Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. achievement in Gears of War 4

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Upgrade Fabricator to maximum level (in one session)

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How to unlock the Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. achievement

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    Here's a short solution for this achievement:

    Max Level for the fabricator is 4 and to upgrade it, you need to collect the energy that the enemies drop when you kill them AND use it afterwards to build barricades or other reinforcements from the fabricator.

    Everytime your fabricator does an update, you will be able to upgrade your previously built low-level sieges by picking them up with cn_Y and upgrade it afterwards with cn_X. This will add the amount of energy used to the level-counter of the fabricator.

    Repairing broken reinforcements or reloading tourrets won't count towards fabricator updates.

    About the Levels:
    Level 1 ==> 2: 30'000 Energy
    Level 2 ==> 3: 90'000 Energy
    Level 3 ==> 4: 120'000 Energy

    How to do it (Easy way):

    You need: 2 players at least (Just to keep the difficulty down)
    Classes: Engineer + Scout (Rest may vary)

    Difficulty: Easy (Lowest)

    Map: The one you like the most / you are best in

    Startup the game and work yourself through the waves. It's necessary that the scout is collecting all the energy (His class gives him a collection Bonus on dropped enemies). Make sure that you let the last enemy live. That's important, because the bonus is lost, when a wave is finished. Collected energy in the pause between the waves is the same for every player. If you need some bonus energy, go for executions. An execution gives you a small bonus on your energy-counter. It's up to your playing style, but we prefered to not buy anything from the fabricator until we had finished wave 20. We got around 150k energy at the start of wave 21.

    To go fast towards the level ups, invest in tourrets (self firing) and add some traps and barricades to enhance their effectivity. Anyways, we hit the Level 4 mark around waves 31-33.

    Our Lineup:

    Engineer lvl 1: Bonus: 100% Effectivity
    Scout lvl 2: Bonus: +40% Shotgun Damage
    Sniper lvl 2: Bonus +60% Ammo for Snipers

    You see, we were pretty low leveled but with a familiar map and good communication it's cake.

    Bonus Info: We had the Fabricator on level 4 and i invited another friend to play with us and he got the achievement mid-joining.
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    LodreoVery good guide, but i dont get the part about wait till the wave 20 to buy things, i dont see the point of it, a friend and i were buying only barricades and a very few turrets, and right at the middle of the wave 30 we hit the level 4, and at that point, we were heavily armored and protected by a bunch of barricades and a few turrets.
    Posted by Lodreo on 18 Oct 16 at 05:58
    R00ney1988I said it, it's up to your own playing style. We just didn't use the credits until we were able to do some updates. Boss waves usually destroyed everything in worst cases. We went save til wave 20 and then were armored heavily. In the end, it doesn't really matter. I just used it as an example :) But thanks for your feedback.
    Posted by R00ney1988 on 18 Oct 16 at 06:24
    LeiChatDid both of you playing the game initially unlock the achievement? Hoping it's not just the player who triggers the 4th level upgrade.

    You mentioned the friend you invited unlocked the achievement when they joined your match and you'd already levelled the fabricator. I guess anyone who didn't get the achievement could leave and re-join and then hopefully unlock it.
    Posted by LeiChat on 19 Oct 16 at 16:11
    R00ney1988We were 3 people initially and when we reached level 4. So its for everyone playing at the lobby which has a fabricator on level 4.

    And yes the friend joined a few minutes after we reached level 4 and got the achievement while seeing the loading screen. But you should first check the status in the achievement app on your one. Maybe its stuck. In that case dont worry too much. Normally you will get it 48h after "unlocking" it. And the timestamp should be ok too =).

    And the method you mentioned should do it the way you explained it.
    Posted by R00ney1988 on 19 Oct 16 at 18:17
    CTM AudiRS6Are you sure scout gets a bonus on pickup? I play scout and get the same amount as my friend that plays engineer. I have the deposit bonus at 40% though so I still pick up as much as possible for that. But that is given at the fabricator, not at pickup.
    Posted by CTM AudiRS6 on 20 Oct 16 at 00:12
    R00ney1988Yes you will get more as long as there is still an enemy alive. Its not a card, its his classes ability. When you pick up the energy in between the waves the amount is the same for every class. So yes I am 100% sure.
    Posted by R00ney1988 on 20 Oct 16 at 05:53
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