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Green Inferno in Kyurinaga's Revenge

Green Inferno827 (90)

Finish the game in Inferno mode

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Posted on 31 December 17 at 13:52, Edited on 08 July 18 at 20:27
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Right... Green Inferno. I honestly don't know where to begin with this one. Normally I would issue a warning for something like this, but if you find yourself here, that would probably only serve to entice you even further. If you're on the fence about this game, though, I will just say: this is one of the hardest achievements in the Platformer genre. For reference, it's easily comparable to another infamous achievement with similar requirements
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and certainly much harder than something like
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If you are not extremely proficient at platformers, with nerves of steel, the patience of a god and enough luck to get a Crissaegrim drop every time, I would not advise attempting this. That said, with practice and perseverance, it is certainly far from impossible. I got it a month after starting the game, and when I was practicing I usually only had time for 1-2 runs a day, so if you have a lot of free time, I'm sure it could be done faster. For the record, a full run will cost you around 2-3 hours of your precious lifespan, depending on how carefully you play.

The Inferno difficulty is unlocked after completing the game on Hard. It is identical to that mode in almost every way, including all the added obstacles and longer boss fights. However, there are two key differences.

1. You die in one hit from any damage in the combat sequences. More on this later.
2. You have to beat the whole game in one sitting without dying. No, you can not save, quit out, or any other of the typical cheese methods. Dying immediately kicks you to the main menu, and you can not resume the game if you quit out before dying,

Now, if you're coming fresh off of Hard, that is going to sound laughably impossible. Going through on Easy or Normal, you might think a nodeath run would be tricky but doable, but after clearing Hard, you'll be able to recall a hundred places where the new obstacles make for ridiculously tight spots to survive. And you're entirely correct, of course. While there are tricks to make the combat sections less ludicrous, the platforming is just what it is, and nothing will make it any easier other than practice. Lots of practice.

Play every level on Hard over and over until you have methods for EVERYTHING. There are parts of the game that I'll get to where luck is involved, but even for those parts you need a solid understanding and experience with the different patterns you can be presented with, and how to hopefully deal with them.

I will go into detail about the individual stages, but first, we have to cover the combat sequences. Again, if you're just done with Hard, you may have been shocked to learn of the instakill nature of the Inferno combat. When I first realized it, I honestly just declared this achievement impossible and gave up any idea of doing it. While you can still revive your partner if they go down, they do indeed do so in one hit from anything, and reviving them even once takes a lot of really fast mashing of cn_LB and cn_RB. Simply put, if you take damage at all during combat, you are very likely fucked unless it's just before a break in the enemy waves.

However! There is cheese for the combat, and very stinky cheese indeed. Basically, what I discovered after some testing was that you can buffer inputs on the pause screen in this game. What does that mean? Well, it means that any QTE inputs you do on the pause screen will be immediately effective once you unpause. So, if a guy is coming at you with a cn_Bcn_Ycn_X combo, you pause the game, input cn_Bcn_Y, unpause, wait until he's in striking range, then finish him with cn_X. If the enemy is already in range when you pause, you can just input the whole sequence before unpausing. Keep in mind, though, to always unpause with cn_start unless the next QTE button is cn_A. This is because using cn_A to unpause actually registers an cn_A input, which could mess up your combo and get you killed. If the final button in a sequence is cn_A, however, it is perfectly fine to do that. As for the "quartercircle" inputs, I did not use this method on them. It's unreliable and sometimes fails for no apparent reason, and they're not that hard to do anyway. You can still pause as soon as the enemy appears to give yourself time to register the input in your head before unpausing and doing it, and I'd highly suggest doing so. At the insane speeds of the stage 8 combat, you'll need every tiny advantage you can get to keep from getting overwhelmed.

Alright, so here are some basic tips for each stage. Keep in mind, I did this almost half a year ago, so I don't perfectly remember every tiny detail. If there are any specific parts you're wondering about that I fail to mention, feel free to leave a comment.

Stage 1: Nothing hard here at all, just an easy and boring little warmup that goes on for way too long.
Stage 2: The first combat sequence, but it's very easy. Be a little careful around the kama throwing peas late into the level, and you'll be fine.
Stage 3: Simple since it's the same as on any other difficulty. Just boring really.
Stage 4: The first annoying level. Be careful of the ghost that moves up and down in a shaft early on, and don't underestimate the accuracy of the ghost peas on cages after that. They can and will easily hit you if you're not careful. For the block pushing nonsense later on, always push the box from the left side. I found that pulling it from the right, my guy would sometimes randomly lose grip and start running right into the spikes instead, which was not very pleasant.
Boss 1: This guy initially seems annoyingly inconsistent, but once you get him down, you should be able to kill him every time. On Inferno, like Hard, you have to activate a total of 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10 shrines. Yes, his hitboxes are wonky, so always try to jump too early rather than too late. I prefer running counter-clockwise (right) the whole time since I somehow think his attacks are harder to dodge going left. Your mileage may vary.
Stage 5: Mostly easy platforming, but this is also where the combat starts to get scary for the first time. The final sequence especially can truly be a pain with how long it drags on, but with the cheese, it's really just an exercise in patience.

Stage 6: This is where we separate the babies from the boys. This stage features some very scary platforming, and you will have to practice it a lot to become consistent at all the little individual bullshit parts. Figure out your own most comfortable ways to deal with the moving platform cycles, and really make sure you know where all the damn helmets that move on and offscreen are. There's no real randomness on this level, so if you learn to do the whole level in one go on Hard consistently, that will translate perfectly to Inferno pretty much every time. Do not forget about the helmet that comes out of the final gap before the end. Not that I've ever died there, just saying.

Stage 7: And this is where we separate the boys from the men. If nothing thus far has made you want to give up, this will definitely test your willpower in that regard. The amount of ways to fuck up on this level is truly astounding, and I've seen them all.

Parts to note:
In the beginning, don't forget about the spikeball that swings left and right rather than back and forth. It's very easy to forget it's there and die embarrassingly.

For every part of the level where there are spikes going in and out of the floor, I set a metronome on my laptop so I could know exactly when they were gonna go up and down. Yes, I'm serious. You will do the same on whatever device you have handy, or you will die. Unfortunately I can not remember the exact BPM, but I think it was something like 96 BPM. If someone could test this for me, that would be great. Tune it up and down until you find the perfect sync, so that on every 4th beat, the spikes go up or down. Trust me, you need this.

The big room is very scary. The order you have to hit the corner switches is random every time, so you really have to learn how to traverse the room safely going both ways. Find what works for you and make sure you're always aware of where the helmets are, since it's easy to suddenly find yourself in deadly situations of out nowhere otherwise. Practice the fuck out of it. From the starting platform, if you throw a kunai straight up, you can hit the switch and listen for whether or not it was the right one. Helps a little.

The ending is an absolute killer. First you move right through a tight hallway jumping over some circular blades. Easy enough. Then you have the spiked pillars moving up and down where you have to jump through the gaps. Please please please practice this until you can do it every time. It's so much harder than it seems. Each jump is a different timing, and each one should only be a single (not double) jump. For the last one, you just have to jump when the pillars are at their highest point, so that one is easy.

Then you get to the real hard part. Before you enter the chase sequence, sit below the ledge and watch the helmets. This way you can figure out when you should start running so that you don't get stuck waiting too long. Always go under rather than over when you can, and know that the perspective in this part makes the hitboxes of the helmets a little weird, which means you can survive things you shouldn't and die from things you shouldn't. It's cool. After the first part, keep walljumping left and right just above the bottom of the shaft. Watch the helmets moving up and down, and use that to gauge when to drop down. This part is really hard and can get super scary if the helmets moving left and right (that you can not see from up there) are in bad spots. It can all be dealt with, but sometimes you end up having to do really tight jumps to survive. Again, practice.

The final ascent is insanely hard and precise without a metronome, which makes it pretty much 100% consistent. Just use it, okay?

Boss 2: As if things weren't bad enough. This is a major battle of luck more so than skill, but like most things, even his hardest bullshit patterns can be avoided with enough practice. Try to stay near the middle (or wherever there's a large chunk of land) during the logs and barrels, and learn to quickly identify patterns as soon as you see them. He has an insane amount of possible ones, especially with the logs, so always be ready to adapt. Also, don't forget that you can break the blue barrels with your sword. This guy is a total runkiller when he wants to be, but eventually, you will prevail.

Stage 8: This is where we separate the men from the warriors. While this level doesn't have the tightest platforming, it does have the hardest combat sequences, many luck based parts and is just in general really unpleasant. Do not take even the slightest risk in cheesing the combat, just pause the fuck out of every enemy. The second combat sequence is the hardest, but the third one features long strings of very fast enemies near the end, so never think you're safe, never relax.

At the beginning of the level (after the first combat) comes one of the "hardest" parts of the game. There will be a lift going up and down and a cannon shooting fireballs through a hole in the wall. The problem here is that up above where you can't see, the mightiest pea in Kyurinaga's army resides. He can and will hit you while you're riding up or jumping off the lift, and it is extremely hard to avoid since his aim is eerily accurate. But, there is an alternative. Either you take the luck route and gamble your life with the pea, or you take the skill route. The hole through which the fire cannon shoots is just wide enough for you to fit through if you save your double jump for when you're just below it. Going in through this hole is a very precise and risky strategy, but it's what I ended up doing. Practice it on Hard and see if it works for you.

Most of the rest of the level is fair and reasonable, until you get to the dreaded missile barrage. This is where you have to stay underneath a moving platform that blocks falling missiles, very late in the stage. Now, you can try to time this and move forward at just the right time to trigger the platform to sync up with the missiles, but ultimately there's gonna be a heavy luck factor here. The explosions have a bullshit huge radius, and if you fall behind the platform due to having dodged something, you're pretty much dead. Not much you can do but play as well as you can and hope the game has mercy on you. The worst luck part is still to come, worry not.

Stage 9: Easy platforming, but take no chances. Play safe or you'll look like an idiot. The boss is the real highlight here of course. If I remember correctly, Voldemaru takes 20 hits before dying, and all his attacks are triple combos. Pausing works as usual of course, but if you know anything about this fight, you'll probably still be shitting yourself in fear. One very important thing to note is that unlike any other combat sequence, these fuckers have attacks that hit both of your dudes at once, resulting in an instant game over with no chance for revival. These attacks are mainly Kyurinaga's giant fireballs and swords, but obviously you shouldn't take your chances with any attacks at all. Just keep your wits about you and kick their asses. Using pause buffering to kill Kyurinaga before his final attack is even half charged is quite satisfying, I must say.

Stage 10: And this, ladies and gentlemen, is where we separate the warriors from the true ninja/samurai, whichever you prefer. Ikiru is hell. Pure hell. You can practice this as many times as you want, but the amount of luck based nonsense you're up against is so ridiculous that you'll never be truly consistent. While none of the platforming is really that hard, there are many parts where you're bombarded by peas, and any one of them might decide to be that one fucking asshole that aims where he knows you'll be five seconds from now, just about to jump off a falling platform. The parachute chilis are also complete dicks, and if you come to one that's just going to take too damn long to move out of the way, don't hesitate for a second to throw a kunai to kill him. You have three, and I highly advise putting them all to good use. There really is very little time to spare here, so stopping to wait for safe passage through some of the falling missiles is not a luxury you'll always have. Their patterns are weird and some missiles fall at more irregular rates than others, so make sure you know for sure where those are so you don't get hit in the middle of a jump. To illustrate, watch this clip of my successful Inferno run, and see for yourself how random the missiles that fall through the gaps seem:

And try not to cut it as close as I did. Makes my heart race just thinking about it.

Overall, this is a ridiculously tough achievement and I can only wish you literal good luck if you decide to go for it. If you have any questions or added tips, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading.
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