Broest of Bro achievement in Super Dungeon Bros

Broest of Bro

Earn the top score in a 4 player online game.

Broest of Bro0
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How to unlock the Broest of Bro achievement

  • ChizzyChizzy716,054
    07 May 2017 07 May 2017
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    This is the strategy I used.

    Either 4 player XBL or what I did personally was 4 accounts/4 controllers. Shared gold is a wonderful thing.
    *If you are using 4 controllers, sign into all four accounts BEFORE loading the game because you will have a problem getting into a game.

    You are going to be either doing the 2nd or 3rd dungeons, I did the 3rd one personally. I wouldn't use the first one because the boss fight is too hard trying to throw the guy on the platform.

    Next, choose the class of weapon you want to use, I personally used the Gutrender, just make sure the other 3 are using any other sword to get the "Someone has to change" achievement.

    You are going to want to reset the levels until you get the Glass Cannon and Lifesteal boosters in the beginning of the dungeon. It is critical you have both. This allows you to pretty much solo the entire dungeon. The resets are worth the time it will take to finish it. All you pretty much have to do is hit RT.

    So once you have those, the 3 people *NOT* getting the achievement will be running off the edge and dying. Do *NOT* revive them. When all 3 others are dead you will be able to run through the depth, only killing the enemies you need to progress.

    Only go for chests that are on the way. The rising platforms for them take forever to come up in Co-Op so just run past those, you will have way more gold than you will need.

    The gold is shared, so all the gold you pick up, a percentage goes to the other players, you are going to want to buy the power up that increases your health by 100 on the person going for the achievement, nobody else buys a power up.

    Now all you should buy is lives and re ups for your special attack. At depth 4, everyone revives and then spends all their gold on lives. They then die again and you run through the level.

    You should have way more lives than you should need at this point.

    I'm not going to go too in depth on the boss fights, because there are already guides for them, you should have a good understanding of the boss fight mechanics for the boss you choose to beat to get this achievement.

    After this the person running through the dungeon should get this and the achievement for everyone using the same class of weapon.

    Any questions just comment and I'll try to help you out.

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    ChizzyInferno the Windows 10 version of this game has no online so you need an X1 to get this achievement, which is why it is flagged
    Posted by Chizzy on 28 Sep 18 at 11:26
    Inferno118Thanks chizzy!
    Posted by Inferno118 on 04 Feb 19 at 16:59
    Burty JrChillheim was definitely the easiest dungeon for this doing it with 4 controllers. Also, not sure if the game was updated after this guide, there’s parts where you need two players to activate switches or buttons to progress. So I carried a bro with me the entire way.
    Posted by Burty Jr on 25 May 21 at 14:27
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  • Winston PayneWinston Payne120,615
    26 Nov 2016 27 Nov 2016 27 Nov 2016
    3 1 3
    The easiest way to get this done is to run with a party of 4 players online. Have the person you want to get this achievement collect all of the coins from every chest and handle most of the fighting. Run through most areas and stop only when you reach a room that locks you in to fight a group of enemies. Have people purchase extra lives with most of their coins (and the occasional 500 coin upgrades if they are beneficial enough after each depth). Once the dungeon is complete, the achievement should pop for that person. Keep in mind that you must actually defeat the boss of the dungeon and walk through the last portal to get the achievement. If the session ends or the group game overs before the end, this achievement won't pop.

    Using weapons that provide buffs to other Bros or heal yourself is very helpful for this achievement. Some weapons I'd recommend are:

    - Light's Forge (the heavy attack with at least 1 charge creates a small area on the ground which heals yourself and the other bros when you/they are on it).
    - Gutrender (heals yourself with the heavy attack)
    - Any of the wands except the Seismic Totem are useful as the light attacks provide buffs (or can be upgraded to do so). The Howling Gale is particularly helpful as it gives you a speed boost and can help you blaze through levels.
    - Toxic Needler (the heavy attack heals yourself)

    You will need to use more offensive weapons to deal with the boss, however. I'd recommend that 1-2 bros use support weapons and 2-3 bros use offensive weapons.
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    FFX BrotherhoodAnyone got any suggestions for managing the lag? Does playing with people from your country help? Weekend Vs weekday? Anything at all because I cannot last til floor 6 before people are dropped
    Posted by FFX Brotherhood on 28 Mar 17 at 23:26
    Winston PayneAs far as I know, the connection is a crapshoot. I was lucky enough to get in a session without crippling lag (at least 2 of the other players were from my country, possibly 3, but it was a while ago so I do not remember).

    All I can really suggest are some common sense points: Play with people geographically close to you if possible, play during off-hours on a weekday, etc. Playing with a party of people aiming for the achievement rather than randomly playing with others online is definitely the way to go, though.
    Posted by Winston Payne on 31 Mar 17 at 10:02
    FalensaranoJust as added info for this achievement, the PDU flag is because Windows 10 users cannot unlock this achievement. Xbox One users are unaffected by this flag
    Posted by Falensarano on 24 Nov 17 at 16:17
  • MikeSkulloMikeSkullo447,881
    08 Aug 2019 08 Aug 2019
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    I used the Chizzy guide with 4 controllers, 2 account + 2 guests using the same xbox one. So maybe could be possible with 1 account + 3 guests.
    With the Gutrender and Glass Cannon (i tried to get Lifesteal and Glass Cannon for more than 2 hours and give up). Third dungeon, just use the heal attack and buy lives.

    Good Luck
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    Moiky OneHello, Is it possible to make this achievement in Dec 2019? How can I know that?
    Posted by Moiky One on 18 Dec 19 at 18:11
    MikeSkulloHI. I did this on Agust 2019.
    Good luck.
    Posted by MikeSkullo on 18 Dec 19 at 18:13
    Moiky Oneexcellent thank you very much for the information
    Posted by Moiky One on 19 Dec 19 at 10:10
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