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29 March 2018 - 3 guides

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  • Homunculus FuryHomunculus Fury556,646
    23 Oct 2016 23 Oct 2016 13 Nov 2016
    13 2 1
    This is story related and can't be missed.
    The 5th war story is Laurence of Arabia. Your mission is to take down a armored train being used by the Ottoman Empire. The first mission is to take a code book from a derailed train. The second mission is to kill 3 commanders and send fake messages to the armored train to lure it into a trap. The 3rd mission is to secure a village and destroy the armored train.
    The armored train can kill you quick so keep moving focus on the train with explosives you find in crates and the field guns. Don't fire more than once from a field gun before moving. If you find dynamite you can get close to the train to toss them on but be quick. Horses are an option too. Destroy the train and the achievement is yours.
    Also please note you will have to play the first and second mission twice to earn
    Battlefield 1All men dreamThe All men dream achievement in Battlefield 1 worth 135 pointsUnlock all Codex Entries in Nothing is Written

    Battlefield 1Triple Boluk-BashiThe Triple Boluk-Bashi achievement in Battlefield 1 worth 105 pointsKill all 3 Ottoman officers in Young Men's Work with melee kills in the campaign

    In the first mission although not impossible but it maybe difficult to find all the field manuals and stay undetected, again not impossible.
    The second mission you will have to play twice because each codex requires a specific way to kill an officer.
  • Sgt Sicko99Sgt Sicko99123,791
    19 Oct 2016 24 Oct 2016
    10 3 0
    Before you destroy the final vehicle, or kill the last person, find the anti-tank rifle, the AT Rocket gun, anti-tank grenades (don't have to get as close to the train as the mines or dynamite). And a gun that can easily kill infantry. Focus fire on one part of the train and should be able to destroy it with just these tool + maybe one other from a weapons crate. Or use an artillery cannon if it in site as you don't want to be on it for too long other wise the mortars will get you.

    I first did this on normal and died a fair few times. Once I did it a second time on hard, I was equipped with these items and I destroyed the train on my second attempt.

    Also, for the codex where you need to destroyed all 3 cars undecteceted, throw 1 stick of dynamite under neath each car and let'em blow. You may been to take out a few shoulders to do this, silenced weapons are your best friends for this.
  • Supreme Sn0rkySupreme Sn0rky162,283
    05 Jan 2019 05 Jan 2019 05 Jan 2019
    3 0 0
    The first two parts of this War Story shouldn’t be too much trouble. Try and stay undetected as long as possible (there are silenced weapons in some of the boxes). If you do get spotted, try not to get cornered. Keep your distance and pick off enemies one by one.

    When going to kill the captains, I found it easiest to spend some time spotting as many enemies as possible so you can see them as you move in. Stealth kills are the best for this you don’t want to attract unnecessary attention.

    The last, and most difficult, part of this mission is defeating the train. I tried a few methods but kept getting killed. The best way I found, and this worked first time for me, was to get some explosives and run at the train head on. Throw all your explosives and detonate if necessary. Once you’ve done that run away into cover and find a box to reload. Rinse and repeat. It might take a couple of tries as you do still get shot at a little bit so there’s some luck involved in this. But it worked for me first time.

    Good luck.
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