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Halloween Terror 2016

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Halloween Terror 2016

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Not a Scratch

Win Junkenstein's Revenge on Hard difficulty with no damage to the door.

Not a Scratch0
18 October 2019 - 1 guide

How to unlock the Not a Scratch achievement

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    Overwatch: Origins EditionHeld The DoorThe Held The Door achievement in Overwatch: Origins Edition worth 76 pointsWin Junkenstein's Revenge on Legendary difficulty.

    The strategy should be exactly the same, you just have a bit of extra breathing room. I will only add to the below that you can and should focus even more on the enemy minions. The enemy heroes won't kill you once you're used to it, but carelessness can let an enemy minion or riptire slip through.


    Junkenstein's Revenge is a co-op brawl that is a part of the Halloween Terror event. This event happens every October. It's not clear whether or not this achievement will ever be possible outside of the event, which does recur every year.

    Hard difficulty can be quite challenging even for seasoned players. The enemy heroes do a very large amount of damage and the enemy minions are relentless. It is substantially more difficult than normal mode, with increased health and damage for all enemies, increased numbers of enemies, and altered spawn timers.

    I'll walk you through every step of the way and what you should be doing with each character at any given time. I've also provided a video that you can watch for reference so you can see the strategy in action. The playthrough in the video is fairly clean (other than mediocre McCree play by myself), so it should serve as a good guide.

    McCree: He will primarily focus on the wall along the left side, where he can see the entire battlefield. He can charge his ultimate in 25-35 seconds. His ultimate does by far the most damage of any of the heroes and so it will be used primarily to kill bosses. You can safely save it for only bosses as it shouldn't be needed otherwise.

    Soldier 76: He will focus on the middle. He's very good at cleaning up enemies that slip by and that should be a priority. He can use his ultimate at-will as it takes about 40 seconds to charge up. It's very good for killing Zombardiers, especially when other things are going on. He should also make good use of his cn_RB to heal allies in need.

    Hanzo: He will focus on the right side. His ultimate can be used to minion clear if needed or to damage bosses other than Reaper (who will go immune almost every time). It charges every 30 seconds. Hanzo's headshots will one-shot enemies, so it's important to try to get them. Make sure you have a skilled player on Hanzo, as he's quite poor in the wrong hands.

    Ana: She's your healer. Always keep an eye out for allies in need of help. The only person you should ever use your ult on is McCree, and only as mentioned in the guide (you'll use it four or five times). Of course, she is also rotating as a cleanup girl to catch enemies that sneak by.

    General Notes
    The priority for enemies is almost always minions then heroes. Enemy heroes will die to your ultimates in most instances. Regular shots should only be used if there is no other viable target or if they are on the edge of death. Shooting minions will clear them out while recharging your ultimates, which should keep everything clean and easy to manage.

    When fighting enemy heroes, you want to keep your distance. Roadhog and Reaper do very little damage if you're far away. Be communicative with your team. Your Ana should be constantly sleeping enemies so that you can run away to safety and avoid death.

    Zombardiers are awful. They can do a ton of damage and are hard to handle in groups. They are a very high priority whenever you see them. They can three shot any of the heroes.

    Communicate with your team. Call out Junkrat tires' locations. Call out when you need healing. Call out when enemy heroes are about to spawn. A team that communicates will do much better.

    Spawn Timers
    Enemies spawn constantly on general timers. Junkrat tires also spawn consistently at certain times. However, please note that enemy spawn location is generally consistent, but occasionally changes. I'm not sure why this is. So you can always work on the assumption that enemies will spawn at certain place at a certain time, but always be cautious just in case it's different. Call out the Junkrat tires. This does not apply to enemy heroes.

    The Walkthrough
    Here is what you should be doing at given times. Some improvisation may be required. If someone dies, don't give up immediately. It's definitely possible to win with just a sliver of health and everyone dead but your Ana. Keep trying. That said, if you can execute the below perfectly, you'll get through smoothly and get your achievement faster.

    Remember: Do not attack enemy heroes with regular shots. Ana should constantly be sleeping them. Damage breaks the sleep. So don't attack them. Use ultimates to kill them.

    7:00 - Match begins. There will be three waves that everyone can kill together. Then move to your starting spots. McCree on the left wall, Soldier in the middle, Hanzo on the right, and Ana rotating as needed.
    5:45 and 5:30 - Junkrat tires.
    5:00 - Prepare for Reaper, who will spawn at 4:45. McCree should ult the foot of the bridge near the door as soon as Reaper's body is visible in his teleport. Ana should Sleep Dart Reaper immediately and then turn to Nano Boost McCree. If done quickly, McCree will get enough of a damage boost to one-shot Reaper. Otherwise, McCree should fire his ult the second Reaper starts getting up to make sure Reaper does not use his immunity. The team can finish off Reaper quickly if this happens.
    3:55, 3:40 and 3:25 - Junkrat tires.
    3:00 - Prepare for Roadhog. Everyone will rotate. Soldier goes to left wall, Hanzo to middle, and McCree up the stairs on the right side. Ana should go with McCree so that she can ult him immediately when needed.
    2:45 - Roadhog spawns. His movement is erratic here. If he runs toward McCree or down the middle, use McCree and Ana's ult immediately. If he runs toward the wall, he will run behind a box so wait until he gets past that to ult. As soon as Ana ults, she should sprint toward Roadhog and Sleep Dart him. As soon as he's asleep, Hanzo can fire off his ultimate as well. Ana should watch and throw her anti-heal whenever Roadhog tries to heal (which will be right when he stands up from sleep after McCree's ultimate). Soldier can finish Roadhog off with his and the team can assist as needed as he should be very close to death. Keep your distance from Roadhog as a top priority. It can be tempting to move in, but he does a ton of damage so stay away.
    2:25 - Junkrat tires from left and right. Try to get these, but don't die to get them. If you've not been doing well you can afford to have both hit if you absolutely have to. This will likely be the case if you've had a messy run and Roadhog is still alive.
    2:00 - Rotate all heroes back to their starting positions. McCree and Ana should make sure to have ultimates.
    1:45 - Junkrat spawns. Keep moving to avoid his grenades. Hanzo and Soldier can ult. McCree should wait.
    1:35 - Reaper spawns. McCree should stand in the middle of the stairs leading up to the wall so that he can ult both Junkrat and Reaper at the same time. Ana should ult McCree and then turn and Sleep Dart Reaper. She'll need to be very fast. Hanzo and Soldier can finish off Reaper if needed and McCree can run up the side of the wall and finish off Junkrat if needed. If everything is done properly, McCree's ult should kill both.
    0:50 - Junkrat tires from left and right.
    0:35 - Reaper spawns. This is the final Reaper. McCree should ult alone (Ana should not, nor should Hanzo and Soldier). Ana should Sleep Dart Reaper as normal. McCree's ult should leave Reaper with a sliver of health, which the team can then finish off.
    0:28 - McCree should focus 100% on getting his ultimate back. He will need to be fast. No one else should kill any enemies (except Reaper). There are very few at this point, so McCree can handle them himself and will need to to get his ultimate in time.
    0:05 - McCree should move back to the middle by the door. This is the best vantage point.
    0:00 - Mercy spawns. She will resurrect Junkrat and Roadhog. Hanzo and Soldier should ult Junkrat. McCree and Ana should ult together. Ana should immediately move forward and Sleep Dart Roadhog. After the ultimates finish, Junkrat should be dead, Mercy should have a sliver of health, and Roadhog should be full HP (Mercy will heal him). Now you run. Run away from Roadhog. McCree should move back to his wall where Roadhog probably will not get him and snipe enemies to generate ultimate. The other three should simply keep running from Roadhog. You can finish off Mercy if you want, but it's generally pointless (McCree's ultimate will kill her). Priority number one is the enemy minions. Kill them. They will cause you to lose. Once you get used to it, it's easy to avoid Roadhog. McCree and Hanzo should ult as soon as they get it. If McCree gets his ult and Ana is close to hers, he should wait for her. Soldier's ult should be used to clear minions. Ana should make sure to constantly Sleep Dart Roadhog.

    Here is a video of all of this in action. Our playthrough is pretty by the books, so it should be helpful. The timestamps above roughly match the above.

    Finally, thanks to my teammates Moat Carp, ParticleDuality, and BaronVoNewman. They helped develop this. Thanks also to Cower Before me.

    Feel free to comment with any questions. Have fun!
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    Syfy Si Looking to complete this achievement on Xbox One.

    GT: Syfy Si
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    Atreyu I'm hoping to complete this as well as a few other halloween achievements if anyone wants to party up. Feel free to message me on xbox!
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