Beat The Game Without Abilities achievement in ClusterTruck

Beat The Game Without Abilities

Beat The Game Using None Of The Movement Or Utility Abilities In The Ability Menu

Beat The Game Without Abilities+16.1
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How to unlock the Beat The Game Without Abilities achievement

  • AbsolutioN IXAbsolutioN IX879,060
    03 Nov 2016 03 Nov 2016 27 Mar 2020
    69 3 70
    Just going to preface my video solution for the last level with a few things:

    1. This solution still works as of March 26th, 2020. Other TA users have shared what's worked for them in the comments, so take a look.

    2. This achievement is relatively painless. It's mostly up to your skills and reflexes, but there are definitely some levels that come down to chance and can be frustrating. I personally hated the Laser world, as well as levels like 6-2, 7-5, etc. Just keep at it and you'll get your lucky break.

    3. There's a glitch on 9-10 where the final button press will freeze your game. For some reason, equipping an ability but not using it will keep your game from freezing. Just as long as you don't actually use any of the abilities during the level, the achievement will unlock. I had the grappling hook and time slow equipped.

    4. There are a lot of ways to skip parts of the final level, but a lot of them only work on the current PC patch, or involve using an item. I found a different method while I was testing out what would freeze my game and what wouldn't. With a bit of practice, it makes 9-10 much easier.

    Hope this helps!

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    mo0ohammed19988Thanks for the tips, finally did it, as of 7/7/2020 this method still works perfectly.
    @EmG v SprayZz i tried this 3 times and get the "fail" without passing the level or unlocking anything i don't know maybe i am doing it wrong or it doesn't work every time.
    Posted by mo0ohammed19988 on 07 Jul at 08:12
    DabimaI really wish I had read this first. After 1.5 hours I finally beat the last level.... and the game crashes.
    Posted by Dabima on 23 Jul at 17:22
    xWSx LoganThis guide is still working as of 7/24/2020. Thank you AbsolutioN IX for the guide!

    I made clips of my 7-5 successful completion and my 9-10 successful completion. I don't want to make a new solution for these, so I'll just leave them here and maybe somebody will see them. I'll also leave some tips for both below.

    A couple of tips:
    -The front section with the missiles is so random. There would be 5-10 times in a row where I would get hit by missiles, the trucks would randomly turn off the road, etc. If you get stuck with these, just power through.
    -Once you get past the missile section, you want to make your way to the front truck as soon as possible. The goal is to land on the front truck, move down onto the cab of the truck, and then jump off at the last second. I found standing on the cab gave you just a little bit extra on the jump to be able to get the distance you need.
    -If the front truck gets wrecked, or another truck makes it down sooner, you can try to jump off other trucks but I was never able to complete the level doing this.
    -I held RT and jumped at the very last second, before the truck hits the invisible barrier. If you don't jump, you'll die and won't get to make the jump at all.
    -As you're falling, stay as far forward as you can but avoid hitting the top of the hole down to the final area. If you watch closely, I pulled back on the left stick for a split second to avoid hitting the top. Once you make it past that, immediately hold forward again.
    -Be prepared to tap A a bunch if you make it to the bottom truck. You'll likely hit the back or side and have to jump your way up.
    -The trucks at the bottom don't seem to move, but they will eventually start moving slowly. Keep this in mind as you're making your way to the finish. I messed up a run by not expecting the trucks to move and missing a jump. Take your time!

    A couple of notes:
    -Equip an ability, even if you're going for the "Beat the Game Without Abilities" achievement. Apparently the game will crash if you don't (I didn't verify this myself, the level was difficult enough as is, I didn't want to find out the hard way). Just make sure you don't use the ability. I used the Grappling Hook and Time Slow, as per AbsolutioN IX's suggestion on TrueAchievements.
    -On the moving truck portion, get to the end (the trucks in front) as fast as you can, but don't jump to the first truck. Stay back 2 or 3 trucks, as this will allow the boss to settle and the jump will be a little easier.
    -Take your time on the jumps up to the button. You don't have a ton of time, but you have enough to be careful. I did worse on the times I was trying to race up that portion.
    -You should have to repeat the part after you hit the button twice, but for some reason mine unlocked after the second button press. If yours doesn't unlock after the second button press, you'll have to fall back down and repeat the jumps back up and hit the button a third and final time.
    -I did have one time where I phased through the truck after bouncing off the button. I'm not sure why it happened, but after that I held RT and A before/during my landing on the truck after the big fall.
    -This is not an easy level. Master the first part and then start working on the ascent. Take things slow and you should be able to get this without too much trouble. This level took me about 45 minutes to complete.
    Posted by xWSx Logan on 24 Jul at 15:57
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  • Fenom007Fenom007This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    19 Mar 2017 29 Aug 2017
    21 6 17
    The guide made by AbsolutioN XI does not work anymore, so I have made an updated guide with a new skip.

    First thing's first, make sure you have an item equipped so your game doesn't crash and so you don't lose your mind. You can have items equipped, you just can't use them. If you don't have an item equipped your game will crash right at the end of the last level.

    Let me start by saying that this solution will only cover the last level. If you're going through one of the other levels and are thinking "this is impossible" well then baby, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Passing these levels by yourself will be good skill building if you ask me because every time I passed a seemingly impossible level, I not only felt extremely happy but felt like my skills in the game grew by a lot. So if you're having trouble with earlier levels, just keep at it, you'll "get your lucky break" to quote AbsolutioN IX (the other guide poster). Now for the actual guide, I must thank Absolution because without his skip, I feel like like I wouldn't have found this one.

    As far as I know, no-one else has found this skip, but I may be wrong (I searched everywhere when feeling like giving up on this achievement). After the video ends, you pretty much just climb him again, land in the same spot, climb him and you're done. I believe you have no time limit when climbing him after doing the skip. When jumping on the truck repeatedly, you want to keep jumping until you hear the boss stop breathing fire.

    Be wary of phallic objects.

    If something in my solution could be done better, feel free to let me know in the comments so I can make this solution better! Good luck!
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    Posted by sn1Xen on 13 Sep 18 at 20:07
    FLD Marshal Z0DVideo doesn't work.
    What is the skip
    Posted by FLD Marshal Z0D on 06 Sep 19 at 22:48
    SL1CK CHR1SVideo still not working. What's the deal? This level had plagued me for a year and a half.
    Posted by SL1CK CHR1S on 17 Sep 19 at 02:26
  • cathair9292cathair9292380,545
    12 Nov 2018 12 Nov 2018 12 Nov 2018
    13 2 17
    I found this mostly easy except the final level (9-10) gave me trouble at first, but then I found a method that normally causes a one hit kill. All you have to do is barely hit the button, just jump off the final truck and land hanging half off the buttons right side, it should look like you are going to land on the black base around the button. If it doesn’t work the first time it almost always does on the second attack.
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    IHeartParamoreOk an update. I got it to work on the second hit. But what happened was I hit the button at the same time as the lava covered the button. So I went up into the air a little then landed back on the button to register the third hit which killed the boss
    Posted by IHeartParamore on 23 Mar at 21:46
    StoneAgeMachineStill works as of May 25 2020. Another thing to add, once you press the button for the second time, you can fly directly up into the air and land ontop of where the button was for your third press. It will say level failed, however you will fall through the cover and glitch onto the button for the third press and final press to end the game and roll the credits.
    Posted by StoneAgeMachine on 25 May at 23:09
    NessNoldoHello. This game for Xbox One have the level 7-5 broken: trucks get stuck in the damn tunnel and is impossible to do the final part. It's like if there where a invisible wall or something because you can die in air too. This game is really shit!

    I finally could do 7-5, I will upload the video to YouTube soon: channel is "Ness Noldo".
    The thing I did to achieve that broken level was jump over the truck that is stuck at the end of the tunnel, jumped and with a lot of luck I could grab the back part of a truck there. This really got me about 3 hours in a row of trying.

    If you follow my advice, don't waste your time playing this big pile of shit.
    Posted by NessNoldo on 12 Jul at 04:40
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