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Untouchable achievement in Rock Band 4


Achieve a skill of 900 or above on any instrument.

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How to unlock the Untouchable achievement

  • A1337HaxorA1337Haxor424,664
    21 Oct 2016 19 Oct 2016 02 May 2020
    18 1 25
    Per Rock Band's Twitter on how skill rating works:
    We aren't detailing the literal ways, just aim to be a good player. ; )
    And according to HMXdanbruno on Reddit
    I personally calculate everyone's skill rating by hand. I wish you would all stop playing so many songs; it's hard to get anything else done now!
    If you played this game before the Rivals update you may already have achieved this rating. Check out your "My Stats" under career and see if you have a number over 900. If you do, play a song or two on that instrument and it should unlock. To be safe, play one you already have Expert Gold Stars on.

    If you start from scratch on an instrument, it is possible to achieve a 1000 rating in as little as 7 songs. There is a "5" point difficulty scale which is actually 7 points. 0 dots, 1 dot, 2 dots.. etc... 5 dots and Devil Dots. Playing well enough on 7 songs to get Gold Stars, one from each dot rating on that scale, should net you a 1000 rating. If you haven't played a certain instrument, you can start from scratch by playing that instrument instead of deleting everything.

    All that matters to the rating is GOLD STARS and DIFFICULTY. If you have gold stars on all songs you've played (as little as one, as many as your whole library), all belonging to one song difficulty tier (the number of difficulty dots, the named difficulties are listed below next to their respective dots), and all played on Expert, your score will earn the 143 maximum skill score points. For each difficulty dot, all songs at that difficulty will earn 143. Total: 1001 (the extra 1 is due to rounding. Don't be surprised if you see 142 added for any particular group due to rounding.)

    It might even be possible to get this achievement, if you start from scratch, with 0 effort. You'll need the songs below or find alternatives to them. Talkie songs you'll need to just make noise in the mic during the song for a perfect score. The youtube videos you'll need to sync the video up with the game and play it though the mic. I'm still looking for a solution for the two hardest difficulties. At this point, you should be able to get 900 with only TWO STARS on a Nightmare and Impossible song. You'd literally be right at the cut off, so in reality, aim for 3 stars on the two hardest difficulties that you can't use the talkie or YouTube trick on.

    ○○○○○ Warmup
    All talkie - Soul Remnants - Dead Black (Heart of Ice) [ON DISC]

    ●○○○○ Apprentice
    All talkie - Rage Against the Machine - Bombtrack [DLC]

    ●●○○○ Solid
    All talkie - Rage Against the Machine - Bulls on Parade [DLC]

    ●●●○○ Moderate
    All talkie - Pixies - Tame [DLC]

    ●●●●○ Challenging
    YouTube - Green Day - Homecoming [DLC] (use YouTube video below)

    ●●●●● Nightmare

    ##### Impossible (in red, a devil)

    YouTube songs:

    -If you have multiple mics, you can have multiple people sing the same track and one one person has to hit the notes for it to pass.
    -Don't play a song if you know you can't gold star it on expert.
    -If you've already played a song, but can't gold star it, you'll have regular 5 stars.
    -Once you've raised all your played scores as high as you can, you can begin playing other songs, only playing those that you can Gold Star. I assume it averages out scores, so the more songs you have that you can't gold star, the more songs you'll have to add that you can gold star to overcome the averaging.

    Check out this extensive Reddit thread as well:
    (I've removed references to Full Combos based on this Reddit thread)

    Also read the comments on this thread, some people have added some insight into how things might happen in different situations. I've also combined many ideas I've read in different places including Reddit and the comments below.

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    A1337HaxorAll your songs that you've uploaded a score for. So that's all songs you've ever played. I don't know if rock band saves the score to upload later or if it's lost when their network is down.
    Posted by A1337Haxor on 30 Apr 17 at 01:14
    FormlessDoes this only work with RB4 songs?
    Posted by Formless on 29 Apr at 23:24
    A1337HaxorIt is all songs.
    Posted by A1337Haxor on 02 May at 16:36
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  • Chakaal StarrChakaal Starr396,270
    08 Jan 2017 09 Jan 2017 10 Jan 2017
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    The other solution has a lot of helpful advice, but I wanted to add my own solution for my path in case it helped anyone struggling, with the hopes that they hadn't touched harmonies vocals like I hadn't.

    I have quite a library so as you can imagine, I played a lot of songs with each of the instruments and was over 960 plays. I am a jack of all trades so master of none, so it wouldn't happen anytime soon without anything other than vocals and I had played tons of vocals by but don't get a lot of gold stars unless its rap, green day, or nirvana.

    Since I hadn't played any harmonies, I decided that was the way to go.

    As indicated in the other solution, it looks like each level of difficulty is worth up to 143 points. If you get gold stars as an average on songs on a difficulty level, you get either 142 or 143 points. (whenever I refer to difficulty, I am talking about the song difficulty, you are going to be playing on expert to try to get 5 stars or 5 gold stars). This is where not having played as many songs with a particular instrument help, because it is easier to average 5 stars or 5 gold stars if you have only played one song.

    If you have two songs under warmup played, for example, one gold starred and one with 4 stars, then you need to replay that 4 star one to get that difficulty closer to 143. Both would have to be gold starred to have 143 on that difficulty. That being said, you don't need gold stars as the average in every difficulty to get the achievement.

    Some of the songs listed in the other solution did not support harmonies so I did have to pick slightly different. Other then rap songs that qualify, I think the key is more familiarity with the song than anything. I sorted by difficulty in quickplay, and I would look at what choices I had, then would do a run through on vocals solo to see if I could get 5 stars. If it looked ok, then I would do a run on harmonies. Keep in mind you start as showing it for solo vocals, if you start a song on harmonies, then press start and go back to music library, it will show what you played in harmonies.

    I was aiming for 5 stars on expert over 5 gold stars. For the singing parts, it wasn't unusual to say na na na in whatever note to hit it over the actual lyrics. I did more than one in some categories by accident, but they don't actually increase the 143 but I made sure to get at least the same amount of stars so as to not bring the average down.

    I got 960 points playing the following on vocals harmonies:

    On Warmup
    5 gold stars on Monkey gone to heaven by Pixies (mostly speaking, 'this monkeys gone to heaven' lyric is sung or hummed every now and then)

    On Apprentice
    5 gold stars on Bombtrack by Rage against the Machine (all speaking)

    you only have to do one song, but I played a few in this category, and am listing them as possible other choices (in case rage against the machine isn't in your collection or you don't want to get it)

    5 gold stars on Sabotage by Beastie Boys (all speaking)
    5 gold stars on No Sleep til Brooklyn by Beastie Boys(all speaking)

    5 gold stars on Make Some Noise by Beastie Boys (all speaking)

    5 gold stars on Tame by the Pixies (all speaking)

    At this point I had around 571 I believe

    5 regular expert stars on Homecoming by Greenday ( I tried out the youtube in A1337Haxors solution though I didn't gold because sometimes setting off overdrive threw off the streak, but it did work)

    alternatively if greenday isn't in your collection, I accidentally also did:
    5 regular expert stars on Black Sunshine by White Zombie (a fair amount of talking and medium notes that were easier to na na na)

    5 regular expert stars on Footloose by Kenny Loggins

    5 regular expert stars on All I Wanna do by Sheryl Crow

    As you can see 3 difficulties were not gold star averages, and 960 was achieved, so you could probably get away with 5 star expert most, and gold starring a couple.
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