Bilford Bogin! achievement in Gears of War 4

Bilford Bogin!

Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde in a squad (any difficulty, any map)

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How to unlock the Bilford Bogin! achievement

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    As the achievement says, you have to endure the whole load of 50 waves of Horde. This can be done on any difficulty with at least 2 players connected. Other players can drop out and the achievement will still count for you, but if they drop in again, the achievement won`t pop for them. As long as you see the whole Horde through 1 to 50, you`re OK. You can die as much as you want, revive, build defenses, these things are not important for the chievo.

    To clarify, this achievement has to be done in one sitting.

    The best possible combination of classes with at least 2 players is one engineer and one scout, so you can earn money more quickly and have some good bonuses on building your defenses. The best way possible is to find a spot with only 1 entry point, set up your fabricator there and wait long enough to build a machinegun tower, which is ridiculously overpowered. Have your engineer shoot everything in sight with it, reload and repair after every wave with his repair pistol, and scout will get some nice extra money from the dead corpses. The fabricator upgrades over time with every item you buy (repairs do not count), so have a look at it every now and then for better armaments and spend a little extra for a better choice of weapons.

    If you are having problems with the boss waves, DO NOT spend your money on defenses over and over again. Wait it out so you will get the helicopter as a boss, which is the easiest one. Defeat all the regular enemies and then shoot it with about 100 bullets from machinegun tower. If you shoot it down before killng all the other enemies, another helicopter will spawn.

    BONUS: Here`s a tip for everyone, who wants to give it a shot in SINGLE PLAYER. It is doable, I did it on my 2nd try. Use map Gridlock, Causal difficulty, pick Engineer class (bonus cards help, but are not necessary) and set up your fabricator on one of the road ends. I prefer Warehouse Spawn, but either one works. Dig in and kill everyone in the first 5 waves, so you can buy yourself a nice gun tower, which will mow down every single enemy with a few bullets. Conserve ammo, so you do not have to reload that much. Remember, engineer has a repair pistol in his default loadout, so you can reload the tower anytime. Build also two fences that will slow down your enemies for extra easy time. With every boss wave, wait for the helicopter to spawn (simply die every time it`s not a helo), it almost never shoots past the curved road where your fabricator is and even if it does, it`s super easy to avoid in the Cafe/Hotel buildings for a few seconds, till it circles around. Around the 20th wave, spend some money to get your fabricator to level 2 (you can upgrade the already built tower, too!) and have a smooth sail till the end that is wave 50.

    Good luck!

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    JORAXThey also waste tons of credits on crappy sentries that die easily and can't kill crap past wave 15 when the turrets are seriously OP as hell...
    Posted by JORAX on 11 Oct 16 at 00:29
    HolyHalfDeadI put a sentry behind me to kill anything that gets past so I don't have to jump of the turret. Of course if you aren't playing with randoms then you will have someone else to watch your back. What amuses me are the randoms that take the sentry and move it into the middle of the map and run off, then it gets destroyed in no time.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 12 Oct 16 at 04:24
    NyllonYou are getting bad votes cause you give no direction on what works best on beating all 50 waves...for instance what classes to be and which bosses are the easiest. State these important things and you would be up voted more.
    Posted by Nyllon on 13 Oct 16 at 08:28
    JaxxiczekThanks, I updated the solution for the easiest way to get the chievo.
    Posted by Jaxxiczek on 13 Oct 16 at 08:54
    confusedgeeki just got this with 2 randoms on casual.
    one dropped out even b4 the match started.
    one dropped out b4 wave 14.
    i was going to quit, but they knew what they were doing and i wanted to get to 20 (10k xp)
    stock around and we got to 50, no failed waves.
    we didnt even speak to each other.

    we didnt upgrade the fabricator to 4. ;(
    Posted by confusedgeek on 14 Oct 16 at 03:31
    SoloistProdigyPlayed for 5hrs on gridlock on casual just me and my brother, got to wave 50 and the connection timed out and booted us back to the lobby. Good times!
    Posted by SoloistProdigy on 15 Oct 16 at 20:47
    SCP198050 waves on blood drive or clocktower on normal anyone?
    Gamertag: SCP1980
    Posted by SCP1980 on 23 Jan 17 at 21:04
    mikeazzoCan this be done in solo on private? Or does the description mean in solo once people drop out in public?
    Posted by mikeazzo on 05 May 17 at 16:12
    JaxxiczekI've done it in solo with 2 controllers, but it can certainly be done on solo. I've done it multiple times once I got the hang of it.
    Posted by Jaxxiczek on 06 May 17 at 00:18
    ETERNAL INFERNOCompleted in one sitting level 1-50 and its stuck at 98% wtf...
    Posted by ETERNAL INFERNO on 30 Apr 20 at 13:49
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