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Reach Rank 1 with all 4 Infantry classes in multiplayer

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  • goldyman77goldyman77368,405
    18 Oct 2016 18 Oct 2016 24 Oct 2016
    36 4 13
    Not a guide but did want to give a warning that this achievement currently seems a bit gltichy (as have the reaching Rank 2 with each class for some people so far). After reaching at least rank 1 with all 4 classes as the achievement asks, the achievement tracker says I'm only 25% complete

    UPDATE: The achievement randomly kept jumping up 25% as I leveled each of the classes further and finally unlocked after reaching Rank 6 with the assault class. (At the time I was also a 6 for Medic, 4 for Scout, and 4 for Medic too). Thus, I'd say it seems buggy currently and I'd keep leveling my classes until it eventually pops for all of you

    UPDATE 2: DICE released a patch recently that addressed several issues both single player and multiplayer with the game. According to @SanJol, this patch is also now allowing the achievements to all unlock properly, so all should be fixed now
  • Homunculus FuryHomunculus Fury567,351
    05 Nov 2016 05 Nov 2016 08 Nov 2016
    17 0 3
    To get this achievement you'll need to reach rank one in each infantry class. Assault, medic, support and scout classes. Assault and Support you will need 50,000 points each to reach rank 1. Medic you will need 45,000. Scout you'll need 30,000 points.
    You earn points for your class simply by playing your class. So play the objective, help your squad and earn medals. Below is a video showing how to view your rank in main menu and in a match.

  • Nosi90Nosi9077,574
    23 Oct 2016 23 Oct 2016 24 Oct 2016
    15 2 2
    This is currently a buggy achievement. I actually got this before I got rank one on support or scout. But i was level 10 medic and 4 assault. Once i started following the next few steps systematically i got the achievement:

    - Play conquest
    - Play one class per level up
    - Don't die when you get the rank up notification
    - Try to rank up once on all four classes though this doesn't actually seem to be necessary at the moment because it is glitched somehow.

    Firstly i started off playing a lot of operations in which I never got the award. I read somewhere you should play conquest so i tried that and it actually works (credit to Frankies Back and IIIDEFAULTIII). Maybe other official multiplayer modes work too but i don't know. Operations does not work in any case. I played one class the whole time. It seems you don't get the achievement if you die before you get the full rank up notification. Don't worry next time you rank up and stay alive you should get it. After playing operations i was half way through a rank. I then had to rank up 1.5 times whilst playing conquest before i got the achievement. This might not be the only way to get the achievement but it is the method with which i got 3/4 class achievements in a row when i saw supposed to get them. So if you do this it seems to work.
  • Trip0dT0mTrip0dT0m236,319
    08 Sep 2017 09 Sep 2017
    6 3 0
    hey lads ... heres a quick video showing you the best way to get this achievement , its pretty straight forward to be honest :) good luck

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