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Maer Dualdon Fisherman achievement in Neverwinter

Maer Dualdon Fisherman

Catch 200 fish in Lonelywood

Maer Dualdon Fisherman0
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How to unlock the Maer Dualdon Fisherman achievement

  • Rashaka1Rashaka1625,642
    11 Nov 2016 09 Nov 2016 10 Nov 2016
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    First off, you are doing an achievement not the quest, so don't get those confused. You can track your achievement via the journal->general->Maer Dualdon Fisherman. This tells you how many fish you have caught.

    You can only fish if you have the quest to fish. You get the quest from Catti-brie. I had to do one quest for her before I got the fishing quest.

    Once you get the quest she will give you a fishing pole. Go to the shore in the zone and look for columns of light in the water. In front of the light should be little sparkles on the ground. Stand on/near the sparkles to get the option to press A to fish.

    Be sure that you have several open inventory slots as there are different kinds of fish. You can also fish up a pile of crabs in addition to your fish. If the crabs hit you before you loot the fish then it closes your inventory window and you can't loot the fish.

    The quest says to catch 200 fish but I think the quest is referring to 200 weight worth of fish because the number jumps from 10-30 depending on the fish you catch. If you want to get the achievement quickly then only loot the light weight fish to get more fish caught for your quest. Once you hit 200 weight in fish then you can no longer fish until you get the quest again on another day.

    *note* You can delete the fish from your inventory if you want to get the achievement right away. Just make sure you delete the fish before you reach 200 weight of fish or the quest will complete and you can't fish anymore. -- credit to Texans2k2
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    Rashaka1Thanks for the info Texan. I'll update it.

    Fuzzmeister, you might want to read the guide again. I've already stated that.
    Posted by Rashaka1 on 10 Nov 16 at 03:09
    MoliitovI got the achievement yesterday and I did without any quest. Just go to the beach where the spots appear and keep fishing. You can do it whenever you want as long as you have a fish pole in your inventory. I had one from a previous winter event.
    Posted by Moliitov on 10 Nov 16 at 07:55
    Rashaka1Molli, is there a way to get a fishing pole without that event? I'm assuming a lot of achievement hunters don't play enough to have stuff from the holiday events. I know that I don't have any fishing poles aside from the temporary one you get from the quest.
    Posted by Rashaka1 on 10 Nov 16 at 15:44
    MtldDid someone try to accept the quest, obtain the fishing pole, and then cancel the quest? Would the fishing pole stay in your inventory then?
    Posted by Mtld on 10 Nov 16 at 16:38
    Rashaka1I don't think so. You lose the pole when you lose the quest but I will give it a try next time I get the quest. It is randomly assigned so you don't get it every day.
    Posted by Rashaka1 on 10 Nov 16 at 16:51
    Fuzzmeister JIf you have a fishing pole from another event, discard the quest pole and use the event one. You have a really good chance to fish the same spot all 3 times.
    Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 11 Nov 16 at 12:28
    MoliitovI don't know (and I don't think) if you can get the pole in another way apart from the event. I am actually one of those achievement hunters and I don't play the game like most of the people do (hours and hours!). But I constantly pop in to get the achievements done and with good planning, so far, I could get everything with less effort.
    I also realized today, it's different to fish for the quest and fish outside the quest. When you do for the quest, you have to reach 200 fishes but each kind of fish has a different "weight". So you can fish something that gives you 5 points, some that gives you 40 and so on. And for sure a total of 200 doesn't count to the achievement. You should anyway check in your diary to see if a single fish (no matter its "weight") adds 1 to the total. But if so, it will take months to get 200.
    You could try like Mtld said, to fish, then cancel the quest, get the quest again and start over. I did it with the Lumberjack achievement and it worked to get the 25 logs. 200 fishes will take hours and hours but at least it's better than months.
    Sorry if I wrote a novel, but wanted to help as much as possible.
    Posted by Moliitov on 11 Nov 16 at 19:11
    MtldDo not cancel the quest, just delete the fishes in your inventory before reaching 200 weight. The achievement is for 200 individual fishes, regardless of their worth. Boots don't count...
    Posted by Mtld on 21 Nov 16 at 20:14
    LV 1 Blue SlimeYou can abandon the quest if you accidentally get "200" fish and complete the quest. Removing the rod from your inventory means you can't fish, and abandoning the mission early removes the rod. I can't fish after finishing the quest. Don't have the christmas rod though, just the one from the sea of moving ice and the purple rod you get from buried treasure chests.
    Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 19 Aug 18 at 12:17
    KiRRAYNEWow, wish I read the footnote.... I'll be able to finish this tonight now.
    Posted by KiRRAYNE on 15 Jan 19 at 14:16
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