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Please Sir, Can I Have Some More? achievement in Gears of War 4

Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?

Re-up ten times

Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?0
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How to unlock the Please Sir, Can I Have Some More? achievement

  • JerkkhammerJerkkhammer
    22 Jan 2017 15 Dec 2016 20 Feb 2017
    IMPORTANT UPDATE: Sorry, folks. It looks like the recent title update has caused Sniper Strike headshots to no longer count toward the headshot bounty. You'll still get xp for the ribbons and whatnot, but not for the bounty.

    This is a modification of a guide originally posed by YAT0, but which he had taken down. It will get you 16K xp for doing just one Wave of Horde, using only the Sniper Strike from the fabricator.

    1) You’ll need to fire up a second controller and sign in a guest. You can still use this method without a guest signed in, but the game will behave differently for some reason. With a guest signed in the Sniper Strike works more effectively, and I don't know why. I just know that you will more often than not fail to kill all of the enemies with the Sniper Strike when you are playing without a second controller signed in. Also, having a second controller signed in will allow you to earn credits for finishing the wave.
    2) Go to a Private Horde match on the map Reclaimed. Set Wave to 49 and difficulty to Insane. The map does not have to be Reclaimed, and based on the comments other people have their favorites. Foundation seems popular (see comments).
    3) You’ll be playing as the sniper class. Ideally, your Sniper Strike should be at level 4. This will allow you to maximize the number of ribbons you’ll get during the wave.
    4) Set your bounty to Headshot I (7,500 xp for getting 50 headshots). You can craft this bounty for 40 scrap. If you’re at the point where you’re just grinding xp just sell, sell, sell and buy tons of this bounty.

    The Grind:
    1) Start up the game at Wave 49, then drag the fabricator into the Garage for a little safe cover. Bring your second controller player over to the fabricator also just in case you get downed.
    2) As soon as the icon for Sniper Strike is available, fire one off.
    3) Continue to fire off Sniper Strikes until the wave is cleared. Wait a few seconds between strikes to make sure that you get the Double, Triple, Quad and Quint ribbons every time. This will affect your xp gain immensely. A good rule of thumb is to fire off the next Sniper Strike as soon as the Quad or Quint ribbon shows up. If your Sniper Strike is level 4 you'll have enough energy in the fabricator to clear the wave.
    4) After the wave is cleared and the kills have been tallied, press Start and select Return to Lobby, not Return to Main Menu. This way you won’t have to change any settings and can immediately launch another game on Insane from Wave 49.

    You should get roughly 8,500 xp from ribbons and clearing the wave, plus 7,500 for the Headshot I bounty. Ribbon xp will vary based on randomly getting Oscar Mike ribbons. That’s 16,000 xp from doing a single wave of Horde without firing a shot.

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    SchizoPsycho74Speed runs is the way to go.
    Posted by SchizoPsycho74 on 21 Oct 18 at 22:40
    neeker75I do it on Inconceivable on Wave 42. After the wave is done, I'd be left with around 9,000 power. I'd grab the power to make it 10,000, and fire two more rounds of Sniper Strike in the next wave. I'd then run out to get killed. This gives me close to 30,000 XP plus 81 credits each time.
    Posted by neeker75 on 12 Nov 19 at 06:17
    ImQueenBooIf anyone likes to come grind with us we are a gears achievement hunting community
    Posted by ImQueenBoo on 03 Jun 21 at 01:14
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  • PalesiusPalesius
    14 Nov 2016 25 Oct 2016 08 Dec 2016
    UPDATE: Since the other guide was removed here are the xp requirements for each reup (reposted from that other guide):
    1 1,069,200
    2 1,170,180
    3 1,271,160
    4 1,372,140
    5 1,473,120
    6 1,574,100
    7 1,675,080
    8 1,776,060
    9 1,877,040
    10 2,079,000

    With the new 1-50 class bounties that give XP i would seriously consider doing casual 1-50 over and over for 65k xp (normal + bounty).

    UPDATE: Fortifications 2 has been removed from the game. Lovely. So the 1st method is no longer usable.

    I have one horde based methods for you, best done with at least 1 partner and doesn't have a net use of any of your resources.

    Craft/use a hardcore I bounty. An engineer with turret discount and repair efficient and a scout with health boost and deposit bonus can handle this relatively easily on the fallout map. I would actually recommend starting at wave 11 rather than 1, as you will start with enough cash to build a turret right off the bat. Build turrets on the left wall of the spawn and a barrier across the opening, Suicide on boss waves to get the helicopter. You can spend extra money to build a decoy outside the spawn and a barrier in front of it. Keep enough money to repair the turrets, but spend the rest on decoys out front to level up your fabricator as lvl 2 and 3 turrets will make things go much quicker.

    This run will get you at least 25k xp. It will also get you at least 2k xp towards your class, and it will get enough credits for 1.5 horde packs, which will provide just enough scrap to make another hardcore 1 bounty. (Any credits from hitting a 5 level milestone will be gravy).
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    ReAl ImPuLsEGuide need to be update should remove fortifications from guide.
    Posted by ReAl ImPuLsE on 05 Dec 16 at 23:29
    WestinatorXThanks for the xp requirements for each re-up, was looking for those. But the ways of getting xp, bring in very low amounts of xp. Killing yourself to get a certain boss ruins the consecutive waves bonus, which is something one should strive for each game to massively boost the amounts of xp for both multiplayer and class. Thanks for this though, will be referring back to the requirements often!
    Posted by WestinatorX on 20 Jun 17 at 11:17
    Palesiuson casual, cwb is minimal.
    currently there are speed runs that work on some maps on incon/iron difficulty. so that would be fastest, but who knows how long they will last
    Posted by Palesius on 21 Jun 17 at 22:12
  • rafa1000houserafa1000house
    21 Jan 2017 20 Jan 2017 03 Aug 2018
    EDIT 3: - Thanks AGAIN to Piyi Piyi for an amazing video showing how to deal with Guardians and how do the boost considering new updates! Check it at the bottom of this solution...

    EDIT 2: - Thanks to Piyi Piyi for some tips considering new classes skills!

    EDIT 1: After 2017, february 7th update, headshots made by Sniper Strike hability don't count for Headshot I bounty card anymore. You still can earn a good amount of points without the bounty card (about 8,500 PXP) by playing on the new Inconceivable difficulty.

    WHAT IT IS: A boost method using Sniper Strike Level 4 skill. This is the fastest way to boost your Player XP and at least Sniper class at the same time. For the others classes, the best way to level up fast is to play during Double XP Events on Developers Playlist. This playlist becomes avaliable for Season Pass owners and their friends in the lobby everytime a new map is lauched (once a month).

    HOW LONG IT TAKES: About 3 minutes, including loadings to start the match and to see the scoreboard.

    WHAT YOU RECEIVE: It may have changed after so many updates!!!
    > About 8,500 PXP = 170,000 Player XP/hour (Sniper player)
    > 720 PXP = 14,400 Player XP/hour (Other player)
    > 496 CXP = 9,920 Class XP/hour (Both players)
    > 74 Cr = 1,480 Cr/hour (Both players)
    > Plus 500 Cr after leveling up 5 Player levels (Both players)

    > Two controllers OR one friend
    > Sniper Strike Level 4 skill card

    > Join a second controller or invite a friend. Don't use guests, make sure it's a silver or gold account, so the progress will be saved, even if it's a dummy account. It will make the process easier and faster.

    > Go to HORDE > HOST PRIVATE MATCH, select
    Difficult: INCONCEIVABLE
    Wave: 49
    Class: SNIPER for you; anyone except Sniper for your partner.

    HOW TO DO:
    Go to the Fabricator, pick it up and drop it to make the countdown start. Now take it again and move it to the covered area near you.
    If you have a second controller, use it to take the other player to the Fabricator and make a deposit. You have at least 54,500 Energy Points now.

    As soon the wave starts, use the Sniper Strike skill. Stay near the Fabricator to receive Energy for your kills. It will grant you enough energy to one more strike at the end of the wave.
    Wait 4 seconds (usually it is when The Quint ribbon appears) and use it again and again until the wave is completed. Always wait 4 seconds between strikes, to receive the maximum amount of XP. If you don't, you may waste 5,000 PXP due ribbons not being awarded, because you're keeping the same killchain. When you kill the last enemy, pause the game and hit return to lobby option. Wait at the confirmation screen (YES / NO) until the score board (WAVE 49 COMPLETED) appears. Now you can hit YES and leave. Even if sometimes the game shows 0XP and 0cr, you have received. You can check it at Warzornal and Store.

    I use Magic Bullet (lvl 4) for Sniper, and I have less problems when Guardians appears in the wave. And for the 2nd account, use a Scout with bonus for deposit, cloak and every HP boost card. When I'm DBNO, I play with the 2nd account (Scout) and I can revive me 99% of the time. And I play wave 50 until I spend all the energy (a little extra EXP)

    Piyi Piyi made a video showing this method on Inconceivable with Magic Bullet (bottom of this solution).
    If Sentinel spawns, you have these scenarios, from better to worse:
    1- You can kill the Sentinel with 1 Sniper Strike (You can kill it only if the shields are down after the spawn)
    2- You can kill it using multiple Sniper Strike (AKA playing as always)
    3- You can kill it using several Sniper Strike (you spend more energy that a normal wave without Sentinels)
    4- You can't kill the Sentinel and you receive less EXP because you fail the wave
    - by Piyi Piyi

    MAKE TURNS: When you reach level 10 with Sniper, ask a friend to do the boost with you in the same lobby. No friends? Use the dummy silver account that you have used so far and play with it, changing your main account class.
    RESULTS: I guess it's the fastest way to work on the most grindy achievements at same time:
    Gears of War 4Seriously 4.0The Seriously 4.0 achievement in Gears of War 4 worth 1964 pointsComplete Insane Campaign, ribbons, rank placements, Horde maps, re-ups, classes and five skills

    Gears of War 4Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?The Please Sir, Can I Have Some More? achievement in Gears of War 4 worth 523 pointsRe-up ten times

    Gears of War 4Stay ClassyThe Stay Classy achievement in Gears of War 4 worth 49 pointsReach level 10 in every launch Horde class

    Gears of War 4I'm DrumpfThe I'm Drumpf achievement in Gears of War 4 worth 78 pointsEarn 100000 Credits lifetime

    Gears of War 4Classy MoveThe Classy Move achievement in Gears of War 4 worth 14 pointsReach level 10 in one Horde class

    FEEDBACK: If you noticed any mistake, want to give a negative or have any idea how I can improve this solution, please, leave a comment.

    Updated method (by Piyi Piyi)

    Original method (by me; rafa1000house)
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    rafa1000houseThanks again for your contribution! I updated the solution with your video; credits for you!
    Posted by rafa1000house on 03 Aug 18 at 11:53
    Piyi PiyiThanks :)

    Now my last research about sentinels:

    If 3 sentinels spawns on wave 49, there is a highly chance that:

    1- You get less EXP (sentinels always mess around with double to quint ribbons and hat trick ribbon)

    2- You can't finish the wave.

    Here is the EXP for double to quint ribbons:

    Double 100 EXP
    Triple 125 EXP
    Quad 150 EXP
    Quint 175 EXP

    What can you do when you have low lvl cards (or have bad luck) and you get with 1 Sniper Strike only "the double" (100 EXP) (or worse, 1 kill (0 EXP))? You can take a risk. If you think that the next Sniper Strike can be as bad as the last one, you can call Sniper Strike as soon as posible, so "the double" is counted and you can get better ribbons.

    Example: With 1 Sniper Strike you get only "The Double" (100 EXP), and your next Sniper Strike nets you another "The Double" (100 EXP) (2 Sniper Strike, 200 EXP) (Normal method, waiting a little to call Strike).

    The same scenario, but you activate Strike ASAP. You get "The Double" with the 1st Strike (100 EXP) and because you activated Strike ASAP, you get another "The Double", but your first "The Double" counts and you get instead "The Triple" (125 EXP) and "The Quad" (150 EXP) (2 Sniper Strikes, 375 EXP).

    (I recommend risk only when you have 0 kills or "The Double"), Risking when you have "The Triple" is 25% chance to get better ribbons, but 75% chances to surpass "The Quint" (with the 2nd Strike you can kill more than 2 enemies) and don't do it with "The Quad".

    Sorry for writting a lot, but I want to explain the best way I can the risk method.
    Posted by Piyi Piyi on 11 Aug 18 at 04:28
    FranconianXSo do I get this right: For Wings 1 you need ~ 10.9 million XP, which means you need to do wave 49 almost 1,290 times if you start at Reup 10? That would be 86 hours if you can do one wave within 4 minutes?
    Posted by FranconianX on 25 Aug 18 at 08:52
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