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You do not talk about Fighter Club

Launch a fighter 100 times

You do not talk about Fighter Club-0.9
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How to unlock the You do not talk about Fighter Club achievement

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    10 May 2017 02 Nov 2016 14 Jul 2018
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    Edit II: X30 Trucase has pointed out that crewmember fighter launches now count as well, so this will come naturally to people with fighter bays as they won't have to launch the fighters with themselves piloting them anymore. For those still wanting to boost this, use Tyler Kokoro's solution as in Edit I!

    Edit I: Tyler Kokoro kindly commented with an alternate solution which speeds this process up a LOT. I can't test it myself, having already unlocked the achievement, but if it works it's definitely the fastest way to do this:

    Get a ship with a fighter bay and a pilot as normal (explained below in the old guide).

    Fly to an asteroid field or something else (i.e. a planet's rings will also work), you need a big, massive object in front of you. Fly very closely towards it, the object should be fullscreen in your cockpit window, so that your fighter would crash into the object immediately on launch.

    Then move on as always: cn_X + cn_down, launch the fighter. The hangar start-animation will begin to play and at that moment your achievement counter will rise by one. But then a security system detects the blocked hangarbay and cancels the process. You will have never left your hangar and will be placed back at the helm of your mothership. Your fighter will not be damaged, so you can repeat this as many times as you want.

    Repeat that 100 times and you are done in about 30 Minutes :)

    Original solution:

    First things first, you'll need a ship that supports installation of a Fighter Bay. Currently there are seven:
    • Keelback
    • Federal Gunship
    • Type 9 Heavy
    • Anaconda
    • Federal Corvette
    • Imperial Cutter
    • Beluga Liner

    Of these, by far the cheapest option is the Keelback at 3,100,000 CR. I had an Anaconda already, so I used that.

    Find the ship, and fit a Fighter Bay to it in outfitting. Use https://eddb.io/ to help locate a station selling these if you're having trouble. Then purchase a fighter ship, it doesn't matter which one (this option will appear once you have the Bay installed).

    You also need to hire a crew member, which the game will warn you about once you exit Outfitting. Go to the Crew Lounge in the station and hire whoever you want (it doesn't matter, but there are achievements for spending up to 1,000,000 CR on crew members, so you may want to splash out on the best one available).

    Blast into space and come out of Supercruise anywhere (you can't launch fighters near a station). Now look at your lower panel (cn_X and cn_down) and select your fighter. Now - if you choose to launch it with your crew member on board it doesn't count! You have to launch it with yourself at the helm annoyingly.

    Anyway, launch the fighter with yourself piloting it. Then, once you're in space, look at your lower panel again (cn_X and cn_down) and switch positions with your crew member (so you are piloting your main ship again. Now, using the lower panel order your crew member to return to your ship. This is easier and faster than docking yourself, I found.

    Now rinse and repeat. 100 times. You can do this all in the same area, the counter will increase each time. It's slow progress, but you'll get there eventually.

    You'll also unlock the following en route to this:
    Elite: DangerousFighter ClubThe Fighter Club achievement in Elite: Dangerous worth 10 pointsLaunch a Fighter

    Elite: DangerousFly My PrettiesThe Fly My Pretties achievement in Elite: Dangerous worth 28 pointsLaunch a fighter 10 times

    Elite: DangerousPut Your Fighters UpThe Put Your Fighters Up achievement in Elite: Dangerous worth 53 pointsLaunch a fighter 25 times
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    FightingMegaFoo About the fly into the asteroid solution: has this been patched out? I've tried multiple times, but every time I try, the mothership turns away from the asteroid and the fighter launches into open space.
    Posted by FightingMegaFoo on 23 Aug 17 at 23:19
    FightingMegaFoo Okay, I decided to try again and this time I got it to work. It's probably just more difficult to pull off in an Anaconda because the ship is so long. The Keelback mentioned above probably makes it a lot easier to get the fighter to launch into the asteroid.
    Posted by FightingMegaFoo on 23 Aug 17 at 23:39
    X30 Trucase Since the July 2018 update, it's also possible to launch the fighter with an AI to count towards the achievement, so it can be obtained throught natural progession, i. e. in combat zones.
    Posted by X30 Trucase on 13 Jul 18 at 08:54
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