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Hat Trick

Destroy 3 enemy Titans with 1 Core ability in the Campaign

Hat Trick0
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Achievement Guide for Hat Trick

  • Maka91Maka91988,113
    29 Oct 2016 30 Oct 2016 31 Oct 2016
    209 3 5
    Mission 4 - Chapter 1: Into the Abyss
    Recommended Difficulty: Easy
    Titan Loadout: Expedition

    Near the beginning you'll fight two titans and you'll use them to charge your core ability. Now, 3 new enemy titans will spawn at the end of the hall, and you'll want to damage them each to about 30% or less. Once they are grouped, activate your core ability to kill all 3 of them.
  • Maxumilli0nMaxumilli0n475,315
    28 Oct 2016 28 Oct 2016 28 Oct 2016
    15 1 0
    Select mission "Trial by Fire"

    Use Scorch select cn_right then switch if you don't have his loadout equipped , wait until 3 titans are within range in the middle of the battlefield and use his core abilty with cn_down once you have it.

    You can also do this on mission #9 The Fold Weapon

    There will be plenty of opportunities to use your legion core ability against titans.
  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT139,679
    28 Oct 2016 04 Nov 2016
    11 2 0
    This can easily be done in Mission 4, "Into The Abyss" (Chapter 1). This was recorded on Easy difficulty. Damage the three enemy titans until they are 1-2 hits away from death. Then use your core ability to kill all three titans. If you accidentally kill one of them just reload the checkpoint.

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  • II7Mr BubblesII7Mr Bubbles390,650
    28 Jan 2017 28 Jan 2017 28 Jan 2017
    5 0 0
    I found this easiest to do in mission 9: The Fold Weapon on easy. Your teammates will steal your kills early in the mission so wait until the end where you fight against Sloan. With the legion loadout equipped, shoot Sloan until she teleports and three enemies should spawn. Knock their health down to the last segment on all three and then use your core ability. You can always reload you checkpoint to the beginning of the boss fight if something goes wrong. toast
  • Stu McD 1Stu McD 1302,304
    26 Jan 2017 26 Jan 2017
    4 0 0
    The start of episode 8 is perfect.

    Lots of titans, just damage them and make sure and use the sword core, let them come to you, activated and mash the sword slash.

    It'll pop during the carnage, I've done this 5 times to check. Just attack any and all titans, let them come to you and go nuts :)
  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead469,059
    13 Feb 2019 13 Feb 2019 16 Feb 2019
    1 0 0
    You can get this at the start of Mission 2: Blood and Rust where you will fight 6 Titans. First let Lt. Shaver and Lt. Freeborn get destroyed. Shoot the Titans to build up your Burst Core ability to 100%. When it is ready, damage 3 of the Titans to about 25% health. If there are less than 3 Titans you will need to advance for more Titans to drop. Then line them up and press cn_down to fire your Burst Core. Obviously this is easier if you set the difficulty to Easy.

    There is confusion over what to call the episodes/chapters/sections/missions/checkpoints, so I am including them here for reference.
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