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Update Alpha 0.16.0: Boss Update

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Free Diver

Stay underwater for 2 minutes

Free Diver+4.6
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Achievement Guide for Free Diver

  • ProscalineProscaline708,789
    13 Oct 2016 13 Oct 2016 25 Jan 2017
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    This is very easy to obtain and you have a few options on how to go about it. You will need to be in survival mode to get this, creative will NOT work.

    If you have the resources (9 gold blocks and an apple), just craft a golden apple, eat it, then go jump into some water. Make sure you're completely submerged! The effects of the golden apple will cause you to lose no health and two minutes later you will have your achievement.

    Alternatively you can create a Potion of Water Breathing (nether wart and puffer fish) which will also keep you alive long enough to net this achievement.

    Another alternative:

    Use the Notch Apple world found below to instantly have ready-to-eat apples! Be sure to thank member Itzz Sh0wt1m3 for creating the world!
    Achievement worlds

    That's it! Good luck and please comment with any improvements I could make.
  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m3993,878
    12 Oct 2016 13 Jul 2017
    2 0 0
    Very easy, you need to need to stay under water for 2 minutes by using either golden apples or a water breathing potion. The Notch Apple world works pretty well for this. Simply craft the apple with the 8 golden blocks and the apple to unlock the notch apple achievement. Then Head to the water, be sure you're underwater entirely, and then eat the apple once your oxygen is about to run out. With the effects of the notch apple, you will be able to stay underwater for 2 minutes.

    If you're unsure how to get the worlds onto your PC/android/ios device, the following forum I started might help, otherwise there are plenty of youtube videos.

    Achievement worlds

    You can download the Notch apple world from here:
  • Demon Fox 00117Demon Fox 00117278,407
    31 May 2018 28 Jan 2019
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    Step by Step guide on how to stay underwater without the needing to use Potions, or bubble columns.

    This glitch should make it easy to obtain a ton of rare Minecraft Achievements where you need to be underwater.
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