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Throne's Eye View achievement in Rock Band 4

Throne's Eye View

Reach Level 50.

Throne's Eye View-0.1
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How to unlock the Throne's Eye View achievement

  • Pedle ZelnipPedle Zelnip786,715
    01 Jan 2017 29 Oct 2016 15 Oct 2018
    21 3 8
    Updating this now that I've gotten the achievement.

    As an alternative/addition to the "play the game a whole bunch" solutions, it is possible to somewhat idle boost this by exploiting talky songs. Talky songs are those ones where there is no pitch on vocals so you can hold your mic up to your speaker, let the song play & get 100% on brutal difficulty (XP rates are the highest on brutal).

    Personally I found it worked better when I played pink noise (see note at end for link to YT video of pink noise) through my speakers & put my mic up to that, but some songs work well enough if you just have the in-game audio going through your speakers, and that has the advantages of A) you get to listen to music while you do other stuff and B) you know exactly when the song ends & you need to press the A button without watching/looking at the screen.

    To make things go a bit smoothly I typically would create a setlist of talky songs and play that setlist. Note that once you start the setlist the only button you have to press to play the next song is the A button, so if you have a wired turbo controller you could probably just set it up to mash the A button, walk away, and leave it running while you go to work, sleep, etc. I don't have a turbo controller so I can't verify this.

    Also note that as of the November 2016 update, XP rate is prorated to the length of song, so song length is no longer really a factor, however, technically longer songs are slightly more favorable when you factor in load times. With this in mind, probably playing "Dead Black (Heart of Ice)" over and over is the best, but unless you want to repeatedly listen to that song it's probably not worth worrying about song length.

    As an addition/alternative/compliment to this approach, you can also take advantage of the 1st/2nd play bonuses you get for playing songs in the weekly challenge. Basically enter the Rivals menu, hit RB to go to play the weekly challenge and you'll see a list of all songs you have that are part of the challenge theme. Make a setlist of all of them, and play it. If you have No Fail mode turned on, you'll complete the song (0 stars, but still complete it), so you'll get the 1st play XP bonus (which varies depending on song length). Then do the setlist again and you'll get the 2nd play bonus. Having said that, this is going to be a much lower XP rate than talky songs, but has the upside of the fact you don't have to listen to the same set of talky songs over and over (ie it's a bit of variety).

    "Talky" Songs I'm aware of:

    Tame - Pixies
    Thank You Boys - Jane's Addiction
    Testify - Rage Against the Machine
    Sabotage - Beastie Boys
    So What'cha Want - Beastie Boys
    Give It Away - Red Hot Chili Peppers (note that this isn't a FC as there's a singy part at the end)
    Debaser - Pixies
    Bulls on Parade - Rage Against the Machine
    Bombtrack - Rage Against the Machine
    Guerrilla Radio - Rage Against the Machine
    Killing in the Name of - Rage Against the Machine
    Sleep Now in the Fire - Rage Against the Machine
    Blinded by Fear - At the Gate
    Thrasher - Evile
    I'm the Man - Anthrax
    The Underground in America - Pantera
    (Reprise) Sandblasted Skin - Pantera
    The Great Southern Trendkill - Pantera
    Dawn Patrol - Megadeth
    Laid to Rest - Lamb of God
    D.O.A. - The Haunted
    This is Exile - Whitechapel
    Conquer All - Bohemoth
    Embedded - Job for a Cowboy
    Aesthetics of Hate - Machine Head
    Clouds over California - DevilDriver
    Dead Black (Heart of Ice) - Soul Remnants
    Got Your Six - Five Finger Death Punch
    "Raining Blood" - Slayer (thanks otaku1412)
    "Visions" - Abnormality (thanks otaku1412)
    Black Dahlia Murder (thanks otaku1412)

    For context on how long this achievement takes: level 50 is 160,000 XP, and a FC on brutal of Dead Black gives you 535 XP and is about 8:30 long, so that's roughly:

    160,000 / 535 ~= 299 plays

    299 plays * 8.5 mins per play ~= 2541.5 minutes

    2541.5 minutes / 60 mins per hour ~= ballpark 42 hours to go from 0 to 50

    If you play the weekly challenges in rivals mode and take advantage of the 1st/2nd play bonuses that helps (so long as you can still play on expert & GS the song). You also get a small XP bonus at the end of every weekly challenge for "loyalty bonus" if you remain in the same Rivals crew (last one I got was about 1,000 XP).

    Youtube video of 10 hours of pink noise:

    If you're going to leave a thumbsdown, please give feedback. Thx.

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    otaku1412Thanks for the guide, this got me the help I needed to also get "Locked In." You should add these 3 songs on your list as these are what I used that were also talkie songs:

    "Raining Blood" - Slayer
    "Visions" - Abnormality
    "What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse" - Black Dahlia Murder
    Posted by otaku1412 on 14 Oct 18 at 07:01
    JayD101I have been using Dead Black on Brutal, it started out over 1000xp and dropped everytime I played it until it now gives me 37 base xp and 321 FC bonus. So it doesn't seem to be a good idea to use the same song over and over. The most I can get from this now is 358xp which is not worth the 8mins to play the song.
    Posted by JayD101 on 01 Nov at 07:01
    Pedle ZelnipHmm, I wonder if they've changed it so even outside of Rivals challenges replays of songs give diminishing XP.
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 01 Nov at 18:24
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  • A1337HaxorA1337Haxor424,923
    03 Dec 2016 01 Dec 2016
    12 1 0
    As of 11/28/16, the other two solutions in this thread are outdated. The XP system was updated to earn you XP per second of playtime, rather than being based on a song play.

    Those of you that play the game more than boosting the game will be happy with these changes. In the past you could get 250 XP, max, for a Brutal Crimson stars playthrough. This was the maximum no matter if the song was short or if it was long. Here is an example from Harmonix of what you'll earn using the time-based earnings:

    Songs played at 5 stars on Expert, previous max with no FC was 150.
    “Charlene (I’m Right Behind You)” - Stephen and the Colberts (1:31) - 61 XP
    “I Still Believe” - Frank Turner (3:45) - 150 XP
    “American Pie” - Don McLean (8:36) - 296 XP
    “2112” - Rush (20:34) - 823 XP
    Harmonix explains it more in detail on their blog:

    The fastest way to earn XP is to play a unique song, on crimson stars, that is in the challenge. This means playing it once per challenge and then moving onto another song. Since it's now time based, it doesn't matter what song length you pick, even though longer songs earn more, playing shorter songs for the same amount of time will earn you the same XP (ignoring loading/selection times. If you can't Crimson star a song, you should still capitalize on the First Play bonus each week by playing unique songs as well as you can. You can also use the Second and Third play bonuses, and stop playing those songs when those bonuses are no longer given.
  • FallOut PhoenixFallOut Phoenix386,102
    11 Mar 2017 18 Oct 2016 18 Oct 2016
    5 2 33
    This is going to be a bit of a grind. From what I've played there are only four opportunities to earn XP.

    - Gaining XP based off which difficulty and how many stars you earned in the song. Getting crimson stars on Brutal mode earns you the most XP for stars earned with 200 XP.

    - Obtaining a full combo (getting 100% without breaking your combo) which earns you 50 XP

    - Playing a song for a weekly challenge for your crew 1st, 2nd, or 3rd on each instrument. If you play a song for your crew on guitar and then play the same song on bass you earn the 1st Crew Played both times for example.

    1st play - 150 XP
    2nd play - 100 XP
    3rd play - 50 XP

    - You also earn a hidden 150 XP for finishing a song, I've confirmed this happens on Easy, Expert and Brutal. However it doesn't seem to stack with the Crew played bonus so I'm left to wonder if this bonus is intentional.

    The most experience I've earned per song is 400 XP on Brutal mode with a full combo and getting crimson stars.

    From what I can tell you can only see how much XP you've earned is with the companion app for the game which is on iOS and Android.

    If there's any information you guys need added let me know and I'll do my best to get it added to the solution.
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    AlreadyPickedRight now, my skills let me barely 5 stars most songs on Hard. I get a little over 100xp per song. This achievement is really for the experts here.
    Posted by AlreadyPicked on 11 Dec 16 at 14:07
    CanaDa FwendAnyone have any problems with this unlocking? I am level 50 and it says 82%....
    Posted by CanaDa Fwend on 24 Mar 17 at 03:23
    CanaDa FwendHard Reset. Play a song. Unlocked.
    Posted by CanaDa Fwend on 24 Mar 17 at 03:46
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