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Complete 10 side quests

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How to unlock the Sideways achievement

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    There are many side quests available in Skyrim, however identifying them may be difficult. Side Quests do not include any tasks listed under the Miscellaneous heading, but are named quests that don't associate with any of the other questlines (Main Quests, Faction Quests, Daedric, Civil War, etc...)

    Generally side quests will have a unique name and will be surrounded by the following decoration in the Journal.

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    Since the amount of side quests available far exceeds just 10, I will list all the quests known to count for the achievement, as well as listing the order in which I completed my first ten.

    Remember you can choose any 10 to complete, and seek them out at any time, personally I finished quite a few sidequests before even reaching High Hrothgar (for the Main Questline).

    A Love Beyond Death
    Ancestral Worship
    Argonian Dock Workers
    Blood on the Ice
    Find Roggi Knot-Beard's Ancestral Shield
    Find the Thalmor Assassin
    Harsh Master
    Queen Freydis's Sword
    Repairing the Phial
    Rise in the East
    Shahvee's Amulet
    The Forgemaster's Fingers
    The White Phial
    That Was Always There - Plant Viola's Gold Ring in Viola Giordano's House.

    Dark Ancestor
    Hunter and Hunted

    Dragon's Breath Mead
    Kill the Vampire
    Lights Out!
    Return to Grace
    Tending the Flames
    The Man Who Cried Wolf
    The Spiced Wine - Convince Vittoria Vici to release the Spiced Wine Shipment.
    The Wolf Queen Awakened

    Falion's Secret
    For the Good of Morthal - Gorm will give the Dragonborn a letter to deliver to Captain Aldis in Solitude.
    Forbidden Legend
    Laid to Rest
    Rising At Dawn

    The Pale
    A Scroll For Anska
    Kill the Giant - Kill a giant as a favor for Jarl Skald the Elder.
    Rising At Dawn
    Salty Sea-Dogs
    Silenced Tongues
    The Pale Lady
    Visit the Museum in Dawnstar

    The Reach
    A Few Words with You
    The Steward's Potion - Bring a potion to Raerek.
    Calcelmo's Courier - Bring a newly purchased Dwarven artifact to Calcelmo.
    Coated in Blood
    Calcelmo's Ring - Deliver a ring to Calcelmo for Kerah.
    Evil in Waiting
    Kolskeggr Mine
    Dibella's Shine - Retrieve Lisbet's shipment.
    Nimhe, the Poisoned One - Kill Nimhe inside Nchuand-Zel Excavation Site.
    No One Escapes Cidhna Mine
    Recover Hrolfdir's Shield
    Rogatus's Letter
    Search and Seizure
    Skilled Apprenticeship
    Soljund's Sinkhole
    The Forsworn Conspiracy
    The Ghost of Old Hroldan
    The Heart of Dibella
    The Lost Expedition
    The RiftEdit
    A Chance Arrangement
    Bow to the Master - Retrieve Dravin's Bow from the Ratway Vaults.
    Caught Red Handed
    Climb The Steps
    Few and Far Between
    Flight or Fight
    Grin and Bear It
    Grimsever's Return
    Hunt and Gather
    Ice Cold
    Kyne's Sacred Trials
    Promises to Keep
    Sealing the Deal
    Siege on the Dragon Cult
    Smooth Jazbay - Find 20 jazbay grapes for Avrusa Sarethi.
    Special Delivery (Bolli)
    Special Delivery (Sylgja)
    Stoking the Flames
    Supply and Demand
    Taking Care of Business
    The Book of Love
    The Lover's Requital
    The Raid
    The Straw that Broke
    Unfathomable Depths

    Andurs' Arkay Amulet
    Argonian Ale Extraction
    Delayed Burial
    Erik the Slayer - Erik wants to become an adventurer.
    Greatsword for a Great Man
    In My Time of Need
    Love Triangle
    Salt For Arcadia
    Missing in Action
    The Blessings of Nature
    The Golden Claw
    Ysolda's Shipment

    Winterhold Hold
    Find the Helm of Winterhold
    Forgotten Names

    A Return To Your Roots

    Multi Hold
    Becoming Thane
    Forbidden Legend

    For more details on sidequests or help in completing them referring to the wiki is my suggestion:

    Of course the sidequests you complete can, and probably will, be different to mine this is just a loose guideline of some of the easier sidequests. Use this if you are late into the game and still haven't encountered ten sidequests.

    The Forsworn Conspiracy - Witness Weylin's attack against Margret upon entering Markarth.

    No One Escapes Cidhna Mine - This quest will begin automatically upon completing The Forsworn Conspiracy.

    Blood on the Ice - Visit Windhelm at night and you may hear some citizens speaking about a murder. Speak to the Guard in the Cemetery to begin the quest.

    The Golden Claw - Enter the Riverwood Trader (In Riverwood) and ask Lucan about the missing item. (Note: This quest should be completed alongside the Main Quest "Bleak Falls Barrow".

    Laid to Rest - This quest can be started in Morthal by speaking with the Moorside Inn innkeeper, Jonna, who will mention the burned down house nearby.

    Rising at Dawn - Speak to Falion in Morthal if you ever become a Vampire.

    The Man Who Cried Wolf - Speak to Falk Firebeard in Solitude (usually found in the Blue Palace).

    The Wolf Queen Awakened - After completing the previous quest for Falk Firebeard, this quest will start. (You must be over level 10.)

    The White Phial - Speak to Nurelion, found at The White Phial in Windhelm.

    Ancestral Worship - Talk to Golldir at the entrance to Hillgrund's Tomb.

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    YaziteThanks :)
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    NetechmaI could be mistaken but I don't think some of these are side quests. I am doing a new playthrough and I decided to run these alphabetically and got to "Argonian Dock Workers" and it came up as 2 misc objectives and once completed my side quests did not go up by 1 for that one at least. Naturally I am not going to check every one of these but that one at least should be removed (someone else want to verify?) I will comment if I run into anymore that aren't applicable.
    Posted by Netechma on 27 Sep 17 at 19:04
    Netechmare*EDIT Just did "Queen Freydis's Sword" and that one as well does not count toward side quests completed under General Stats.

    I am surprised so few were as confused as I was.

    as Heraizen stated the border above the named quests has to match that as seen above, and NO misc quests count towards the sideways achievement ^^ MOST of those list above in this 'complete list' are nothing but misc objective quests that DO NOT count toward the achievement. Heraizen you should really remove the misc ones. It wasted a lot of my time. :(
    Posted by Netechma on 28 Sep 17 at 16:48
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