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Jack of All Trades

Collect all of BT's loadouts in the Campaign

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Achievement Guide for Jack of All Trades

  • xTGExTGE305,001
    29 Oct 2016 28 Oct 2016
    32 1 0
    There are 8 Loadouts that can be found in the singleplayer campaign of Titanfall 2. These weapons are scattered around the missions and can be seen by a big blue outline around said weapon. Each weapon also has it's own signature skills and core power and can be liked to several other achievements in regards to getting kills with core powers.

    Here is a video and time stamps on where to find all these loadouts!

    -Expedition Is Given To You At The Start Of The Game-

    0:00 - Blood & Rust: TONE
    0:19 - Into The Abyss: SCORCH
    0:39 - Into The Abyss: BRUTE
    0:59 - Effect & Cause: ION
    1:23 - The Beacon: RONIN
    1:41 - Trial By Fire - NORTHSTAR

    -LEGION Is Given To You In The Final Mission-

  • Maxumilli0nMaxumilli0n475,315
    28 Oct 2016 28 Oct 2016 01 Nov 2016
    21 2 7

    Thanks to fembot, was missing 1 loadout tried this method and worked.
    Thanks to emiloly for confirming multiple loadouts missing, tried it and worked.

    There are 8 Titan loadouts, 2 you get through the story(Expedition & Legion), the other 6 you get by collecting their primary weapons on each level:
    Blood & Rust: Tone
    Into The Abyss - Scorch
    Into The Abyss - Brute
    Effect & Cause - Ion
    The Beacon - Ronin
    Trial By Fire - Northstar

    xTGE posted a good video show all locations but if you miss any of these follow my method below confirmed by a few commentors

    Just a little advice for some people:

    At the end of the game I was missing Ions' loadout
    I loaded up The Fold Weapon again and once

    I went to my loadouts and Ion was unlocked and achievement popped.

    I'm not sure if this works for just 1 loadout or numerous though. Please comment if you can clear this up.
  • CandidFever3CandidFever3301,470
    27 Dec 2016 06 Jan 2017 06 Jan 2017
    6 1 0
    There are 8 titan load outs:
    Tone - Blood & Rust
    Scorch - Into The Abyss
    Brute - Into The Abyss
    Ion - Effect & Cause
    Ronin - The Beacon
    Northstar - Trial by Fire
    Expedition - This is the first one and is obtained naturally at the beginning of the game
    Legion - This is story related and cannot be missed. The new BT titan you call in during the final mission of the game will have this load out unlocked.

    The load outs you need to manually pick up ( there are 6 of them) are sets of weapons outlined in blue. Most of them will be directly in your path, making them hard to miss.

    If you've called in your new titan and forgot a previous load out, then it won't show up in your load out menu. However, you can still get the achievement. You should first go back to the corresponding mission and collect the missing load out. Then you should replay "The Fold Weapon" and call in your new titan. If all of the load outs are unlocked, then you will get the Jack of All Trades Achievement.
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