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Certified Bro!

Complete a dungeon without dying.

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  • MikeButMikeBut849,548
    04 Nov 2016 04 Nov 2016 07 Nov 2016
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    This achievement takes a bit of time and luck to get. But overall it only took me three attempts to achieve. This achievement is probably best to get solo or with experienced teammates. I did it solo.

    The weapon I used was the Toxic Needler. It does a large amount of poison damage over time and heals you with it's heavy attack. The more enemies your heavy attack hits, the more HP you get back. It does take some getting used to, and you do have a very low amount of HP.

    Since the first dungeon is the easiest, I did this one. Make sure to restart until you get the vampire mode buff. There is also one that decreases enemy damage.

    I was able to earn 7,500 gold and upgrade the first two skills completely, and the first tier of the third skill. This gives you more critical, more HP drain, more ammo and more DOT. Make sure to open every chest and container as they give you passive power-ups that stack and last for the entire dungeon. Some of them, like shield, are extremely useful.

    Make sure to kill most enemies. Run from shielded enemies and they can't be hit with ranged attacks unless you are inside their bubble. Some of them you will be required to kill, so go inside their bubble shield and hit them a bit for DOT to take, and then run away from them and the other minions that will likely be chasing you. Shielded enemies are the caster who summons minions (they drop 100 gold per kill) and lays down an AOE damage spell, and the knights with giant swords.

    The two mini bosses of this area aren't even an issue, just run around them in a circle and whittle them down.

    The final boss is a bit annoying. The first form is easy to beat without taking damage. Kill the eye minions as soon as they spawn with normal attacks, while jumping over the shock waves before he hits the ground with his weapons. You need to be directly in the middle of both of his weapons to avoid both shock waves. After 5 hits, he will let them sit on the ground so you have a chance to break them. Make sure to break them at the same time so you don't have to deal with a different shock wave pattern. If you take damage on this phase, you can use your heavy attack to heal by using it on his weapons. The best thing to do during this part of the fight is not get hit.

    His second phase is the actual annoying one. You have to catapult onto a ledge and damage him before he puts an AOE damage effect on the platforms you can hit him from. You can't damage him from anywhere else. While this AOE is preventing you from remaining on that platform, you must dodge giant blocks that will instantly kill you if they hit you. The lower his HP, the more waves of blocks you have to dodge. I found that the best place to avoid this is at the bottom near the gate, but I am not sure if it's 100% safe. Once that is done, and the platform is safe to stand on again, use your ultimate (1.5x) damage and hit him with whatever you need to. If you hp is low, use heavy attacks, if not, use normal attacks for more damage output. You should only need to repeat this a few times to beat him. Or if you stay up there and spam your heavy attack heal you can heal through his aoe damage.

    I'm not sure if wands are any better, but I don't think any of them heal you without having to use your ultimate. Best of luck. Stick with this and you'll get it eventually. I hope this wasn't too much to read.
  • MushaConvoyMushaConvoy649,524
    05 Mar 2017 07 Mar 2017
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    I found this to be far easier on the third chapter (Bogheim) and using different weapons to the other guide too. I can fairly regularly beat this chapter without losing a life now with relative ease. Give this a shot if you're having trouble with chapter 1.

    Weapon: Relentless Cleaver (sword) or Rageful Desolator (hammer).
    Primary Bonus: Easier Mini-Boss.
    Other Bonuses are nice to have but not necessary. You can find the other worthwhile upgrades easy enough in chests.
    Negative Bonus: Do not take Glass Cannon, you don't need it and having half your health could mean an easy death to one of the mini-bosses if you don't find some decent upgrades from the chests.

    Both weapons are fairly slow, but their heavy attack can deal a ton of damage if fully upgraded. This should be your priority and upgrade light attack once or twice early on. Forget the ultimate.

    General tips:
    Don't skip over any chests early on. Gold is good, upgrades are better. Vampire is very handy for the hammer, shield is very handy for the sword. Movement speed / roll distance is likely to be your greatest asset.
    Once you have your heavy attack maxxed, and a few decent upgrades (fast movement, vampire, extra hp, no fall damage is useful too), you can quite easily skip through all the stages and rush to the boss.
    Also, if you're having trouble with the wind traps, pushing you into spider webs or mines, roll through them. The wind has no effect on roll.

    Mini-boss 1: Spider
    Run laps around this thing and chip away its health with your light attacks. Don't get caught in the double web+poison as you can't roll out of the way. Take your time and only run in for a few attacks after it jumps. Vampire can fairly safely recover life off the wasps and running gives shield plenty of time to recover. With the shrine, you won't have any trouble here.

    Mini-boss 2: Twins
    By now your heavy attack will likely kill these guys in 3 hits or less if you crit. Make sure you damage them evenly as when one dies, the other gets cranky. Not too hard really, they pull you in, ready for your heavy attack.

    Boss: Leap Frog (*not his real name...)
    This is really just a test of endurance and by far the easiest boss of the 3. Chapter 1 boss has those awful insta-kill rocks. Chapter 2 has the ridiculous snowball bullet hell. Here all you have to do is jump over the shockwaves. When the boss is stunned, stand next to him and get out as many heavy attacks as you can. I've had one crit for around 3800 damage, taking around 3/4 of his life in a single hit. Make sure you break the bell he spawns after you stun him as this will trigger additional shockwaves. You're safe to kill it after the boss wakes up as he won't bounce around straight away. The bell will only need a single heavy attack and its over. If you have both Vampire + Extra Health upgrades, you will recover your whole life in just a few heavy attacks on the stunned boss.

    Using this tactic, I can quite easily finish on one life or beat within 30 minutes for various challenges. Should be able to use the same tactic with the Toxic Needler as its heavy attack can be quite devastating too.
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