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Freeflow Gold

Achieve 24 medals on combat challenges

Freeflow Gold+16.1
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    24 Jul 2019 23 Jul 2019 23 Jul 2019
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    This is only a solution/exploit for both Rumble in the Jungle levels

    Finish off everyone else in the room and leave one Titan alive.
    If you knock a titan henchman down into a finishing pose, which is when he is hunched over with stars around his head and his health bar empty.
    Run towards him with holding cn_A for a few steps and then press cn_X to do a flying kick and this will give you 20 points without finishing him. Then after kicking him throw a Batarang with cn_LT for an additional 20 points after every kick.
    repeat until you hit:
    Rumble in the Jungle: 30,000 points
    Rumble in the Jungle (Extreme): 50,000 points

    In the extreme version of the fight this exploit can be done on both round 2 & 4 i recommend 4 that way you only grind what you are missing.
  • SupertrouserSupertrouser206,540
    15 May 2019 15 May 2019 15 May 2019
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    Truthfully, these combat challenges were a much more difficult mantle to undertake than I had anticipated! And admittedly, I'm not the most qualified to talk about these batman games 'round here, so I'd highly recommend the related achievements & trophies page for Asylum on the 360, some great guides on how to perform each individual level link is here:
    Batman: Arkham Asylum (Xbox 360)Freeflow GoldThe Freeflow Gold achievement in Batman: Arkham Asylum (Xbox 360) worth 168 pointsAchieve 24 medals on combat challenges

    That being said, I can offer a couple of general tips and tricks that may help, mostly obvious givens:
    -You're going to want to work on your combos. Sounds obvious I know, but having combo diversity can really set you over into 3 star numbers. I'd recommend working on this similar achievement at the same time:
    Batman: Arkham AsylumFreeflow PerfectionThe Freeflow Perfection achievement in Batman: Arkham Asylum worth 36 pointsPerform a perfect combo including all of Batman's combat moves (any play mode)

    Personally, going for freeflow perfection helped me, as it took my focus into performing the proper moves at the proper times. Change of mindset!
    -Don't let a bad first round worry you too much. Some of the best 3 stars I had were mostly done in the final couple of rounds (points wise).
    -Don't button mash x, learn the timing. It'll help you keep a level head and achieve those tasty X2 combo punches.
    -The evade button is your friend.
    -you can only get the achievement with Armored Batman. Joe shmoe regular Batman and Joker won't work.
    -Never doubt the range on batman's punches! He can punch one guy on the far left side and run all the way to the right side without breaking a sweat!
    -and last but certainly not least, BE FULLY UPGRADED! Very obvious, but very important for sure!!

    Hope this all helps anyone in need!
  • tehPinkBulletstehPinkBullets137,193
    21 May 2019 21 May 2019
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    So with practice, you can actually get most of these pretty easily. It was def intimidating at first because I clearly didn't know how the fighting system worked. I was like "This is impossible, wtf". You have to figure out that you cannot mash the buttons quickly. Slow it down, and go one hit by one hit, one dude by one dude, and try to alternate different moves and throws, while staying in the largest combo as possible. You will see how going in the "flow" works and feels like. Once you figure this out, it's quite fun actually. Then when you are in a high combo, your moves are worth more, so the YB move or the floor knockout will give you 100X whatever combo you have. If you get hit and it ruins your combo, I just restarted because you want like 10 000 pts per round if possible.

    The extreme ones are way tougher. The stupid guys with the knives and the electric tasers are incredibly annoying because you can't punch them, and doing so ruins your combo. Use the YB or BX to get them, but you can only use them when you've reached X5 or X10 combos. So time it properly.

    The hardest one was the last challenge and getting 50 000. It took me forever. If I didnt have 18 000 pts in the first round I would just restart. It's doable. With time I got it. You literally just need to practice it and get in the flow. I'm pretty sure I spent the same amount of time going through all these challenges as it took me to beat the story lol But man the satisfaction of getting the achievements when they popped!
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