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The Sound Of Silence

Carry your inheritance until your uncle makes you a better offer

The Sound Of Silence+0.2
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Achievement Guide for The Sound Of Silence

  • MonchowMonchow937,785
    07 Oct 2016 07 Oct 2016
    253 17 53
    You have to carry the customized lancer Marcus gives you when you get your Armour in Act II chapter 2 Geared Up, to the end of act V chapter 2 Killing Time.

    I had dropped and swapped it a couple of times, then picked it back up afterwards and the achievement still popped for me.
  • pollutionboypollutionboy89,672
    18 Nov 2016 19 Nov 2016 19 Nov 2016
    38 23 6
    Finally Got It Yesterday!!!! It was the third time I try to unlock this achivement.

    Now, I have the solution:

    *Create a New Game alone no coop., never chapter select, just a New Game from the begining. If you stop playing, select CONTINUE the next time you play again.

    * Play it on Casual, and go fast, I spent 5 hours.

    * When Marcus gives you the customized lancer, NEVER, i said NEVER drop it. I use that lancer in all over the game until I unlocked the achivement. No Gnasher. Always with the lancer on your hands. Never use another weapon except in hordes , I used Troikas. Trust me, it´s easy if you play on casual with the active realoads.

    * Take the ammo from the blue ammo boxes, never take the ammo from the fallen enemys, that lancers are not customized and maybe that could be a mistake

    *Don´t reload Chapters!

    *Don´t take a customized lancer from your friends.

    * Just kill with your customized lancer and GO ON!!!!
  • Yage Hells szYage Hells sz210,519
    11 Dec 2017
    9 4 0
    Simply carry JD's Customized Lancer from Act II to Act V.

    I can confirm that picking Del's or Kait's Customized Lancer after losing yours WILL NOT give you the achievement.

    You HAVE to carry JD's Lancer all the way.

    If youre planing to get this cheevo coop or split screen make sure you are hosting and controling JD.
  • LoximLoxim495,557
    31 Aug 2019 31 Aug 2019
    0 0 0
    Just unlocked this this morning. Can confirm it works while playing coop, got it while playing as Kate with my friend. I definitely tried to not switch the weapon but did so a few times on accident while we are playing through Hardcore. Picked it back up and continued on. Grabbed ammo from dropped lancers off the ground and from ammo boxes.
  • Jmgoodog11Jmgoodog1148,606
    18 Oct 2016 19 Oct 2016 19 Oct 2016
    30 33 5
    I ran back from the start of act 2 chapter 1 on casual I avoided all Lancer ammo pickups as the gun is called the custom Lancer just don't pick up any weapon ammo just keep going to blue ammo boxes for ammo. I made sure to never drop it and never trade the weapon with a team mate... I unlocked it first try took around 5 hours... though I have noticed that the NPC bots have custom lancers I wonder if you could just steal one of theirs and get the achievement " Do not Reload chapters or exit out or change Difficulty that will lose the achievement for sure it should be done in one shot as I did it in one shot and got the achievement no problem make sure to use the lancer on cutting things for effect so the game knows you still have it could be why it won't pop.
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