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Damn I'm Good! achievement in Castles

Damn I'm Good!

Get to 7 minutes on Survival Mode

Damn I'm Good!+1.0
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How to unlock the Damn I'm Good! achievement

  • n00b1etsn00b1ets
    14 Jan 2017 20 Jan 2017 21 Jan 2017
    Survival Mode is a game-type in Castles in which an endless supply of blocks drop onto the board.  Players survive by creating matching sets of blocks, either by color or type, which cause them to disappear and players can continue to play until the board is completely covered with blocks.  As more time progresses, the overall variety of blocks used and the speed at which they fall increase which in turn makes possible combinations more difficult.  While surviving for seven minutes might seem like a daunting task, this achievement is made substantially easier by following the tips and techniques outlined below:
    TIMEOUT: If you find yourself overwhelmed by the ever increasing speed of the falling blocks, mitigate the pressure by abusing the Pause (cn_start) button!  I cannot stress this tip enough.  Since the layout of the board is clearly visible whilst the game is paused, you will have an unlimited amount of time to plan your next move.  That’s not to say the game will allow you to execute your plan as it has a way of dropping blocks in the most inopportune positions, but the extra time to think will allow you to focus on clearing blocks with precision.
    ITEM - EXPLOSIVE BARREL: Having an explosive barrel to clear out blocks is immensely helpful if you find yourself in a bind.  This power item has the ability to destroy the block that it’s placed on top of as well as the eight surrounding blocks.  If you must deploy a barrel, try to find a section of the board occupied by mismatched blocks that offer little opportunity for potential combinations and make sure to destroy as many blocks as possible with the blast.  Try to hold on to the explosive barrel until the latter stages of your Survival attempt since the chances of earning another one dwindle as additional unique blocks are added into the mix.  *Note* Explosive barrels are created by clearing five matching blocks in a single combination (known as a ‘repoker’) and must be picked up before they can be used by pressing the cn_RB button.
    ITEM - HAMMER: Although explosive barrels should be your preferred item during Survival, you may inadvertently find yourself in possession of a hammer during your run.  This item is capable of clearing two blocks in a straight path by holding a particular direction or three blocks if you turn your character 90-degrees at the start of the swing.  The real value of the hammer comes from its ability to clear obstructing blocks without destroying potential combination opportunities.  *Note* Hammers are created by clearing four matching blocks in a single combination and must be picked up before they can be used by pressing the cn_RB button.
    PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE: Mount (cn_A) and Pull (cn_X).  I consider these actions to be the fundamental mechanics of this game.  You should add them to your repertoire and know how to use them effectively if you want to stand a chance at clearing seven minutes in Survival Mode.  Mounting is essential since it allows you to move over the top of blocks which minimizes the amount of time needed to make combinations.  Keep in mind that the cn_A button must be held down to move seamlessly over the blocks.  Releasing the cn_A button will return your player to ground level on your next move assuming there’s space in the row in the direction of the move.  Familiarize yourself with releasing the cn_A button to return to ground level while pushing an adjacent block or a row of blocks.  You will be using this technique A LOT.
    D-PAD: This may be more of a preference, but since the game limits your movement to four directions, use the d-pad (cn_dpad) to get around.  There is a bit of input delay to the player movement, but you should be able to adjust to it in no time.
    SECOND CONTROLLER: This tip might earn me some downvotes due to the extra hardware requirement, but having a second controller can be invaluable even if you’re attempting this by yourself.  Playing two-player Survival Mode allows you to carry two explosive barrels into the latter stages of your run; more importantly, it allows you to have a presence in more than one position on the board at the same time.  To maximize the benefit of playing with two controllers, try to keep the players positioned opposite each other on the catwalks.  This minimizes the amount of time it takes to respond to potential combination opportunities since you’ll be able to move the closest available player.  *Note* If you don’t have access to a second controller, I would recommend moving towards the middle of the board immediately after completing each combination.
    While this achievement may come easily to some, others may have to really work for this one.  Regardless of which category you fall into, I firmly believe that anyone can earn this achievement with a bit of patience, practice, and persistence.  Hopefully, the tips provided above are helpful to you in your attempt!
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