Thank You, Sir. May I Have Another? achievement in Gears of War 4

Thank You, Sir. May I Have Another?

Re-up once

Thank You, Sir. May I Have Another?0
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How to unlock the Thank You, Sir. May I Have Another? achievement

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    This achievement is currently very glitchy. You will unlock the achievement eventually by playing naturally, however, be aware that you may not unlock this straight away.

    The amount of XP that is required for this achievement is 1,069,200.

    This can be unlocked by playing Horde and/or Versus.


    If you're playing Horde I'd recommend the Scout class and playing on normal (the higher the difficulty, the more you earn). If you run around and kill all the enemies--and pick up their points--you should rank up fairly quickly. Just focus on getting ribbons and you'll begin to rack-in the XP.

    Turn on 'Bounties' before matches to get a massive boost in XP. From the main menu: go to Horde--manage bounties--to see what bounties you have. Don't worry, you can add a bounty before a game begins by going to the bottom right-hand corner and adding a bounty. Bounties can only be unlocked by opening crates with in-game coins.


    Important: Skill is very important for versus, so if you're not very good at Gears multiplayer then the Horde option is probably better suited towards you, however, both Horde and versus work well for levelling up.

    From the main menu: click on versus--social quickplay.

    The thing with versus is that, if you want to rank up fast, you have to play the same gamemode a lot. King of the Hill (KOTH for short) is the fastest way to rank up, without a doubt. Aim for capturing the objective and you should net (roughly) 10,000+ points a game. The only caveat with versus is, however, the fact that getting into a game that is--and stays--KOTH, is nearly impossible. If you have a group of like-minded people that are willing to play nothing but KOTH then this option might be for you.

    Escalation is also a viable option, however, be aware that it is a competitive game mode.

    Once you've reached level 100: go to your War Journal on the main menu and press cn_X -- a prompt should appear letting you know that you're about to Re-up and start again. Press cn_A and watch all your XP deplete from your progress bar. Congrats, you're level 1 Re-up 1 and your achievement should unlock. Good luck on getting to Re-up 10!

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    What about people who hit re up 2, 3, 4 etc... does the 10 Re Up achievement tracker still count?
    Posted on 06 Nov 16 at 17:38
    Blair2100I hadn't gotten the achievement when I reupped, loaded the game today after the latest update and it popped before I got to the title screen.
    Posted by Blair2100 on 07 Dec 16 at 03:11
    Sneaky G Wizard"Important: Skill your connection is very important for versus, so if you're it's not very good at Gears multiplayer then the Horde option is probably better suited towards you" - fixed.
    Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 01 Jul 17 at 18:28
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    UPDATE NEW STRAT: 11/02/16 or 02/11/16

    Have an enemy player on both A and C. DO NOT capture anything yet. Have one enemy player and one friendly player at ring B. Have enemy players at A and C start to capture their rings BUT DO NOT COMPLETELY CAPTURE THEM. Step out of the ring and let it slowly drain then step back in and continue repeating. This makes A and C infinitely captured by the enemy team while not adding any points to the overall score. While doing this the enemy player at Ring B will stand in the ring. It should pop up with the "Enemy will dominate" notification. Now the friendly player at Ring B will move in and out of it to gain the Out From Under ribbon over and over again. If done correctly the score for both teams should remain at 0.

    As of 10/24/16 or 24/10/16 this is the fastest way to Level Up. Guide will be updated if patched.

    This method will be done on the Escalation game mode.

    Start off with two teams of 5 and have everyone set their Region to Australia/Asia. Then the leaders of each group will countdown and search at the same time.

    Once everyone is in the same game you can decide who will win the first round. Just for explanation purposes we'll say the Swarm will take Round 1.

    When the round starts ONE person on the CoG will run to the middle Ring which is going to be Ring B, do not capture it. Two people from the Swarm will take A and C and a third will wait by B. Once A and C are captured the person on the Swarm team by B will begin to capture it and will remain in the ring. The person on the CoG team will then walk in and out of the Ring which will cause a break in the Domination. Every time this happens a Ribbon for "Out From Under" will pop up and award 100XP to everyone on the CoG team.

    So just for clarification EVERY SINGLE TIME the Domination is broken, the team that has someone breaking it will each receive this Ribbon. EVERY TIME.

    Mileage may vary but if done efficiently you can gain one Ribbon per second. That's 6,000XP a minute. A round will typically last 3-4 minutes. So between 18,000-20,000XP is what you will be looking at EVERY OTHER ROUND. If you can't hit the break every second then you will be looking at half that.

    Now once the round ends the roles will reverse each round. So since Swarm took Round 1, CoG will take Round 2 and so on. Escalation has 13 Rounds total which will result in each Team getting at least 6 Rounds of XP each.

    So let's say you get the 18,000 each round. That's 108,000XP each game! Again, mileage may vary depending on how quick you are. I've linked a video below that I made showing exactly what to do. It's in a private match so Ribbons won't pop up but it gives you an idea of how to do this method.

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