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How to unlock the Master of adaptation achievement

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    I have added all my individual guides for the codex entry achievements into one massive guide here. Some important notes which I will add also:
    - Field Manuals save after being picked up so you can leave the mission without getting worried you need to get it again. There are 66 of them to collect.
    - Once a challenge has been completed you can simply leave to game and it will save.
    - The Bloody April challenge in Total War seems to be glitched for some people. If it doesn't stay unlocked after completing it simply complete all other challenges and come back to this one to get the Master of Adaptation achievement/trophy.
    - Field Manuals have been given separate videos mission by mission in order to help the trophy/achievement hunter following the guide and make it easier on them.

    War Story: Through Mud And Blood

    Chapter: Over The Top

    Tank Shock - Collect all field manuals.
    0:00 - Field Manual 1
    0:20 - Field Manual 2
    0:43 - Field Manual 3
    1:01 - Field Manual 4
    1:23 - Field Manual 5

    Observation Balloons - Kill 5 enemies while on foot.
    After the short cutscene where Finch dies and you pick up the wrench, you can now hop out of the vehicle by holding X on Xbox or Square on PlayStation. Once outside of the tank you need to get 5 kills on enemy troops with your gun.

    German Anti-Tank Tactics - Destroy all field guns.
    There are 36 Field Guns in this mission which need to be destroyed before the end of the mission. Here is a video guide showcasing all their locations on the map:
    #1 - #2 - 0:00
    #3 - #5 - 0:15
    #6 - #10 - 0:41
    #11 - #13 - 1:08
    #14 - #17 - 1:25
    #18 - #21 - 1:50
    #22 - #25 - 2:16
    #26 - #27 - 2:39
    #28 - 2:53
    #29 - #32 - 3:00
    #33 - #36 - 3:34

    Chapter: Fog Of War

    Guiding Bess - Get through the forest without being detected.
    To get this one you need to make your way through the entire Forrest area without being detected. This will require melee and stealth and will cancel out the 'Forest Combat' challenge. Make sure you are using lures to drag enemies away for easier kills. You can have an enemy reach red bar but if he alerts his friends then you need to restart the checkpoint. Video Credit To 'DonPimpNutz'

    Forest Combat - Get through the forest without any melee kills.
    This one can be done by simply running and gunning through the areas, just don't kill any enemies with melee. This will cancel out 'Guiding Bess'.

    Gone Chemical - Collect all field manuals.
    0:00 - Field Manual 1 - Checkpoint 1
    0:20 - Field Manual 2 - Checkpoint 2
    0:55 - Field Manual 3 - Checkpoint 3
    1:24 - Field Manual 4 - Checkpoint 4
    2:03 - Field Manual 5 - Checkpoint 4

    Chapter: Breakdown

    Stealing Tanks - Retrieve all the engine components undetected in breakdown.
    To get this Codex Entry you will need to enter the town and retrieve all 4 Spark Plugs from the dismantled tanks without being spotted. This is actually very easy if you know enemy patrol patterns since they don't change all that much. When you start the mission go to the first windmill and grab the silenced sniper, this will be your friend for the level. Kill the 4 enemies at the first outpost then take the spark plug. Enter the second outpost (Right Side) and throw a bullet, this will kill distract the enemies making it so you can walk straight in and grab the plug. Now head down the street and go around the side and you can sneak in and grab the third plug (a bullet may be needed). Now head across the water and snipe the sniper in the windmill then head up to where the destroyed tank is and throw a bullet which will make the enemy walk away and you can grab the spark plug.
    Video Credit to '360GameTV'

    Tank Hunters - Retrieve the first engine component in breakdown.
    This is story progress so it can't be missed.

    Aircraft Support - Collect all field manuals.
    0:00 - Field Manual 1
    0:25 - Field Manual 2
    0:55 - Field Manual 3
    1:45 - Field Manual 4
    2:23 - Field Manual 5

    Chapter: Steel on Steel

    Bourlon Wood - Don't let the tank get damaged before clearing the village.
    It's abit hard to write a guide for this so here is a video guide for you. Video credit to 'DonPimpNutz'

    Beutepanzers - Destroy one of the captured Mark V tanks.
    The MARK V TANKS are the big ones that you will encounter at the start of this mission. Simply drive down the hill and you will see 2 light tanks and 1 heavy tank drive by, the heavy tank is the MARK V. You can destroy the tank from the hill if you are going for the Bourlon Wood challenge to prevent yourself being hit.

    There's always a first - Collect all field manuals.
    0:00 - Field Manual 1
    0:35 - Field Manual 2
    1:00 - Field Manual 3
    1:40 - Field Manual 4
    2:00 - Field Manual 5

    Towrads Cambrai - Complete through mud and blood.
    This will unlock once you see the missions final cutscene.
    War Story: Friends In High Places

    Chapter: Test Flight

    To Be Ace - Finish the target practice in test flight.
    This is story based and can't be missed.

    The Dicta Boelcke - Don't lose the trail during the chase in test flight.
    There are 2 times that this will happen. The first will be when you need to just follow the plane a white circle will pop up on the screen. DON'T LOOSE THIS CIRCLE. You MUST stay right next to him otherwise this will fail and you will need to reload checkpoint. The second time he will start flying and using more movement so you need a perfect balance of speed and throttle to make sharp turns. The more that you push forward on the left thumb stick the faster you will go but the harder it is to turn so pull back a little bit to make those sharp turns easier. After the second time this will unlock.

    Chapter: Total War

    Strategic Bombing - Destroy the fort in Total War.
    This will be story based so complete the mission and it will unlock.

    Bloody April 1917 - Have at least four bombers survive a bombing run in Total War.
    This is actually very simple. Rather then attacking the planes as Wilson will tell you to, head down and destroy the anti air trucks as these will cause massive amounts of damage to your bombers. After destroying them quickly you should have 4 left so if the bombers aren't near the fort by then quickly go kill some planes, however if they are near it you can just sit back and watch the codex pop as they drop the bombs.

    Chapter: Fall From Grace

    No Man's Land - Reach no man's land undetected in Fall From Grace.
    I personally was able to just sprint from start to finish without being spotted but if you would like to tank it more slowly then make sure that you are using your lures which you should be properly introduced to at the start of this mission. Credit to 'Ps4Trophies' for the video guide:

    Booby Traps - Use tripwire bombs to kill 2 enemies in Fall From Grace.
    From the spawning area follow the road and you will find a box that contains a trip-mine grenade inside it, pick this up. Now that you have the trip-mine, continue down the path and you will see 2 enemies near a fire, these are the guys we are going to kill. Sneak up behind them and quickly plant a trip-mine at each of their feet then run! This should see both blow up and the codex entry will unlock.

    France - Defending Home - Collect all field manuals in Fall From Grace.
    0:00 - Field Manual 1
    0:25 - Field Manual 2
    1:05 - Field Manual 3
    1:30 - Field Manual 4
    2:12 - Field Manual 5

    Chapter: Forte et fidele

    Gotha Raids on London - Take down the bombers in Forte et fidele.
    This is story progress so you won't miss this.

    Airborne Cannons - Destroy 10 aircraft within 30 seconds using the stationary weapon in Forte et fidele.
    This can be quite difficult depending on how the planes react towards you (took me 6 tries to get it) but this can be started when you get control of the turret on top of the Zeppelin. Simply shoot 10 enemy planes out of the air within 30 seconds of your first kill and this will pop. Enemy ships have sort of a pattern, three will instantly spawn in-front, one will fly past you, a few more will fly in from in-front of you then 3 enemy bombers will fly in, here is my video showing how I got it & I have included another video showing an actual fully detailed guide!

    Jousting With Dragons - Collect the Field Manual in Forte et fidele.
    0:00 - Field Manual 1

    Dawn of Dogfights - Complete Friends In High Places.
    Just watch the final cutscene and you get this.
    War Story: Avanti Savoia

    Chapter: O La Vittoria

    Farina Armor - Defeat 5 enemies with grenades.
    When you reach the church there will be mobs of enemies surrounding it. Simply start throwing grenades at the enemies and this will pop very quickly.

    The Daring Ones - Join the fight as an arditi elite troop.
    This is story based so won't be missed.

    Coming together - collect all field manuals.
    0:00 - Field Manual 1
    0:42 - Field Manual 2
    1:45 - Field Manual 3
    2:20 - Field Manual 4
    2:55 - Field Manual 5

    Chapter: O Tutti Accoppati

    Where Eagles Dare - Defeat 10 enemies with your sidearm in O Tutti Accoppati.
    Simply throw the difficulty onto easy and pull out your pistol with Y or Triangle and aim for the heads of enemies you will encounter as to not waste all your ammo. This can be done before reaching the bottom of the hill.

    Beyond Belief - Witness the explosion of the mountain side.
    This is story based so can't be missed.

    Alpine War - Collect all field manuals.
    0:00 - Field Manual 1
    0:43 - Field Manual 2
    1:33 - Field Manual 3
    2:30 - Field Manual 4
    3:00 - Field Manual 5

    Among Peaks of Kings - Complete Avanti Savoia.
    Watch the final cutscene and this will pop.
    War Story: The Runner

    Chapter: Cape Helles

    The Big Guns - Call in an offshore barrage.
    This is story progress so you won't miss this.

    Torpedo Exploit - Get 10 headshot kills.
    This is pretty self explanatory, just shoot enemies in the head and after 10 it will unlock.

    Battery Beyond - Collect all field manuals.
    0:00 - Field Manual 1
    0:30 - Field Manual 2
    1:10 - Field Manual 3
    1:48 - Field Manual 4
    2:18 - Field Manual 5

    Chapter: The Runner

    Drip Gun - Defeat 10 enemies with a sidearm.
    From where you start go to the opposite side of the house on your left and you will find a pistol in a chest.

    Geology - Defeat 5 enemies with rifle grenades.
    There are 2 spawns for the grenade launcher on the map. The first being on the far right of where you spawn near some artillery guns and the second being inside the building you need to go to for your first objective.

    Trench Runners Collect all field manuals.
    0:00 - Field Manual 1
    0:35 - Field Manual 2
    1:10 - Field Manual 3
    1:53 - Field Manual 4
    2:23 - Field Manual 5

    Chapter: Be Safe

    River Clyde - Defeat 5 enemies with grenades.
    From where you start slowly creep up on the four enemies in front of you. One will walk off to the left while the other will walk to the front two. Throw your grenade right and you will get all 3 but this will make people alert. Now watch down the road and enemies will start bunching up trying to shoot you, I got 4 at once when they bunched up so it's not all that hard. Alternativly you can use this video guide here to make it easier if you still have trouble! Credit to 'Ps4Trophies' for the guide:

    Sedd El Bahr - Defeat 10 enemies with melee attacks.
    If you put the game mode on easy you can quickly run around the starting area and get these 10 kills in about a minute.

    Gallipoli Myths - Collect all field manuals.
    0:00 - Field Manual 1
    0:38 - Field Manual 2
    1:05 - Field Manual 3
    1:35 - Field Manual 4
    1:57 - Field Manual 5

    The Dardanelles - Complete Be Safe.
    Simply watch the final cutscene and this will unlock.
    War Story: Nothing Is Written

    Chapter: Hidden In Plain Sight

    The Hejaz Railway - Scout The Crash Site.
    Simply get out your binoculars when the mission starts and look around the entire crash site and this will unlock.

    The Bedouin - Find the book without being detected.
    Simply use the pull and melee combo by using your shell casing to lure enemies towards you or apart and you will be able to knife them. The one you need to watch however is the sniper on top of the cart so lure everyone away from him and leave him for last.

    Celebrities - Collect all field manuals.
    0:00 - Field Manual 1
    0:40 - Field Manual 2
    1:05 - Field Manual 3
    1:40 - Field Manual 4
    2:25 - Field Manual 5

    Chapter: Young Men's Work

    Gertrude Bell - Kill one of the officers by using a Bolt - Action rifle.
    From your spawning area, head over to the weapons depot and inside a tent is a silenced sniper. Inside the building you will find the officer you need to kill so sneak in and headshot him.

    T.E. Lawrence - Kill one officer with a melee attack.
    When you reach the village you will find the officer inside the building overlooking the radio station. Sneak in and melee him.

    Tanks In The Desert - Kill one of the officers by using a tank.
    Head over to the ruins now and you will be able to grab one of the two tanks. When inside a tank enemies don't notice you so drive around and look for the general who will be with a Juggernaut by his side and blast him.

    Women Rise - Collect all field manuals.
    0:00 - Field Manual 1
    0:35 - Field Manual 2
    1:40 - Field Manual 3
    2:20 - Field Manual 4
    2:50 - Field Manual 5

    Chapter: Hear The Desert

    Desert Cars - Destroy the three vehicles while undetected.
    Very easy if you still kept that sniper from the previous mission (the silenced one). From where you spawn, snipe all the enemies that you see aside from the juggernaut and let them find the bodies (this doesn't cause alert just makes enemies walk around more). When there is only the juggernaut left, run around and find some dynamite in chest's and throw one on each car then just hit the trigger and it'll unlock. I will post my walkthrough showing it off when it's uploaded.

    Planes above the sand - Keep at least 2 field guns operational.
    The best way to do this is to not touch a field gun but rather find the sniper which does massive damage to vehicles inside one of the weapon tents and run around the map. This will cause the train to aggro on you and not the guns.

    Guerilla Warfare - Collect all field manuals.
    0:00 - Field Manual 1
    0:20 - Field Manual 2
    0:45 - Field Manual 3
    1:10 - Field Manual 4
    1:35 - Field Manual 5

    Arab Revolt - Finish the nothing is written campaign.
    simply watch the final cutscene and that's it.

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    SprinkyDinkokay so it is important to note that this achievement pops regardless of having all the field manuals
    Posted by SprinkyDink on 28 Aug 18 at 13:12
    wildwest08One of the best guides I have ever seen. Great work and thank you for it.
    Posted by wildwest08 on 06 Mar 19 at 06:46
    MrKoolxDoodi was lacking on airborne cannons. that video is the best guide by far thumbs up
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    Before you open any war story spoiler, please read this. If you open a spoiler it opens an large post with a lot of content!

    Through Mud and Blood
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Friends in High Places
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Avanti Savoia!
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    The Runner
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Nothing is Written
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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    FAH fl0pThanks for the help throughout this game. Some of the best work I've seen on this site.
    Posted by FAH fl0p on 23 Nov 16 at 18:49
    PokerNickSweet! Thx. for this easy solution on River Clyde. clap
    Posted by PokerNick on 27 Nov 16 at 14:56
    R3NEGADE5I'm finding airborne cannons so hard! Even with your awesome guide
    Posted by R3NEGADE5 on 05 Dec 16 at 07:27
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    hey guys .... i made a video guide of the locations for all the field manuals in the campaign and the guide also includes all codex entries too and other challenges :) i will list the videos in order below

    Through mud and blood

    Friends in high places

    Avantai Savoia

    The runner

    Nothing is written

    Hope this guide helps you out :)
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    WChalk83its your boy tripod tom. lol.
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