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Perfect Knight - Day 2

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Perfect Knight - Day 20
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How to unlock the Perfect Knight - Day 2 achievement

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    In order to even attempt this achievement, you MUST have beaten the game on NORMAL or HARD mode first!! Also must've completed ALL side missions and gotten AT LEAST 400 Riddler items (Trophies, riddles, or breakable items) (I believe Catwoman's MAY count as well.), in short, you
    must've received the "Genius" and all side mission related achievements already on your previous
    playthrough. The hardest part of this achievement honestly is you have to get ALL gold on Batman's Ranked and Campaign maps, unfortunately this guide doesn't cover those, there are plenty of resources on this site for those.

    Before you ask: Anything in "Custom Challenges" INCLUDING the "Extra Content Maps" DO NOT COUNT!!!! (Just the Ranked & Campaigns (the first two options)

    [Insert sigh of relief]

    To be honest, NG+ is a joke!! The main difference is that you get some of the more "advanced" thugs (shield & shock baton thugs) earlier, and you don't have the "counter indicator" in this mode. The only times I had problems with was the battle with Mr. Freeze and the last predator map in Wonder Tower. The good thing is that you have ALL of your gadgets and combat upgrades from the beginning!! The line launcher makes travel through the museum SO much easier!!! You only need the raft to rescue ONE frozen cop, then you can use the line launcher from now on!!

    Please note: This guide is meant for people who already beaten this game and is meant for those on their NG+ run!! This will contain MINOR spoilers (if you already beaten the game, its not really spoilers, is it?), and does have information obtained from other solutions. I will note exactly when I was able to proceed with any given side mission as it relates to the story as using the main story is the best way to relate time in this game..Be warned!!! This is NOT a complete detailed walk through, its just a way to get this achievement done as efficiently as possible!! It's only purpose is to inform you where and when the side quests become available. Unfortunately there is only one side mission that CANNOT be completed until post-game and that is Shot in the Dark, the rest can all be done before the second trip to the Steel Mill.

    Start and continue through the game until you are able to leave the Courthouse after rescuing Catwoman. We are going for our first “Watcher In The Wings” sighting. Open your map, you see the word “Park Row” over a building? The Watcher is on the VERY NE corner of that building. (If you don't see him now, wait til you leave the church for the first time, that's when I personally saw him)
    Now head for the church and finish that mission. After you leave the church, some of the side missions become available. A.R. Training: Can be started and finished after you leave the church. I suggest dealing with them whenever you are close to one. Cold Call Killer and Acts of Violence also are available but also seem to be VERY random, but I was able to at least start them after I left the church on the way to the Steel Mill..(I HIGHLY suggest dropping what you are doing to deal with these two missions as soon as they show up during the game!!)..Ringing phones show up on your HUD (and map), and the Acts of Violence show up on your map if you are close (You will hear a frighten inmate) is the map from my solution for "Aggravated Assault" if you want to know where they show up, you WILL want to use this because Acts of Violence I guarantee you still will be mopping up post-game!!

    I was at 60% of the "phone calls", and 18% of the "assaults" before I even entered the museum for the first time....results may vary..
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Follow my guide pretty much to the letter but remember to DROP what you are doing if you hear the ringing phone or inmates in distress for “ Acts of Violence”. Remember, the more you do now, the less you have to do post game!!!

    Head toward the Steel Mill for the story when ready. On the way to the Mill, you will get an S.O.S call from Krank's Toy Factory for the side mission, “Fragile Alliance”. Just go in, talk to Bane to accept the mission, but do not start it yet! We are going to do it in a more efficient manner. Proceed through the story till Joker kicks you out. Now is the time for the “Watcher In The Wings” 2nd sighting: After getting kicked out of the Steel Mill, right after you get done talking to Alfred, turn left and use RB to scale the wall...look up and you will see The Watcher on top of the Ferris Wheel.....(If you missed the achievement "Catch" - Find someone to play remote Batarang catch with, this is the perfect place to get it!!)
    Now head towards the GCPD building, on the way, you will get the S.O.S. Call for Shot in the Dark, go and deal with that side mission now, then head to the GCPD and finish that part of the story as well.
    Next stop is the Museum, on the way, you will get the S.O.S call for Enigma Conundrum, drop everything and head toward the church!! Once in the church, listen to the Riddler, solve the puzzle, and after speaking to the Riddler again, you will be directed to the Courthouse. After rescuing the hostage you will get the Riddler's box directing you to your next hostage...once you get there, save yourself a hassle and just use the line launcher to get to the elevator, glide down, rescue the hostage to receive the code (you know the drill by now)... Since you got 400 riddles solved from your previous playthrough, you will just keep getting the next hostage location until this side mission is done. Now deal with the Riddler's side quest until you get to the FOURTH hostage, once you are finished with the fourth hostage, go outside and open your map.
    Now we are going to take care of two of the Titan Containers for “Fragile Alliance”. On your map, you will see Titan container #1 South of your location, go there, deal with the thugs and the container.
    Now for Titan container #2. Its just inside of the rear entrance of the Steel Mill that leads to the Cooling Tunnels. Open your map again, look at the Steel Mill building, you see that rectangle shape coming from the bottom? The door is to the left of it. Enter the door, then turn left, Titan container #2 will be on your left.
    Time to get back to “Enigma Conundrum “, head towards the 5th hostage and rescue her. Afterwards go outside and wait a second, Oracle will radio you and tell you where Riddler is hiding....go there, get through the room to take-down Riddler and you are done with this annoying side quest!!! Go outside, open your map and.........
    Oh my, look at where we are at!! Conveniently outside of the Museum!! Yes, thats right, back to the story. (As I stated above, this is NOT a detailed walkthrough, just an efficient guide to seam the main story and side quests together.) On your way to Penguin’s third Jammer in the Subway, you will find Titan container #3 right next to 3 thugs commenting on a poster of Solomon Grundy. After you are done with the last Jammer, head back topside. When you reach the surface out of the Subway, open your map, and you will find Titan container #4 around the corner in a dead end.
    Now to head back to the Museum, on the way you will get the call and location regarding “Identity Thief”, go deal with that, then head to the Museum.
    Now the line launcher makes the Museum SO much easier to navigate!! It easily shaved A LOT of time completing the Museum!! Once you get to the part where you free Mr. Freeze, look around in the back room for Titan container #5. Finish up with the Museum and head outside. Go through the story following the blood trail, then chasing the ninja until you meet up with Robin and have to follow the tracker.
    Alright, I'm gonna have you do something kind of odd. We are going to PARTLY follow the story, then knock out parts of two side missions. Open your map and locate the dark black circle on your map that is next to the NW edge of the Steel Mill. Make a waypoint there and enter the hole. Follow the sewers until you get to the main room of the Subway (Subway Terminal). Instead of taking the NORTH door to advance the story. I need you to exit the Subway on the west side through the Subway Tunnels, the same way you exited after dealing with Penguin's 3rd jammer.
    We are going now going to deal with the next part of the “Identity Thief” side mission. Open your map, you see where it says “Ace Chemicals Building? Directly NORTH of the “G”, is a kinda “L” shaped hole. Make a waypoint there. On the way there, you will get the call for another Deadshot victim (Shot in the Dark side quest), hold off on it for now. Once you reach the body, scan his face and the knife. You will then have a very interesting conversation with Oracle, Once that is over, we will deal with the next part of Shot in the Dark.
    Open your map, place a waypoint on the broken bridge just NORTH of the blue explanation point icon on the map. You will find the body next to the divider. Go ahead and finish this part of the side quest.
    Back to the story by reentering the subway the same way you got out earlier. Once you reach the Subway Terminal, enter the door to the North. Proceed onward, and very shortly you will be in the predator room Wonder Tower Foundations. On the South side of this room is the last container, Titan container #6. Since it would be a waste of time to backtrack just to confront Bane and turn in “Fragile Alliance”, lets just hold off a bit and continue on with the story.
    When you are done with Ra's al Ghul, head back to the surface. On the way up, in the Subway Terminal, you will hear about the new VIP inmate, Quincy Sharp. Go rescue him so we can take care of a few side missions and finish off Fragile Alliance.
    After you are done with Quincy Sharp on the rooftop, DON'T MOVE!!!!.The Watcher is RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!! Go see him and that takes care of the 3rd sighting for “Watcher In The Wings”, easy, huh? If by chance he is not there on the building East of where you “dropped off” Sharp, REMEMBER that location because I heard the 3rd and 4th sighting locations are sometimes (rarely) switched. If he is not there, he is on the building west of the GCPD on the NW corner.
    A new side mission “Remote Hideaway” should pop up while you are talking to The Watcher, since you are right there, go take care of it!!
    Next up is the 3rd body for :Identity Thief”, on your map, look for the word “Ace Chemicals Building”, the body is EXACTLY South of the “H & E” in Chemicals. If Batman doesn't make a comment about the body, read the note below. Go ahead and start and eventually finish this side mission!!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: When I got to the 3rd body, it didn't register, so I restarted from last saved checkpoint, went back, didn't work, exited out of NG+ and restarted, no dice, even quit the whole game, didn't I decided to turn in the mission for “Fragile Alliance” to Bane.....once I was done, I went back, and it worked!!

    Go ahead and turn in Fragile Alliance if you haven't done so already. As of now we should have Watcher in the Wings at 60%, Fragile Alliance, Identity Theft, and Enigma Conundrum completed, A.R. Training, Cold Call Killer, and Acts of Violence at different percentages with 3 unknown side missions, one side mission is almost unmissable, and the other two we receive later.
    For now continue the story at GCPD by giving Ra's al Ghul's blood to Freeze. After the major pain in the butt battle with Freeze, he will ask you to find his wife for another side mission, Heart of Ice. For now Exit out the back of GCPD and we see Vikki Vale's chopper shot down, rescue her so we can continue another side mission and start a new one.
    After rescuing Vicki and talking to the Joker, look up and a little to the right. The Watcher is right there for our 4th and final sighting!!! Go ahead and finish this side quest by lining up the symbol in the map, then going to the church. Hint: The 3 circles are on the top of the map while the 2 bottom circles will line up with The Watcher's 2 southern sightings.
    Now we will head to the next side mission located in Park Row with the blue explanation point icon for the cure. We all knew that was a trap now, didn't we? Just finish this ridiculously easy thug battle (easy 142 hit combo) and complete the side mission, “The Tea Party”.

    Next side mission we will deal with is Heart of Ice where you need to find Nora Fries and report back to Freeze. Lets do that now and get it over with. Open your map, you see the bridge running between Amusement Mile and Industrial District? Actually you want to put a waypoint on the gray rectangle to the right, its a ship. Put on your detective vision to see the weak wall. Use the freeze blast to make an ice raft, and use the steel pullys with your bat claw to get close enough to use the Explosive Gel. After a kinda annoying fight with shield and armored thugs, you will see Nora is safe. Report back to Freeze, and this side mission is done.
    There are no more side missions for now unless you hear the phone or frighten inmates, so head back to the Steel Mill to continue the story.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The Steel Mill is basically the point-of-no-return until post-game! As stated above, Shot in the Dark is the only side mission that HAS to be done post-game, if you want to finish off Acts of Violence or Cold Call Killer before end game, I would do them now. But never fear, you can finish them up post-game if you wish.

    Remember where I told you to get Titan container #2? Well that is your way in. Proceed through the Steel Mill until you reach “Assembly Line”. Once inside, deal, with the lone sniper, then grapple up the North side of the room. Ungag Harley and she will tell you about something stolen from Freeze, which gives you the hidden side misssion “Hot and Cold”. Head past her through the gap and get to the Loading Bay. Sneak and do a double ledge take down on the snipers and deal with the remaining 3 how you like. Instead of going North and proceeding with the story, go through the SE doors. Find a way to get down the elevator shaft. There are 3 goons in one of the cars, and a fair amount off thugs once you get to the Boiler Room. The item you need to complete the side quest is in a box in the North side of the room in front of a “mine cart”.
    Just continue with the story as Catwoman. Unfortunately, you can do anything while Protocol Ten is underway. Just finish the game like normal because you won't be able to use Batman again until you defeat Two-Face in the Museum as Catwoman.
    You will have control of Batman at the Character Swith Point in lower Bowery. Immediately open your map and set your waypoint on the street NW of the word “Park Row”. On the way, you will get the call regarding Deadshot's 3rd victim, change your waypoint West of the blue explanation point icon kinda close to the green line on the map. You will find the body between a car and a gate surrounded by thugs. Take them all out and get to work!! After you scan the bullet hole on the gate, wait a few seconds, you MAY get lucky with a phone call from Zsasz from the payphone on the right!! (That's of course if you didn't finish Cold Call Killer yet.) Then follow the red line to a shutter, scan the bullet hole then follow the red line to a corner of a building. Scan the particle on the ground, and after a talk with Oracle, you will be directed to search 3 different sub-stations. Every time I played, the sub station Deadshot used was the one North of GCPD... after scanning the PDA, you have two minutes to save Ryder. Once you get there, you will automatically face Deadshot, just sneak under him, and do a take-down, side mission over!!
    The only things you may have left are the Cold Call Killer, and the Acts of Violence side missions.

    Acts of Violence Map....I HIGHLY suggest downloading it, and open it with PAINT so you can actually mark the ones you know you did. All you need to do is go to each mark on the map, if you hear an inmate, great, save the inmate, and mark it of in PAINT, if not, just move on the next mark, and come back later.

    As for Zsasz's phone calls, sorry but they are completely random....

    I literally spent 13+ hours writing this guide/ solution while following it in the game for accuracy, hours I could have spent on the Riddler's combat and predator maps. I'm not asking or begging for up votes, just please be considerate and give me a valid reason if you feel this deserves a down vote.

    Credit to Clutch Corey for reminding me to make the challenge's requirements more clearer...
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    heres wolfieYou have to complete side missions in New Game + aswell
    Posted by heres wolfie on 31 Oct 18 at 09:12
    Warboy925I don't know if that was a question or a statement, but if it was a question, then yes, you HAVE to redo all side missions. Just follow my guide, it makes your playthough SO much easier for you!
    Posted by Warboy925 on 31 Oct 18 at 10:31
    Pedle ZelnipThere's some good information in here, but I think rather than a big wall of text, it'd help to break up the advice/suggestions with bullet points & headings. I found myself following this early, and then couldn't really find in the guide where I was in the game, and just kept going and by the end wasn't looking at this guide at all.
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 10 Aug 19 at 06:12
    Hero Of CourageWhat the guy above said is exactly what I was thinking as I read it. Break it up a bit using headings to make it a bit easier to read. Very comprehensive and detailed though.
    Posted by Hero Of Courage on 17 Aug 19 at 13:54
    Before you ask: Anything in "Custom Challenges" INCLUDING the "Extra Content Maps" DO NOT COUNT!!!! (Just the Ranked & Campaigns (the first two options)

    [Insert sigh of relief]
    You have no idea how long I spent playing The Joker’s Carnival before finding this out
    Posted by HappyMcDull on 21 Dec 19 at 18:56
    Like A Bob RossDitto previous comments. I can tell you put a ton of work into this. It just needs some organization and bullet points to be more readable and useable. Even better, maybe a summary of the key points. For example:

    * When you hear the phone ring, stop everything and go to it.
    Posted by Like A Bob Ross on 21 Jun at 17:54
    CtrI Alt DefeatI completed all of Batman's Ranked and Campaigns but my stats screens is glitched and says 0/12 for ranked maps and 0/21 on campaigns. Am I good to go on NG+ or am I just SOL?

    EDIT: I am dumb and was reading the DLC maps stats not the base game stats. I think I'm still SOL on the 100% because I have the digital ver of the game and I gameshare with a friend so I can't make my console my home console.
    Posted by CtrI Alt Defeat on 08 Jul at 03:39
    PeachCloud87115So as long as I dont have the Genius achievement am I ok, as i started getting all the riddler trophies and side missions, however I got 200+ riddler trophies and nearly all side missions but when I go onto NG+ I have all the 200+ riddler trophies so am I fine
    Posted by PeachCloud87115 on 19 Jul at 20:00
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