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Wrath of War

Collect the maximum amount of wrath cores

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How to unlock the Wrath of War achievement

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    Most wrath cores are found in caskets. Here are a list of the wrath cores by area.

    • Wrath Core: Give the Overlord Artifact to Vulgrim to get a full extra Wrath Core.
    • Wrath Core: Can be bought from the store for 10,000 souls.
    • Wrath Shard: Can be bought from the store for 2,500 souls.
    Scalding Gallow
    • Wrath Shard: Climb the demonic growth at the Vulgrim location and open the chest.
    • Wrath Shard: Take the Western exit and go to the left. Activate the Portal on the ceiling and move on to the room with the fan. Equip your Abyssal Chain, jump onto the blades and jump off into the Southeast passage below you. Quickly grab onto the Red Chain Point. Activate the Portal on the ceiling and jump through it with the help of the Shadow Current. Open the chest to grab the last Wrath Shard.
    The Choking Grounds
    • Wrath Shard: If you bring up your map, you should see a (more or less) square building. You can only enter through a hole which is located a bit more to the right. You'll notice a Shadow Current (blue sphere you can use your Shadowflight on to perform huge leaps). Use it to go up to the next floor and open the chest.
    Twilight Cathedral
    • Wrath Shard: After putting the second sword into the statue, a new door will open. In the room behind this door you'll find the Beholder's Key and a chest with a Wrath Shard.
    • Wrath Core: Drop down from the last collectible and open the chest to obtain a full extra Wrath Core!
    Anvil's Ford
    • Wrath Shard: During your competition with Ulthane to kill as many Angels as you can, you will have to fight two Angels with a big gun at the same time. You will notice some demonic growth on the wall to your left. Use this to reach the upper level and climb the next demonic growth. Follow it around the wall and open the chest with the Wrath Shard.
    • Wrath Shard: Look at your map and you should notice a small island on the Western side. This will be your next destination. Before you're able to claim your treasure, you'll have to fight a new enemy: Wicked K (skeleton with a top hat). He's a lot harder to fight then all other enemies you've encountered so far (except the bosses). On the other hand, if you have enough chaos to activate Chaos Form, he'll be a piece of cake. Once you have defeated him, you can swing to the other side and open the chest.
    • Wrath Shard: From the Vulgrim location, start moving in the direction of the Drowned Pass. At some point you should see some blue rocks. Destroy them and collect the treasure.

    The Hollows
    • Wrath Shard: Again from the previous collectible, instead of taking the first right, take the second. Follow the tunnel and swim up. You should be in a room with a switch and a chest. Open the chest to collect the Wrath Shard.
    • Wrath Shard: There is a room which looks like some kind of canyon, not so far from where the boss is. Jump down and go down the second left. Smash the blue rock with your Tremor Gauntlet and let the water pour in. Swim back to the first left and jump out of the water onto a platform. Follow the way until you reach the second blue rock which you should destroy to release some more water. Climb back up to where you smashed the second blue rock and jump to the other side to open the chest.
    Drowned Pass
    • Wrath Shard: Across from the Vulgrim location, you will see blue rocks. A bit further on is a tunnel under the water. Follow this tunnel, smash the rocks and open the chest.
    The Ashlands
    • Wrath Shard: After killing The Stygian, go back to the big open area of the Ashlands. Now that the Ashworm is dead, you can run around this place without being afraid of getting swallowed. Go to the Northern part of the map towards the blue rocks. Destroy them with your Tremor Gauntlet and open the chest.
    • Wrath Shard: From the Vulgrim location, travel south and go back into the room with the three Goremaws. Stun the Goremaw in front of you with your Crossblade and jump to the rope. Go to the left to reach the platform with the chest. From here, look up and grab onto the Red Chain Point. There you go, another Wrath Shard.
    Iron Canopy
    • Wrath Shard: After crossing the bridge that collapses behind you, move forward and destroy the wooden fence on the left. Open the chest behind it.
    • Wrath Shard: After opening the first door with the first Beholders' Key, you come into a room with a Goremaw and a pushable block. Move the block underneath the Goremaw. Stun him with your Crossblade before doing so. Climb on the block (West side) and as soon as the Goremaw picks it up, jump off to the wooden bridge up high. You should see the chest on a platform next to the bridge.
    The Crossroads
    • Wrath Shard: Go into the library and move on until you see a Blue Chain Point. Swing to the other side and open the chest.
    The Black Throne
    • Wrath Shard: On your way to the second tower you'll have to cross a big room without a floor. Make your way to the other side and look west. Charge the Portal in the small room over there and jump through the Portal next to you. Open the chest to collect the Wrath Shard.
    • Wrath Shard: From the bridge, start going up the stairs. Look through to the left halfway and you should notice a passage. Jump down and walk to the North to find a chest.
    Serpent Holes
    • Wrath Shard: To the Dry Road: Turn around and follow the path to the chest.
    • Wrath Shard: To Anvil's Ford: Look to the left after using the stairs. Grab onto the Red and Blue Chain Points to reach the other side with the chest.

    PLEASE NOTE: Text has been taken from the walkthrough but editted specifically for Wrath cores. I like to thank The Fury I84I for their hard work!

    Here is a video that I found useful for wrath cores.

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    If you're an idiot like me and didn't read the achievement guide properly and spent all your souls, there is an easy way to earn lots of souls really fast!
    To the North of the Ashlands there is a well ( on the map it looks like a semi-circle with 5 spikes coming out of it). If you jump into this well and climb back out, the map spawns in two demon riders but the beauty is that you can repeatedly jump in and out of the well which spawns 2 riders each time WITHOUT de spawning the others. Simply kill the riders while on Ruin and you earn a ton of souls especially with either the Reaper or preferably the Deaths Blessing enhancement attached to your sword. This also helps with the Horesman achievement!
    Disclaimer: I would only jump in and out of the well around 20-25 times before killing the riders as it starts lagging the game and could freeze it if you spawn too many in
    Happy hunting!
    P.S not my idea but I haven't seen it posted here
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