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...Becomes the Master achievement in Titanfall 2

...Becomes the Master

Get the top spot on the Gauntlet scoreboard

...Becomes the Master0
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How to unlock the ...Becomes the Master achievement

  • Maka91Maka911,256,966
    28 Oct 2016 28 Oct 2016 26 Jun 2017
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    Mission 1: The Gauntlet
    Recommended Setting: Auto-Sprint (Pilot)

    Loadout Required:
    - R-201 (Rifle) or EVA-8 (Shotgun)
    - EPG (Found hidden at the shooting range, alongside the outside of the ring above)
    - Arc Grenades

    In a similar vein to the classic "Mile High Club", this will require you to complete an almost flawless run of "The Gauntlet", scoring less than 33.65 seconds in order to attain 3rd place on the single player scoreboard.

    The most important factor here is SPEED. You will need to be able to reliably complete the course in 33 seconds before even factoring in the enemies. Once you have a good feel for the controls and how to chain movements in order to maintain a high speed, start killing the enemies during your runs using the most efficient methods. You will need to get all 15 enemies in a run or else you will get a 2 second penalty per target missed. You'll use arc grenade for large groups of enemies, the R-201 for close range high speed shots, and the EPG for longer range splash damage kills. Don't accidentally hit yourself with arc damage, as this will disturb your suit and slow you down. During your entire run, you should be wall running, double jumping and sliding. If you aren't, you are losing speed and therefore time. View the video for the exact strategy for every enemy.

    You'll have to make some difficult shots, but if you manage to put a good run together while maintaining high speeds, the run will come together and you'll get it eventually.

    HERE is an alternate strategy showing a 25.40 second run. It will require more skill, but might have more room for error for some players.

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    D4RK CAMUS BREven being experienced in fps games, it was an even stressful challenge for me with several attempts
    Posted by D4RK CAMUS BR on 14 Feb at 01:12
    The 2nd hardest in the game? What is the first?
    Posted by FireRaiser1985 on 14 Feb at 01:21
    Clankk OGI just unlocked this yesterday, but I wanted to add that there is a small margin for error once you get your routine down. I accidentally stunned myself with a nade after sliding under the wall but instead of restarting I continued and ended up beating the time anyways.
    Posted by Clankk OG on 23 Feb at 18:04
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  • Maxumilli0nMaxumilli0n1,105,975
    29 Oct 2016 29 Oct 2016 06 Nov 2016
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    Hey everyone, this achievement is definitely a pain but here's a few tips and a very good video from PS4Trophies:

    1.While going for this breathe, it will help relax your mind.

    2. If you've been trying this for a while and feel like you're going to hit something, take a break from the game, watch a movie or play a different game. Come back with a clear head. It took me 4 tries, 2 hrs each try.

    3. I know there's a lot of guides and videos for this already and I've watched them all but the one I'm posting below really helped me a lot with step by step voiceover. I followed it to a t, pausing and playing while practicing every section before really getting into it.

    4. You can just use a shotgun and arc grenades(as the video proves). You don't have to use the EPG If you feel like switching to a weapon during the gauntlet burdens you a lot(I know I forgot a couple of times to switch on certain sections and it messed me up). It was only in my achievement run that I used only the shotgun and arc grenades so I didn't have to think about switching to EPG.

    5. If you feel like you're moving too fast or thinking ahead pause the game, breathe. View the video, go over the section you're at come back clear headed and focused on the section your in.

    One last thing, if you mess up or at the end and don't feel you'll make it, just pause and restart, don't finish because your ghost pilot will follow you the next run and if you don't like being distracted then that's what it'll do if you finish.

    BTW, my finish time was 33.50

    Video not mine, Credit to PS4Trophies.

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    Maxumilli0nThanks glad to read it's still helping people!
    Posted by Maxumilli0n on 25 Dec 17 at 02:07
    DeathDealingCatThank you for sharing this video guide! Definitely the best one to follow. Got it with 33.50 (after like four runs in a row at 33.70 facepalm).
    Posted by DeathDealingCat on 20 Aug 20 at 04:19
    Mr Jomo52Awesome video, helped a ton after struggling for an hour with other solutions. Surprised I managed a 32.8 even with a slightly sluggish final sector.
    Posted by Mr Jomo52 on 11 Oct 20 at 21:35
  • NE0182NE0182203,507
    31 Oct 2016 31 Oct 2016 31 Oct 2016
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    - EPG Launcher
    - ARC Grenades
    - Assault Rifle (R-201) or Shotgun (EVA-8)

    When you enter the Gauntlet Challenge, turn back and go to the shooting range. If you go to the very front where you drop down and respawn, you can spot the EPG on the front side way up there. Wall run on one side and quickly press X/Square to pick up the weapon.

    - To be in the top 3 you have to beat the time of 33:50.
    - Difficulty settings don't apply here
    - Practice is everything

    This is gonna take a lot of practice and comes down to knowing your every move. Momentum is everything and you have to keep your speed up with wallrunning, but try to finish the run even if you made mistakes.

    The last room is the most difficult one and even if you are sure you don't beat the gauntlet time and made mistakes before, you need to get the last room down perfect and practice it.

    - Keep your D-Pad always aimed at the direction you're moving while wall running.
    - Jump off walls gives you a speed boost. Find a balance between moving fast and still hitting the targets.
    - Embrace the frantic. After you learned the route don't play it save.
    - (In the last room) Only shoot the 2 targets while you are in the air. Avoid the circle wall running completely.
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