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Adventure Besties achievement in Rise of the Tomb Raider

Adventure Besties

Endurance Co-op Challenge: Escape the forest with 5 Medium and Large Artifacts

Adventure Besties-0.1
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This achievement may unlock after the requirements have been met or not at all.

How to unlock the Adventure Besties achievement

  • Alice2183Alice2183774,718
    15 Oct 2016 15 Oct 2016 03 Dec 2016
    32 3 54
    This achievement is annoyingly unclear and suffers from the game only counting the completion of the challenge for the person who selects it. This may not be the only way, but here's what we did:

    My co-op partner and I made sure that the person who was hosting the match (Player 1) also selected the Adventure Besties challenge. Then that same person collected all of the artifacts while their partner (Player 2) killed enemies, carried a lamp for warmth, and killed animals to replenish food while Player 1 was inside a crypt.

    ***Make sure that Player 1 picks up all of the artifacts. This WILL NOT count if you try to combine Player 1 and Player 2's artifacts together and think you have enough.***

    Player 1 will need to collect 5 medium artifacts AND 5 large artifacts. NOT a combination of 5 or 10. You need at least 5 of each. Medium artifacts are found in crypts that have the codices, and Large artifacts are found in crypts that have sarcophagi.

    **UPDATE: A couple of folks have confirmed that they got the achievement by collecting a total of 5 medium and large artifacts (which is what the description implies). Some have said that it works with a combination of 5, others got 5 of the same type. I think this is how the achievement is supposed to work, but it did not unlock this way for my co-op partner and me. The people who have reported that this has worked have all collected at least 2 MEDIUM artifacts. Some collected 2 mediums and 3 larges, some collected 5 mediums. People who only collected 1 medium and 4 larges have reported that they did NOT get the achievement. I think the most important thing is that the host selects the challenge and then collects all of the artifacts himself/herself, but if it does not unlock for you with a total of 5 (including at least 2 mediums), you can try getting 5 of each like we did.**

    Unfortunately, you can't tell what is in a crypt until you get about halfway into it. Because the spawns are random, you may end up needing to visit more than 10 crypts in your playthrough. My co-op partner and I had to find 14 before we had 5 of each artifact because the game kept spawning in sarcophagi instead of codices.

    After Player 1 has collected 5 large and 5 medium artifacts, you need to light a signal fire, and you both need to extract successfully.

    Both Player 1 and Player 2 will get the achievement after extraction if you did this correctly.

    Hope this helps those of you having trouble. Let me know if anything needs clarification!

    ***Thanks to everyone who has posted their results with this. Thanks particularly to Lt Davo who noticed the pattern that people who got at least 2 medium artifacts tended to get the achievement. If more info becomes available or if they patch this, please do leave comments, and I will try to keep this up to date.***

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    Drakon Omega 9First try we had 3 medium and 2 large collected by the host, nothing unlocked.
    Second try we had 5 medium, 4 large and 26 small by day 7, we took the risk, jumped in the chopper and the achievement unlocked.
    Posted by Drakon Omega 9 on 03 Nov 20 at 17:55
    DeadShot M4PAlguien que me ayude con este logro?
    Es el único que me falta
    Mi GT Deadshot M4P
    Posted by DeadShot M4P on 09 Dec 20 at 13:38
    SuitedSmearLooking to unlock all the coop ones
    Posted by SuitedSmear on 15 Feb at 20:35
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  • LibelluleGinoLibelluleGino1,132,420
    12 Mar 2017 13 Mar 2017 26 Mar 2017
    26 0 17
    Requirements :
    1 - Host must select the challenge
    2 - Host must pick up the artifacts
    3 - Players 1 & 2 have to stay together in each crypt
    4 - Optional : Don't pick up small artifacts - only run for this achievement (took us 2-3 days)
    5 - Stop at exactly 5 (no more !) - For us, we had a mix of 3 medium and 2 larges
    6 - Host trigger the rescue fire. both must escape.
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    LordSmorcThis still works, great guide this saves a lot of time and unnecessary frustration. We stopped at exactly 5 artifacts (4 medium, 1 large, 0 small). This worked first time for me and my partner following the other steps
    Posted by LordSmorc on 10 Aug 19 at 13:44
    Dr MartyPicking up small artifacts doesn't affect the achievement...

    We had 5 medium, 3 large and about 25 small...
    Posted by Dr Marty on 19 Oct 20 at 21:22
    EthigyWorked great! 4 medium and 1 large, no small.
    Posted by Ethigy on 29 Nov 20 at 18:56
  • NightFalcon1O1NightFalcon1O1128,829
    10 Dec 2018 10 Dec 2018 10 Dec 2018
    2 0 0
    It doesn’t matter who has the challenge selected as long as someone has it selected. One player has to collect a TOTAL of five! It CAN be a combination of medium and large artifacts. Verified 12/10/18.
  • Cruzer628Cruzer6281,179,837
    15 Oct 2016 15 Oct 2016 15 Oct 2016
    2 0 4
    This achievement seems to be glitched but unlocked for me when I collected just 5 medium artifacts. No small or large ones. The medium ones are the codices. Extract afterwards and it should unlock, Make sure to have the challenge equipped
  • DeadShot M4PDeadShot M4P144,595
    28 Dec 2020 28 Dec 2020 28 Dec 2020
    0 0 0
    Yo lo saque de la siguiente manera
    1 Borre los datos locales del juego
    Al momento de sincronizar le di cancelar
    2 inicie como si estuviera en 0 en juego (esto lo hice porque cuando jugaba con mis datos salían más sarcófagos que codices)
    3 al entrar a las criptas, entraba con mi compañero
    4 el Host (osea el que quiere sacar el logro) es el que agarra todo (mediano, chico, grande)
    5 al final salí con 11 códices y 5 sarcófagos.
    Estuve casi 16 días en resistencia

    Espero que a alguien le sirva

    1 cuando entren en la 1ra cripta tomar el camino de atrás al salir e ir derecho
    2 no ir rápido, para que el mapa vaya cargando
    3 casi siempre hay una cripta donde hay campamentos con enemigos, lobos y así
    3 y al parecer sale una cripta cada día o cuando te salen 2 en un solo día te vuelve a salir otra cripta hasta dentro de 2 días después
    4 no importa si tienes más de 5 ya sea sarcófagos o códice, lo importante es tener 5 de cada uno.
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