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Scout Enlistment

Reach Scout Rank 2 in multiplayer

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Achievement Guide for Scout Enlistment

  • aIIH0PEisG0NEaIIH0PEisG0NE219,047
    05 Nov 2016 04 Nov 2016 27 Nov 2016
    38 2 3
    I'm terrible playing as the Scout Class so here are my six tips to get extra points that I used to get this achievement faster while playing Conquest.

    *** xMidget Furyx mentioned in the comments that it's 30,000 points for the rank one and an additional 30,000 points for rank 2.

    Also you can view your class rank in the customize screen during matches it's in the top left corner. You can also view it under the solider tab in the main menu. Go to soldier and click where it tells you best class and then you can select each class and view what your score is.*** Thanks xMidget Furyx!!!

    1. Throw both your gas grenades while you're fighting the other team when you're attacking/defending a flag. You can easily get 200+ points from the damage when there's multiple enemy at the flag.

    2. If you're not good at sniping, I highly recommend using the M1903 experimental which is a semi-auto rifle that can be unlocked after Scout Rank 1.

    3. Try to be Squad Leader. You should only spawn on your squad and follow them around. When you see that your squad is going towards a flag, command them to attack/defend that flag by tapping RB at the given flag. When your squad follows your orders, you get bonus points. If you're not Squad Leader and the current Leader isn't commanding orders, constantly Request Orders by holding RB and selecting it in the dialog wheel. If the current Leader ignores your request after a couple times, you'll become the Leader.

    4. If you're on the losing team and you hear that the Armored Train is coming, start running towards it or redeploy at your base and book it towards the train. If you enter the train on foot rather than spawning in it, you'll get the points for your class. You can get some crazy points in the train.

    5. Use your flares!!! You get spotting bonus points by using the flares and you can also get damage points and even kills!!! I recommend using them when attacking a flag or when you see a huge fire fight going on.

    6. Capture the flags!!! Don't camp and try to snipe people the whole time. Doing it this way, it'll take you forever to get this achievement. You get over 500 points for capturing a flag. Once you get to the flag and you're capturing it, throw two random gas grenades and shoot both your flares.

    I Hope this helps!!!
  • Nosi90Nosi9076,551
    25 Oct 2016 23 Oct 2016 26 Oct 2016
    18 8 4
    It seems you get class rank for anything you do whilst you are playing as that class. Though if you spawn into a vehicle you will be getting rank for that vehicle class like pilot, tanker or cavalry. If somebody else is driving the vehicle then it should be fine to spawn into it.

    To get Scout points you can do the following:
    Use the spotting flare
    Kill people (Sniping or trip mines work well)
    Capture flags (Earns you a lot of points)

    The rifle you get in the beginning works well for medium to long range. Short range is quite difficult. If you are more the run and gun type of person then once you reach Scout rank 1 you can purchase the M1903 Experimental which is a semi-automaic rifle with 41 bullets in the magazine. If you are in a short range situation and have a sniper rifle don't forget you have a pistol as well.

    Note: I edited my solution as it was initially about how to get around the glitch but that has been patched.
  • Trip0dT0mTrip0dT0m230,712
    27 Jun 2017 21 Aug 2017
    10 1 0
    hey guys ... there are not many things you can do to get this fast but i show you in this video what i believe is the best way to get this quickly :) (just play conquest with the set up and you will get it :) )

  • ExactingRookExactingRook370,499
    13 Jan 2017 06 Nov 2016
    10 2 0
    I found the easiest way to level up Scout is to play operations on the oil map and hope you are defending. During one of the attacks, the attackers will have to push across a very open piece of the desert, where the defenders can sit on rocks and easily pick off targets with scopes set to 150m.
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