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I've Killed Things, Seen Places

Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde in a squad on every Launch Series map (any difficulty)

I've Killed Things, Seen Places+12.8
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Achievement Guide for I've Killed Things, Seen Places

  • FireRaiser1985FireRaiser1985892,681
    13 Oct 2016 13 Oct 2016 21 Oct 2016
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    For this achievement you need to complete each one of the launch maps in Horde.


    First things first: Do a checklist, in case you forget which maps you have done!

    You must do it in one sitting. From wave 1 to 50. Dying/failing is okey. Disconnect and join the same game again is not okey. Make sure that you get the "Long Hauler" ribbon (Completed all 50 waves in a single session) after wave 50.

    I suggest doing this on casual, with buddies from TA or "real" friends. I managed to do some of the maps with randoms, but people seems to give up (even if it goes well...!?) after wave 20 or something like that.

    Playing on casual with people who knows what to do and not screw up, every map will take you approximately 2 hours each.

    To get the right map you need in public games can be a pain in the butt, there is no voting system or something like that. If you join a public lobby and get a map you already have done, simply dashboard and restart the game.

    Therefore, I highly recommend a private lobby with solid gamers. I did the most of the maps with people who don't care about achievements (but still solid gamers), making it easy for me. ;)

    You don't need to be a full squad, but (obviously) it's recommended to be 5 people. 3 people is absolutely minimum in my opinion. Doing it alone? No. Firstly, I think it's impossible, and second, you won't get the achievement since you must be in a squad.

    My general tips based on my own experiences (on casual):
    - Wave 1-25 should be a breeze for most of you.
    - Don't waste any energy or build anything until wave 10-15.
    - After completing a challenge (example: survive, headshot enemies etc), don't open the reward boxes until you really REALLY need them.
    - Having a engineer in your squad focusing on building/repair is very good.
    - My experience is that you should build your base in either far right or far left corner, NOT in the middle of the map (example: On Fallout, we did a flawless run having our base where the overhead map says "SWARM SPAWN").
    - Classes on casual is not THAT important, except engineer as I mentioned above, but it's not necessary.
    - Struggling with a boss? Try over and over again until you get the "right" boss. The boss spawn is random but Snatcher seems to be pretty common.
    - Exploit the size of the Swarmak boss for example. He is too big to enter some of the areas (example: On Foundation, he can't really reach you if you stay inside, to the left after your squads spawn point, where the overhead map says "PISTONS").
    - The "Helicopter boss" (Kestrel) seems to be the easiest one, and like the Swarmak it can't really reach you in some areas.
    - I did this with the soldier class, ending up at level 5 with three skill cards (+30% Lancer damage, +40% active reload boost and cover boost +35% damage reduction).
    - Communication is always good, but being in a chat party is not necessary as long as you know what to do and are a solid gamer.
    - Plant grenades where the enemies spawn, it's both fun and very effective! :)
    - Regarding common enemies, the Guardians and Sentinels (flying robots with shields) is a pain in the butt, ALWAYS focus on them first of all.
    - The Pouncher is also a son of a b... Tag them with a grenade!
    - Use and abuse the "spot function" (Press left stick when you aim on a enemy).
    - Turret level 3 is OP.
    - Stay togheter in your base during wave 40-50 as much as you can. If anyone dies or is down in a chaotic situation somewhere else on the battlefield, it's better to just let it be. Better safe than sorry. Don't be the hero. ;)

    As I said, this is my personal experiences. However, I found some pretty good hints and tips on IGN.

    "To make the best possible base, you need to make your fortifications work together. To do this, you need to set up your fortifications in such a way that they can all help each other. First, the barriers should be set up at the front of your bases, so that they slow any enemies who get close. Next, up is the Decoys. They need to be behind the barriers, but not to far. The job of the decoy is to, well, distract any enemy who is tough enough to make it through the Barriers.

    Lastly, behind all that should be your automated turrets. With the turrets in the back, they will be able to fire on any enemy who is caught up in your Barriers and Decoys. Just remember, that the turrets blow through ammo quickly, so an Engineer will have to be on top of repairing them and refilling their ammo supply."

    Any questions? Feel free to ask!

    Good luck! :)
  • DramaticSAnTADramaticSAnTA310,609
    02 Sep 2017 02 Sep 2017
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    This is just a quick guide to see what maps you still need. Everyone always says check the leaderboards to see what you have / haven't done, this is great for new players. The problem is if you are a day 1 player the boards have been reset several times. I assumed that would include your high scores too, but it doesn't. Just load a map, solo wave 1 and it will give you you're best score. Do this for all 10 original maps, then play what ever has the lowest score. This may sound common sense, but Im reup 10 and it's took me months to think of this.
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