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Win 1 Operation in multiplayer

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  • jayasmejayasme190,324
    14 Nov 2016 15 Nov 2016
    29 1 2
    This achievement is very simple, just play and win a match of operation mode.
    I suggest play as defensive, it has more chance to win the match.
    The biggest problem of this achievement maybe is nobody plays this mode in some region such as Asia or Oceania cause the bad sales of Xbox One in these regions.
    BF1 doesn't allow you select server for operation mode, but you can do this by switch your Xbox One's location in system settings, switch to United States and try again maybe you can search a match to play.

    Hope it helps for you.
  • Delta748Delta748389,829
    09 Jan 2017 09 Jan 2017 09 Jan 2017
    20 0 7
    For anyone living in regions that are unable to find matches of Operations (Asia, Oceania), changing the region on your console will not work. You can either LFG, or find a friend in the US you can consistently join in on. If neither of those are options for you, the Clubs feature on Xbox One is your best friend.

    Simply go to the game hub of Battlefield 1, press cn_RB twice to go to "Friends & clubs". You will see clubs related to Battlefield 1 here, and there's a well populated one called "Battlefield Veteran". Select it, and press cn_RB 4 times to go to the "Roster" tab. This shows all the members in the club, and chances are some of them will be playing Operations on BF1. You can see this when it says "Battlefield 1 - MP: Grand Operations on [insert map here]".

    When you find someone who's in this activity, select their gamertag and attempt to join in on their game. You won't be able to join on everyone due to some privacy settings that people have, so keep trying different people until the "Join Game" option is highlighted, meaning it can be selected. After that, it's just a matter of waiting for the game to load up. (There's a chance you may be in a queue to join the game, just give it some time.)

    It may be an overcomplicated process just to play a match of Operations, but until DICE adds it into the server browser or fixes matchmaking for it, this is your best bet.
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