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Rocket Repleter achievement in Rocket League

Rocket Repleter

Make 535 Shots on Goal

Rocket Repleter-0.5
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How to unlock the Rocket Repleter achievement

  • intheshallowintheshallow507,320
    06 Jan 2017 19 Jan 2017 18 Jul 2017
    124 18 77
    UPDATE: This seems to have been patched now according to a few people. I will keep my solution up as it's very possible it can happen again.

    I added this Solution in the forums, but I figured I should add it on here as it has helped others including myself who were glitched:

    *DO NOT skip a step. Some people were having issues with this unlocking, and I found most of the problem was that they were trying to cut corners.

    1) Make sure you are completely out of the game.
    2) Manage your game and delete the Console Save only. You do not have to delete it from everywhere (as in your Cloud Save).
    3) Go into your Network settings and go Offline.
    4) Load up the game and play an Exhibition game with No Bots. You can decide how long you need timer wise to get this done.
    5) Take however many shots you think you need in order to unlock the Achievement. In my case, I was stuck at 99%, so I took around 6 to 7 shots. If you're stuck at say 90%, you should be taking around 55 shots or so. It all depends on what percentage you are stuck on.
    6) Let the timer run out of the game. Once you finish, quit out of the game completely.
    7) Go back Online through the Network settings then load the game back up. It will ask if you want to use your Cloud Save at this point. Do so.
    8) Unlocked! Mine unlocked for me at the Main Menu.

    UPDATE (Credit to KITTENS R CUTE):
    I was stuck at 97% and got 16 shots and thought it would be enough. It wasnt and the tracker stayed at 97%. So I did the math and 3% of 535 comes out to 16.05 shots. So I repeated all the steps and took 20 shots to be safe. Logged back on and it did not visually pop but it was unlocked.

    **For those with Offline issues (Credit to Isithrim):
    The game could not start if not online, I don't know why. So I first deleted my local saves, then I started up the game and I immediately went to NETWORK to go Offline. Then I just followed your guide.

    ***Credit to Darnok for giving me the idea to try the Offline method.

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    intheshallowSo it looks like it works for most people now, but not everyone.
    Posted by intheshallow on 07 Jul 17 at 15:28
    SaucySlingoThe counter is fixed now and this is working again without the counter stopping in the 90s after the latest patch.
    Posted by SaucySlingo on 18 Jul 17 at 16:33
    B4RN4RD5K19 Aug 2020: The counter is stuck on 64% for me and isn't going up cry. It was working fine up until now.
    Posted by B4RN4RD5K1 on 09 Aug at 11:39
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  • Rubbish DaveRubbish Dave549,093
    07 Oct 2016 06 Oct 2016 09 Oct 2016
    124 26 24
    Okay so i believe i have come up with the fastest way so far to unlock this achievement, with this method it is possible to get up to 50 shots in a ten minute game maybe more maybe less depending on your speed and skill .

    First load up a 1v1 local match against a second controller on the map Double Goal (Rocket Labs).

    Put on the following mutators

    Time - 10 Minutes or longer
    Max Score - Unlimited
    Ball Weight - Heavy
    Ball Size - Gigantic
    Ball Bounciness - Low
    Boost Amount - Unlimited

    Now when the game starts the player going for the achievement is going to aim for the post in the middle of the two nets once it hits hit it off the post get in front of the rebound and then score. Hitting the middle in this map counts as a shot on goal but strangely you can only get 2 shots per possession before they stop tracking. After you hit the post quickly put the ball in the net and repeat the process. Using this method it is possible to double your shots per possession and reduce the amount of time in between shots theoretically making this method twice as fast, especially once you get the hang of it.
    Hope this solution saves people a lot of time and grinding.

    Also if your achievement doesn't look like its tracking or has not moved after the match click on the achievement on the pop up menu and it should show the updated progress.
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    Mr GimpsonWas still glitched for me after the patch but Darnok's solution unlocked it for me
    Posted by Mr Gimpson on 27 Mar 17 at 20:37
    Flint HisanI was stuck at 75% for the longest time and after this recent Xbox update, it started counting shots on goal again and unlocked no problem.
    Posted by Flint Hisan on 04 Apr 17 at 05:38
    RR7 DFThank you Darnok
    Posted by RR7 DF on 04 Apr 17 at 23:04
  • FigbenderFigbender595,498
    11 Oct 2016 05 Oct 2016 28 Feb 2017
    43 15 53
    Ive noticed that progress towards your shots on goal does progress on the tracker during exhibition games, if you have a second controller load up a 1v1 with no bots and just take shots on goal on the second players net.
    The best match parameters seem to be 1v1, unlimited score, and 10+ minutes. This will take several hours of grinding, but is doable in an evening, or one long sitting, i am currently averaging about 90-100 an hour.
    Progress does not seem to be counted from shots on goal prior to this update, and is not stackable with certified items during exhibition.

    UPDATE 07/10/16: if the tracker is getting stuck at 98%-99% for like it has been for some folks, a helpful user has left a suggestion in the comments that may help, several users and myself have had success with this:

    "Mine got stuck at 98% as well. I switched my profile to an alternate one on the games main menu, then switched back to my main. After which the progress tracker worked again after doing more shots."
    UPDATE 11/10/16: my tracker was stuck at 99%, what worked for me was signing into another profile, scoring a goal (which unlocked an achievement for that profile), switching back to my profile and loading up the game.

    Any questions or additional suggestions feel free to send me a message and i will see if i can help.
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    Darkwings17Hey Fig, I think given people are still messaging about it, could you put me down as an anonymous tip? Thank you for the credit, it is just a shame people on here seem to read that as permission to contact and say it isn't unlocking.
    Posted by Darkwings17 on 07 Feb 17 at 00:45
    Sol76Same here , although my tracker is stuck at 82% for the last couple of months .. all the solutions above do not work , going offline , deleting save , signing out and in again. This is getting really annoying. It is fun to bring us free dlc but it would be nicer if they fixed the things that are already in the game.
    Posted by Sol76 on 01 Apr 17 at 16:35
    SwizzyWas stuck at 99%... did exactly what SPACE ODDITY did and it worked. Thanks!
    Posted by Swizzy#1605 on 20 Apr 17 at 02:36
  • NamcresNamcres401,284
    Yesterday Yesterday Yesterday
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    Based on the many other guides, it seems that there was a bug in the tracker that has now been fixed.

    Also based on the other guides, it seems like some updates have been released that call for an updated guide. Most people are right that it takes just under 10 seconds per goal, but these settings allow you to cut out all the reset time as well. I got over 100 goals in less than 15 real-world minutes with this method, meaning you could theoretically start from scratch and have this achievement in less that an hour and a half. Here's how to do it:

    Set up a custom exhibition game with these settings:

    Game Mode: Soccar
    Arena: *wherever you want*
    Team Size: 1v1
    Bot Difficulty: No Bots

    Set these as your mutator settings:

    Match Length: Unlimited
    Ball Max Speed: Super Fast
    Ball Bounciness: Low
    Boost Amount: Unlimited
    Boost Strength: 10X
    Gravity: High
    Respawn Time: Disable Goal Reset

    The Respawn Time setting cuts the time down significantly as it respawns the ball instantly without resetting your car. You don't have to watch any results screens or wait for a timer to start the next round.

    With the 10X boost, low bounce, and high gravity, you can line yourself up to hit the ball into the goal. Hit (tap) the boost right before hitting the ball and it will go right in. As soon as you hit the ball stop boosting and circle back around to line up the next shot. If you get into a good groove you can easily get 8-10 goals (and therefore shots on goal) each minute (again, real-world minutes since there isn't a reset between shots). If you ever miss the goal, just head to the ball and get the goal and reset yourself to get back in the rhythm. You will likely even get additional shots on goal doing this anyway, so it won't hurt your timing much.

    Best of luck!
  • Cr4shPl4yzYTCr4shPl4yzYT84,227
    05 Aug 2020 21 Oct 2020 21 Oct 2020
    0 0 0 New
    Play in a 20 minute exabation match. after the match you won't get the achievement. so after you grind in a few you may get the achievement.

    Mode: any
    Bot difficulty: no bots

    Match length: 20 minutes
    Max score: unlimited
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