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Breach Mode

Data Emperor achievement in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Data Emperor

Breach: Complete 5 Tier 4 Network servers.

Data Emperor+2.2
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How to unlock the Data Emperor achievement

  • HUN playmoreHUN playmore1,699,728
    03 Jan 2018 03 Jan 2018 03 Aug 2019
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    Do you hate Breach and want to finish it the least painful way possible? What about trolling your friends with seemingly impossible challenges? How about INFINITE energy? (and health but that isn't that useful)

    First, you need at least one energy expansion kit (ExpandEN_kit.sml). If you didn't luck out one so far, the Enhancer Booster Pack (15.000) has a lot of them. Seriously I bought two and got two. It is not like getting an S gun, totally doable. The more kits you have the better. Put them all in your inventory from Reserve > Items >Expansion kits

    Then you need at least two praxis points but 6+ would be ideal to make the infinite energy actually useful. Unlock HP_BOOSTER.pkg (+50HP) in the HP_MODULE.aug menu. Finally hammer that A button and equip - unequip the HP_BOOSTER. Every time you do it your max energy gets a raise permanently (based on how many energy booster do you have in your loadout). There is no upper limit, you can have 1 million energy if you want, just load up a level from time to time and check how many you have. In my experience 50.000+ is more than enough to run up to four lvl1 aug for the whole level, any level.

    The suggested loadout: Every Jump aug, Cloak, Titan, Smart Vision and Silent Running. Hacking lockdown doors and self destruct drones help tremendously on some levels. On the average collect data servers you load it, activate cloak, silent running and smart vision (if you don't know where to go), walk up to the towers, activate them and walk out of the exit. On eliminate levels you activate titan, walk up to the enemies and destroy them. You are unkillable or undetectable, yep. Some Tier 4 servers are cheating and you can get detected and take damage in titan form but you just have to be fast.

    Extra tips:
    - You can do the same with your hp, put HP expansion in your loadout and equip - unequip the Energy_BOOSTER (+50) aug.
    - After certain actions your character turns off cloaking automatically. This includes taking any form of damage, Icarus land (this is the most annoying), punching through walls, takedown etc. Try to avoid these, especially landing because you may get in trouble.
    - It is worth to invest EMP defense in Titan or you may get serious trouble in later levels when someone emp blast your butt in a middle of a battle.
    - On some levels you can't use augs, though luck you need to do those legit.
    - You have to redo the equip-unequip thingy every time you quit the game or play a no aug level.
    - The elimination levels can be very annoying sometimes, I suggest saving up for ripper packs (you don't need money much anyway) and lucking out a better gun, at the last levels some enemies just won't go down with normal guns.
    - If you have your jump maxed and the level has a high ceiling you can triple jump and icarus strike everyone.

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    laserbearnsharkJuly 2020 still works. Was able to complete all Breach DLC achievements in one sitting, took me about 11 hours using this method.
    Some thoughts:
    -only upgraded my energy to ~10.000, by using titan aug my health never depleted
    -on no aug levels I found it really easy to complete the objectives, get myself killed and use a revive for 10.000 credits in order to complete server as it spawns you back to the starting point which is also the finishing point
    -on tier 4 servers (big white structures with high ladders and mechanical bridges and lots of falling options) I recommend doing the objective and jumping down from map (be careful, it costs 30 health) as it also spawns you back to the starting point and sometimes it is pretty hard to find the way back on your own
    -I had gold geometric Revolver and it was the only thing I used on Elimination levels. With fully upgraded damage and fire rate it is the best weapon. I kept buying revolver ammo for it (1000 in store/12 ammo) and during prime targets I used the Revolver Up 2.0 and 1.0 cheat. It can be acquired from Enhancer boosting packs.
    Posted by laserbearnshark on 21 Jul 20 at 21:54
    Gilbert PrimeThis might be the single most gratifying gaming advice I've ever received. I got 100% in the main DX:MD, the game I was expecting when I bought it, then did Data Disciple and Data Expert legit but Breach didn't get any more fun. In fact it got more contrived and annoying so I went this route with no regrets for the rest. And I swear no more games that have some half-baked VR-like garbage tacked on to them. It was an annoying mini trend in games for a few years no doubt because content could be generated with minimal effort.
    Posted by Gilbert Prime on 03 Nov 20 at 22:52
    EthigyThank god for this, could not stand Breach. One of the best solutions on TA.
    Posted by Ethigy on 03 Dec 20 at 00:12
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  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm612,147
    06 Nov 2016 08 Nov 2016 05 Feb 2018
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    In order to reach the point where you can work towards this achievement, you will have become quite proficient in Breach Mode. There are many different viable approaches. I've included a video walkthrough that features a severely handicapped avatar in a hostile environment where enemy levels are maxed out in all three categories. This is so it will be relevant to a wide variety of play styles.

    To reach Tier 4, you must complete 18% of Tier 3 and have cleared a path to the exit node. Note that you can have completed the Data Master Achievement before reaching the 18%. Conversely, you can reach the 18% before clearing a path to the exit node to Tier 4.

    Once in Tier 4 any server on the map counts towards this achievement. This includes regular server map servers, Santeau servers, Data Transport servers, etc. Unlike the Data Disciple, Expert, & Master achievements where you have to clear all server map servers in a Tier, for this achievement, you only have to clear five servers of any type. In other words, the achievement unlocks once you complete any five of the following Tier 4A servers--note that DF4_BYLINE is a Darknet file server and will only be available if the associated Darknet case has been unlocked.


    Note: It helps to work on or complete the below achievement before the Tier 4 servers. The expansion items you get by doing so level your avatar up by an order of magnitude. WhiterValkyrie has a good guide that helped me:

    Deus Ex: Mankind DividedExcess Baggage FeesThe Excess Baggage Fees achievement in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided worth 124 pointsBreach: Complete a server using 6 Expansion Items at once.

    Edited to add (29 Jan 2018) - Video Walkthrough: I didn't provide a video walkthrough when I first posted the guide because different players have their own preferred play styles. By the time they reach Tier 4, there is considerable variation in their approaches. To address this issue, I'm adding a walkthrough where the avatar is minimally configured and enemy levels are maxed out. The avatar is set at minimum health & energy. It is equipped with basic weapons and carries no curatives, modifiers, or expansion kits.

    The intent is to clear five servers set to the highest hostility with a weak avatar. Players, at their discretion, can choose to play against lower level AI hostility, increase health and/or energy, and/or make use of better weapons, curatives, modifiers, and/or expansion kits. With much less of a handicap, they should be able to use the routes depicted in the videos to clear the servers relatively painlessly.

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    EarthboundXYeah that was me, accepted your friend request, wouldn't normally, since it seemed kinda random, but you seem to be a friend of a friend.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 06 Jun 17 at 13:19
    beets101I up voted before but great you did a video walktru.
    Posted by beets101 on 05 Feb 18 at 20:32
    AllgorhythmThanks. I'd shown the maps & listed the servers for the other tiers so I thought I should do the same here. Also, I get a lot of questions about enemy leveling up so I wanted to show the progression and demonstrate that it's not as big an impediment as one might think when first blindsided by it. A lot of people are worried about not having enough nuke viruses to bring the levels back down so I wanted to make it clear that it's not a show stopper. Finally, there has been a lot of discussion about rewards. The best reward in the game is the Zeta pack so I ended the video by showing it. Ironically, by the time you get it, you don't really need the goodies it contains.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 05 Feb 18 at 23:48
  • Gamerjnb925Gamerjnb925757,328
    07 Feb 2021 07 Feb 2021 07 Feb 2021
    1 1 0
    To get this achievement you have to compete any 5 servers in 4A.

    For anyone who wants to blow through Breach mode as fast as possible there are two glitches for "infinite" health or "infinite" energy. They cannot be used at the same time, I used the energy glitch for stealth levels and the health glitch for every other level. They are also not really infinite (hence the quotes) but you can boost your health or energy to the point where they are inconsequential.

    Infinite Energy Glitch

    Prereqs: 1 praxis point, 1 energy expansion item (can be easily obtained from the 15000 credit packs as of this writing)

    Step 1: Equip the energy expansion (move from reserve to inventory)

    Step 2: Unlock one of the 1 praxis health upgrades

    Step 3: Toggle the health upgrade on/off as many times as you want

    You will now have an extreme amount of energy when you enter a server. This only needs to be done once, not before every server.

    Note: doing this will reset the infinite health glitch.

    Infinite Health Glitch

    Prereqs: 1 praxis point, 1 health expansion item (can be easily obtained from the 15000 credit packs as of this writing)

    Step 1: Equip the health expansion (move from reserve to inventory)

    Step 2: Unlock one of the 1 praxis energy upgrades

    Step 3: Toggle the energy upgrade on/off as many times as you want

    You will now have an extreme amount of health when you enter a server. This only needs to be done once, not before every server.

    Note: doing this will reset the infinite energy glitch.

    You should now be able to blow through any server with little resistance whatsoever. Enjoy!
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