn't catch it, this achievement's name is a reference to Bioshock.)

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    KoolAidMan768It works
    Posted by KoolAidMan768 on 19 May at 19:14
    EH SINATRAThanks for the guide. Unfortunately, after over 1200 hours playing this game I do not have the bubble trail, and I also don't have the heart decal for the heart breaker achievement. How many damn hours do you have to play to unlock any of these things? I'm over 1200 lol.
    Posted by EH SINATRA on 03 Jul at 22:11
    bogle1Works, Done!!!dancetoast
    Posted by bogle1 today at 00:44
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  • Chromium2222Chromium222213,958
    07 Jan 2017 07 Jan 2017 17 Apr 2017
    65 8 24
    I found a much easier method to get this acheivement. Having equiped the Bubbles rocket trail, create a private match with the following settings:

    [*] Game mode = Soccar
    [*] Arena = AquaDome
    [*] Team Size = 1v1
    [*] Bot Difficulty = No bots

    Under mutator settings, change these settings:

    [*] Rumble = Spring Loaded
    [*] Boost Amount = Unlimited
    [*] Maximum Score = Unlimited
    [*] Match Length = Unlimited
    [*] Ball Type = Basketball
    [*] Ball Weight = Light
    [*] Ball Bounciness = High
    [*] Boost Amount = Unlimited

    Then, start your private match! When the countdown timer ends, nudge the ball very slightly off the start marker (you must do this otherwise it won't count as an Ariel Hit). Then, reverse back to near your own goal, still facing the ball. Wait for the 20 seconds timer to run down. If you get the spring boot, just hit the ball into the goal. If you get the punching glove, boost upwards into the air whilst advancing forwards, but slowly. Then, when the ball hitmaker appears, press cn_LSc. Then you should receive the achievement! It's much easier than it sounds, I did it on my second attempt.

    Below is a video of how I got it, which is better than I could ever describe it:
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    zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzUnfortunately not working for me. Also, must be loosing my mind, but half the time it doesn’t give me the pop up to actually use the boot. I bit left stick in all day and nothing, and then sometimes it’ll lock on correctly, am I missing something?
    Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 03 Apr at 23:00
    Electric LymanFinally got it! First problem: “Aerial Shot” never displayed on the screen for me. My other problem was I was holding down RT, only use boost and jump. I also used MrZombieChicken’s tweak of this solution above.
    Posted by Electric Lyman on 05 Apr at 00:25
    Jakster 99MrZombieChicken's alteration worked first time for me - great idea dude !
    Posted by Jakster 99 on 10 Jul at 17:42
  • Chris8875Chris8875552,970
    05 Oct 2016 05 Oct 2016
    50 5 12
    Another useful option for people like me who don't have the greatest of control when flying through the air is to use the grappling hook to record an aerial hit.

    Steps I used are as follows:

    Get into an exhibition game in rumble
    no bots
    first to five goals (unlimited time)
    ensure your second controller is connected

    Go along and muck around until you get the grappling hook power-up (green grappling hook icon)

    Once you do, get some speed up through boosting and smash the ball high into the air. Then, when the ball is in the air, deploy the grappling hook. It will actually take you to the ball and you will hit it in the air; it'll actually do the aerial hit for you!

    Now, once the aerial hit is registered, you have one of two choices - if the ball is heading towards the goal you are shooting towards, let it roll there (and don't touch it a second time).

    If it is not, get the car controlled by the second controller and push it so they score for you (an own goal for them)

    If the opposition scores for you a short time after you've registered an aerial hit, it will count as an aerial goal.

    And of course if you aerial hit the ball and it goes in, it'll count as an aerial goal.

    Hope this helps.
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    StormyAsh0450Perfect. First try... thank you thank you thank you thank you.
    I mean it.
    Posted by StormyAsh0450 on 06 Dec 18 at 08:17
    ClaytThaGreatThank you! Used the grappling hook and switched teams (still didn’t see the ‘Aerial Hit’ prompt, FYI, but I just thought f*** it, there’s no way that should NOT have counted, and sure enough I still unlocked it (thank god). What a stupid achievement.
    Posted by ClaytThaGreat on 20 Apr 19 at 01:15
    DaGrimGamer43i still cant get a single aerial hit and i never seem to get grappling hook
    pls help
    Posted by DaGrimGamer43 on 28 May 19 at 06:29
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