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Title Update 3.4: Overlord

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Dressed to Impress

Play in one of each camo locale with camo equipped. MP Only.

Dressed to Impress0
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Achievement Guide for Dressed to Impress

  • All the TigersAll the Tigers470,187
    23 Nov 2016 15 Nov 2016 20 Nov 2016
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    NOTICE: WarGaming has confirmed that the requirements for Dressed to Impress must be completed on the 360 and will unlock on the Xbox One only if you have unlocked the achievement on the 360. Instances where players have unlocked the achievement on the Xbox One without playing on the 360 are because of a glitch that WarGaming intends to patch. If you have already managed to unlock the achievement on the Xbox One, WarGaming will not take the achievement away from you, but soon the only way to guarantee unlocking the achievement on the Xbox One is to fulfill the requirements on the 360.

    It's what everyone's been waiting for: more World of Tank achievements! At least, I was waiting for it. Kind of like waiting for someone else to rip the band-aid off all in one go. You know it's gonna happen, you know it's gonna hurt, but you gotta grit your teeth and wait for it.

    What was I saying? Oh yeah, this camo achievement. For this achievement, you have to play on one of each kind of map ("locales") with the appropriate camo equipped. The four locales are: winter, summer, desert, and urban. You have to equip each camouflage type in the garage and then play on a map for each locale.

    To equip camouflage, highlight a vehicle, press cn_X, scroll over and select Customize, select Camouflage, and then purchase camouflage for each of the above locales. Most vehicles have more than one kind of camouflage for each locale, so choose whichever one you like and confirm your decision. You can either pay gold to have it permanently on one tank, or you can pay silver to equip the camouflage temporarily for either 30 days or 7 days.

    The price--gold or silver--becomes more expensive at higher tiers. For example, a tier-X tank costs 25,000 silver for seven days, 100,000 silver for thirty days, and 250 gold to have it permanently. For a tier-V tank, that would be 12,500 for seven days, 50,000 for thirty days, and 125 gold to have it permanently. Multiply the cost by four for all the locales, and it can add up. WarGaming occasionally has sales for camouflage, but those are once in a blue moon, so there's not much point in waiting. I suggest using a tier-V tank, because those have access to more robust map selections than lower tiers of tanks. For instance, a tier-I, -II, or -III tank will never play on Highway or Steppes, as well as other maps because they are restricted by tier.

    Here is a list of the locales and which maps use which camo patterns.
    Summer: Abbey, Cliff, Dragon Ridge, Fjord, Great Wall, Heilobronn, Hidden Village, Karelia, Komarin, Lakeville, Live Oaks, Northwest, Malinovka, Mines, Mountain Pass - Summer, Murovanka, Overlord, Pacific Island, Pearl River, Prokhorovka, Province, Redshire, Serene Coast, South Coast, Swamp, Thiepval Ridge, Tundra, Westfield
    Winter: Arctic Region, Ardennes, Erlenberg (Standard or Blizzard), Mountain Pass (Standard or Blizzard), Severogorsk
    Desert: Airfield, El Halluf, Ghost Town, Sand River, Steppes, Skorpion Pass
    Urban: Ensk, Fisherman's Bay, Highway, Himmelsdorf, Port, Ruinberg, Siegfried Line, Widepark

    Now that the achievement is live, please be advised that the achievement might not unlock until after you return to your garage. If you're certain you played on all locales but the achievement does not unlock at the end of the game, return to your garage.

    I can confirm that the camouflage does not need to be on the same tank. Any combination of tanks with camo will unlock the achievement, but it's best to stick with one tank for simplicity's sake.

    Thanks to everyone for helping compile the list of maps and locales. I will continue to edit this as often as I can. I'd thank you all individually, but that list is almost as long as the maps right now. (laugh)
  • ZxReaperXxZxReaperXx260,167
    10 Mar 2019 10 Mar 2019
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    As of 3/10/19 I just earned this achievement on my Xbox one so it is possible to get it without the 360
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