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Have 12 murderous dates with Calendar Man

14 February 2020 - 2 guides

How to unlock the Storyteller achievement

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    "Storyteller" requires you to talk with Calendar Man on 12 specific days of the year. He is located in the basement of the Solomon Wayne Courthouse which is where you save Catwoman at the beginning of the game. The Calendar on the wall outside of his cell has each date that you need to visit him circled.

    Since this game came out in October 2016 thats where I'll start. Not that anyone reading this is going to wait to get this legit lol.

    -October 31st, Halloween
    -November 24th, Thanksgiving*
    -December 25th, Christmas
    -January 1st, New Years Day
    -Febuary 14th, Valentines Day
    -March 17th, St. Patricks Day
    -April 1st, April Fools Day
    -May 14th, Mother's Day*
    -June 18th, Father's Day*
    -July 4th, Independence Day
    -August 16th, St. Roch's Day
    -September 4th, Labor Day*
    *Every Year these dates will change so verify with the calendar next to his cell for dates beyond whats listed.

    Now onto how to get this Achievement in about 30-45 minutes by changing the date manually, instead of waiting a year like intended.

    - First go into your Settings , Network Settings and click "Go Offline"- Afterwards power your console down (mine isn't set to instant on) otherwise the console won't let you change the date.
    -When your Xbone is back on go into Settings, System, Time -
    You can now change the date to one of the days listed above and your ready to go.

    Once in game enter through the back of the courthouse. This will be the load zone that we will use to save our progress each time we talk to Calendar Man. Go down, listen to what he has to say (some of its pretty messed up lol) then exit the building out of the same door we came in through. Once it saves hit the dashboard button cn_guide, then cn_left, click All Settings and change the date to another one of the specific days. Once done hit cn_guide and you can go back to Batman who will just be chilling outside the door to the courthouse. Never even needing to save/exit your game to change the date. Rinse and repeat. The game will track your progress by crossing out the months on the Calendar next to his cell.

    Final note, I did this on Halloween, so I left that date for last and connected back to Xbox Live to automatically change the date before popping my Achievement. If your trying to do this on a day not listed then connect back to Live after hitting cn_A to talk with him one last time. The Chievo should pop before he's done talking.

    Good luck and Happy Hunting!

    EDIT: Credit goes to NapoEarth for pointing this out as a solution to some issues people are having while visiting Calendar Man on the correct dates but being told to come back another day.

    It appears, after looking at the comments, that the date goes by GMT and your local time zone means nothing. This means that, depending on the time of the day, it will either work or you will be one day ahead or one day behind depending on where you live in relation to GMT.

    So essentially it seems that the game doesn't go by the players time zone and instead sticks to a standard time no matter where you live. Which is causing issues with Holidays not falling on correct days for some.

    I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier but thanks to The Dawn of Don heres a link to a website that will give you the current time for the GMT Timezone. You can also look up Holidays on this website.
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    xTAx LegndShotZ Awesome information and guide! Everything worked perfectly besides the achievement didn't pop right away. Restarted console and loaded up game and it popped just fine!
    Posted by xTAx LegndShotZ on 16 Aug 19 at 01:11
    Ingen kommentar Guess this trick won’t work if you are playing the game on gamepass since you need to be online to play it.
    Posted by Ingen kommentar on 30 Oct 19 at 09:49
    Andori Here is my recent experience with trying to do this.

    I think I may have installed it from the Game Pass list initially (rather than my game collection) and that didn't appear to work, but I've also purchased the complete Arkham Collection digitally and managed to do get it to work.

    I initially tried to do it on a console that wasn't my home console by going to network settings and setting it to offline, then restarting the console (from the menus). The game wouldn't start and (from memory) gave an error message.

    I then repeated this on my home console, and still got an error with it saying something along the lines of needing to be signed in with the account I bought the game with.

    I then reinstalled the Arkham Collection from the store (web page rather than store on the console, but probably not an issue).

    The next day, I started by disconnecting my modem from the router so that the console was still connected to a network, but there was no internet connection. After a restart I could change the date, but on trying to start the game it would show the splash screen, but then after a period go back to the home screen.

    I then changed the network settings to Offline and the game would start. I could then go out of the back door to force a save, pause the game, go to console settings, change the date, return to game, go back in side and down to Calendar Man and go through the dialogue, return outside to force the save, etc. I went through all the dates from 17 March 2019 to 01 Jan 2020 leaving 14 Feb to do legitimately this week.

    The step of disconnecting the router is probably unnecessary and my initial problems are probably down to having the wrong version installed (or rather not having the right licence installed).
    Posted by Andori on 11 Feb at 09:51
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