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Der Rhine Time achievement in World of Tanks: Valor (Xbox 360)

Der Rhine Time

Destroy 4 enemy tanks in a single match while using a German tank. MP Only.

Der Rhine Time0
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How to unlock the Der Rhine Time achievement

  • SkarviTSkarviT174,075
    25 Jul 2019 26 May 2020 26 May 2020
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    You can try being in Tier one with L.TR. in Province, remember that from time to time you can fall against many Bots that are normally easy to expose, the tip is simple just stay hidden behind bushes and wait for enemies to appear, Optics or Binoculars that increase your vision help a lot in situations like this.
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  • ITS ALivExITS ALivEx191,286
    05 Jan 2018 05 Jan 2018 02 Jan 2019
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    Easiest to accomplish in a Tier II Light German Tank with the 2cm rapid fire gun. The enemies you face in this tier are mostly lights and open top (low armor) tank destroyers.

    The Pz. II has the best armor including turret armor, of the German lights.

    The Pz. 35 has more horsepower and is quicker at turning, with reduced armor.

    There is also a Pz. II D premium tank. Though it has a weaker penetrating gun, less power and armor than the above listed regular tanks (once they become fully upgraded).

    Other recommendations:
    Tier III, Pz. III E - If you can get a favorable Tier III matchup. Of the non-premium Tier III light tanks, an upgraded Pz III E is only bested by the Russian BT-7 in engine power. The Pz. III E has the option of equipping a slower firing 5cm gun with good damage, if your playstyle suits.

    Tier IV Tank Destroyers (Marder 38T/Hetzer/StuG III B - in order of preference)
    Marder 38T - Usually gets favorable Tier 3-5 matchups. Possibly due to it being open top, poorly armored. Its 7.5cm gun can one or two shot a lot of Tier 3/4 opposition.
    Hetzer - A.K.A. the Derp Gun - The 10.5cm one shots many (not heavies). Pros: Low sloped frame with thick front armor, can hide easily. Cons: Slow to reload and its turret is slow to aim. Virtually no rear armor, you won't turn quick enough to stop a light tank from getting behind.
    StuG III B - A quicker Hetzer engine wise, but the gun aims and fires even slower. It's profile is more exposed and front armor won't ping shots away like the Hetzer. I've found it draws more unfavorable Tier 6 matchups.

    For Arty lovers, the German Tier V, Grille has a ridiculous long range high splash shot. You can get four kills, if enemies remains frozen on the battlefield.
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    GraymawrGot this on Province with the LeichtTrakktor (L.TR) early this morning on Province not even boosting. I was camping on the ridge. There were three enemies in the canyon that were by some houses; I bet a couple of them where AI. They were distracted by one or two of my teammates that were down there with them. Got those three on their flank. Then there were two exposed tanks on the road on the cliff face opposite that were backing up. Got those two. These were all pretty long range shots. I do not believe I had anything special equipped but would surely help.
    Posted by Graymawr on 02 Jun 20 at 13:50
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