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Beat ClusterTruck-0.5
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  • The NordaThe Norda474,119
    18 Aug 2018 19 Aug 2018
    6 0 0
    Working video working skip as of 8/18/18 hope I help and you enjoy! 💙 patience and practice will be needed don’t be surprised if you end up taking 3+ hours just don’t give up!
  • DiorDior139,520
    20 Apr 2018 20 Apr 2018
    2 0 1
    I used double jump and portable truck for every single level in this game. Once you get the controls down the game becomes pretty straightforward and the only levels that you'll get stuck on for a bit are because of the mechanics. There aren't really any that stood out to me as needing a guide for, although there are plenty of guides for every single level on youtube, except for the very last level in Hell.

    Fortunately there are some shortcuts that make the boss level significantly easier

    You're going to want to quickly get near the front of the line of trucks, like 3 trucks back or so, and wait for his hand to smash down. From there you just need to jump from truck to truck along his body and follow them up to his head where you'll see a green pad. When you jump onto that it'll launch you high up in the air and fire will start spraying out at the last trucks you jumped on. You're going to want to fall past the right of the big, black horn that's right in front of you and land on the truck that's down there. This will skip having to jump between moving trucks again and let you climb back up to top right away. The truck you land on will be kind of sliding you around so you need to jump up and down to avoid falling into the boss and dying. I don't know if it's necessary but the video im linking also has the guy waiting a few seconds before proceeding back up to the head, so I'd recommend doing that too because at this point you're too close to risk it. So now you just need to climb back up to the top like you did before, but this time we'll be using another shortcut that ends the level early. When you get back to the green pad just throw a portable truck at it instead of jumping onto it, this will launch you very high into the air and end the game. Skipping having to do the climbing process again.

    Here are the vids I used to learn how to do these skips. The first one shows someone completing the entire level using the landing on the truck skip and the second one includes the portable truck skip that ends the level early. Credit goes to the creators of the videos

  • lilphilly12lilphilly12175,092
    23 May 2018 23 May 2018
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    Honestly this achievement just sucks. The final boss is unbelievably annoying to beat. For the whole game I used double jump and slow mo because personally those are just the two I found easiest to use. But for the final boss USE THE GRAPPLING HOOK! First off it has the potential to save you if you fall off of the boss. Second, the skip at the beginning of the first stage is honestly the only thing that makes this level even worth attempting to beat. After you bounce on the top of the bosses head use the skip found in the videos above where you go to the left and land on the bosses arm because again it makes this level significantly easier. Unless you are a god at this game this will take you a stupid amount of attempts. It took me probably hundreds. Good luck to whoever attempts this, and for the love of all that is good don’t even attempt to go for the completion laugh
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