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Black Market Burglar

Rob a black market shop

Black Market Burglar+0.4
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How to unlock the Black Market Burglar achievement

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    MISSION 2: Edge of the World 00:03
    Upstairs to the right of the black market you see an infested building. Make your way all the way to the top where the Nestkeeper is. In a glass aquarium is the black market key. Jump down from the window, turn right and enter the black market from Mindy's yard

    MISSION 4: The Clockwork Mansion 02:16
    Enter the train station through the roof and steal the Whale Oil Tank inside. Walk through the wall of light turn right and leave the Oil Tank in front of the black market stairs for now. Look up in front of the stairs and find a way to get to the balcony at the top. Go all the way down into the basement where two women plan to blow up the wall. Listen to their conversation and take them out. Now take the gate key on the shelf and get your third Whale Oil Tank that you left upstairs. Put it next to the other two downstairs and blow up the wall. That's it for black market robbery number two.

    MISSION 5: The Royal Conservatory 04:59
    Go inside the black market that which is located in the first building to the left. Just before you go to the shopkeeper, you see a gated window on your left. Shoot the red cable and grab the wheel that is just a few steps from the window. Take the wheel to the canal. Next to the big gate you can place the wheel and open it. Swim through and climb the chain to your next black marked rob.

    MISSION 6: Dust District 06:42
    Next to the black market in Dust District downstairs, there is a small crack that you can crawl through. Go through it and turn left. Through one of the gated windows you can see a blocked door. Shoot the barricade, walk into the black marked and enter the room you just opened. Look for a calendar at the wall and look for the circled number in the 4th row. The code for the black market always starts with 4 and the last two numbers are the ones circled in row 4.

    MISSION 8: The Grand Palace 08:32
    Get a code from the back of the Winslow store and use it at the gate left from the store. Steal the boat key from a woman that i leaning there and backtrack to the harbor. Inside the shipe you can listen to an audiograph that gives you access to the black market. Return to the woman you just took the key from and get access to the black market door next to her.

    MISSION 9: Death to the Empress 11:12
    To the left of the Courier early on in the mission, you can get through an almost blocked up alley. Turn right and smash the bottles on the shelf to get the warehouse key. Go to the black market next to the courier, exit through the back door and jump down to find the warehouse gate. Climb up the chain and your last black market robbery is done.
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    The first time you can get this is on Mission 2 - Edge of the World.

    Head to the Black Market as shown on your objective marker, buy what you wish, the head out door to the right and into the street, head up the stairs to the left and on your right will be a window half closed with a corpse hanging out of it, you can climb inside.

    Watch out for the flies, and head through the house until you see a piano, look to the left of it and there will be a door block by a wardrobe and a gap at the top perfect for squeezing through, now watch out for the zombie like man, and behind him is a fish tank with a health elixer, and a black market key.

    Head back to the black market and squeeze through the window to the back alley, here you will meet Mindy Blanchard. Next to her is a door to the black market, use your key on it and your achievement will pop.

    Manic Ado has a great guide showing how to get this achievement:
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    Here is a guide for this achievement and the stay of execution achievement. This achievement is shown at the begging of the video. This is a very easy one to get on the second mission of the campaign. I hope it helps!

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