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Call a Dr. If Lasting More than 4 Teammates

Resurrect 4 teammates using the Fabricator in a single session (any difficulty)

Call a Dr. If Lasting More than 4 Teammates0
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Achievement Guide for Call a Dr. If Lasting More than 4 Teammates

  • PalesiusPalesius1,269,760
    10 Oct 2016 14 Oct 2016
    64 2 4
    This can be gotten incredibly easily with a second controller.

    Start a private horde match on wave 41 (so you have plenty of cash).
    Spawn your 2nd controller in as a heavy. Have them whip out their boomshot, shoot the wall, reload, and shoot the wall again. They'll be dead, grab their tag and walk over to the fabricator. Repeat 3 more times.
  • IINUMB3R44IINUMB3R44235,241
    08 Oct 2016 09 Oct 2016
    21 3 5
    This is a simple achievement and should only take a few minutes to achieve.

    Simply start a game on Horde, hardcore is recommended.
    As you progress through the levels, when somebody dies they will drop their COG tags. Grab the COG tags by holding X and run to the Fabricator machine.

    Once at the machine that person will be revived. The first revive is free for each round so if you don't want to pay then simply do 4 rounds and enjoy the achievement.
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