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Go for the Gold achievement in DOOM

Go for the Gold

Earn a gold rating in Arcade Mode

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How to unlock the Go for the Gold achievement

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    This isn't too bad; I just had a quick go on the DLC tonight for 30 mins and no plan of attack and after 4 tries I got it. It does require a certain technique though; at least for speed and ease.

    By far the easiest mission will be The UAC, as it is by far the shortest. This method will bag you 650,000 points (requirement for Gold on I'm Too Young to Die is 600,000)

    Set Up:

    Just Play on I'm Too Young to Die. The Bronze, Silver and Gold are earnable on all difficulties and it seems that they naturally all go up depending on difficulty, as you get more XP for each difficulty. Play on the easiest mode for the easiest time (obviously)


    1) Time, at least for me, was not really a factor. I consistently did it within 7-8 minutes and got Gold twice, and I would say for the method I propose under 10 minutes is pretty easy. So don't worry about time too much.

    2) Two Extra Live Pick Ups (they doom dolls like the collectibles in the base campaign) are available. PICK BOTH UP. You get 50,000 points for each one = 100,000 in total. Although they give you extra lives, on easy you will come nowhere close to dying even if you're new to DOOM. Thus, Death is not really a concern with this achievement.

    I would be very surprised if you DIDNT find them. As I said, time isn't a factor, and map isn't confusing. Both are after the blue key card. They should be easy if you explore enough

    3) The other new feature are Mine / Bomb like items which appear in the air. When shot, they shoot out a relic, which gives you a gold pickup worth 50,000 points for when you pick it up (just run into it). There are 6 in this mission. You Will need to shoot all 6 mines, and pick up the flying relic AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (within approx. 5 seconds.) Otherwise this will turn into a silver pickup worth 40,000 points, and even a bronze. Every point matters. If you miss a gold relic, restart. All 6 will bag you a whopping 300,000 points.

    I would be very surprised if you DIDNT find them. As I said, time isn't a factor, and map isn't confusing. 1 is in the first area with enemies (can't miss it) and the others are after the blue key card. They should be easy if you explore enough

    4) Keep your chain multiplied as much as possible. I failed on my first few attempts because my multiplier was on 4x for a lot of the mission. You're going to want to maintain 16x (and occasionally 32x) multipliers for the remaining 200,000 we need. My main bit of advice is as follows

    - USE GRENADES. Explosion kills add so much to your multiplier, and by killing enemies you seem to pick up grenades almost as fast as you use them. Spam grenades, especially is your multiplier is about to drop.
    - Shotgun and Glory Kill Combos are also a good way of dispatching enemies. Your shotgun ammo might drop to 4-5 at times, but as long as you pick up ammo and kill enemies with ease you should be fine for bullets.
    - The first area is actually the hardest. After the blue key card, you will not have your multiplier reduced by damage barely at all, but the first area has lots of imps (the dudes that shoot fire at you). Watch out for these, as they will break your multipliers with distance shots. Take them out with grenades and shotgun bullets quickly. You're going to want to keep your multiplier up in this area, and by watching out from these imps I went from finishing to get the blue key card from 62,000 to about 75,000.

    That's pretty much it; load it up The UAC on the easiest difficulty, collect all relics and extra life dolls and use grenades, shotgun / glory kills to keep a combo at 16x and 32x as much as possible. 600,000 is the goal.

    Thanks guys! (Will update with relic and life doll locations soon, but for now they aren't hard to find at all)
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    Octobot SuperNice, I got whatever the step above gold is ("platinum"?) using this guide. Thanks!
    Posted by Octobot Super on 14 Dec 16 at 12:20
    NoHeroes94Glad this has helped everyone :)
    Posted by NoHeroes94 on 14 Dec 16 at 22:14
    LolliZombiThis took me awhile but eventually got it. You are right getting gold on the relics is a must. More than once it was getting a silver on a relic that cost me the win...
    Posted by LolliZombi on 11 Jan 17 at 04:17
    VveniVvidiVviciHow is anybody getting 2.3 million on this mission? 15 tries and I keep getting 580000-590000
    Posted by VveniVvidiVvici on 24 Jul 17 at 13:01
    WyyvernYep I'm done with going for this, that's enough 585k finishes. At least I got 'Arcade Stockpile' for the trouble, all I was after was an achievement for the Game Pass quest anyways.
    Posted by Wyyvern on 14 Aug 19 at 20:16
    a rabid fuzzleThis is an excellent guide. The first area is a little tough, but your guide is spot on if you have 2x grenade, grenade launcher on the shotgun, and get all gold relics.

    Took me 2 tries because my multiplier was only 4x when I found the 6th relic and I got 586k the first time through. Second time I got 620K and more.

    If anyone is struggling with this, play through and take note of where all enemies spawn, and avoid damaging yourself with the explosives. Knowing the enemy spawn, keeping a 16x multiplier and moving quickly will get you 600K easy in about 5.5 minutes.
    Posted by a rabid fuzzle on 18 Feb 20 at 17:06
    Boogaloo BanzaiI got 656,893 but no achievement. Anyone have an idea?
    Posted by Boogaloo Banzai on 29 Apr 20 at 23:41
    CrunchyNut 670gFirst try with this help cheers brother
    Posted by CrunchyNut 670g on 08 May 20 at 04:23
    Pure Pip RaptorFor the life of me I cant figure out how to change the difficulty. Everytime I load up arcade mode, it goes into the second difficulty because that's what I played the game on. I can get over 700k points but not 825k.
    Edit: went into my game file, into settings and changed difficulty. That did the same for arcade in case anyone else cant figure it out.
    Posted by Pure Pip Raptor on 24 Aug 20 at 16:51
    Musikfreak007590K+ first two tries w/o the guide. 700K+ when I changed my strategy in the first area to REALLY avoid damage and I used GRENADES GRENADES GRENADES. Explosions really kept the kills quick and the multiplier up!
    Posted by Musikfreak007 on 04 Oct 20 at 03:44
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