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Flesh and Steel in Dishonored 2

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Complete the game without supernatural powers

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This is my no powers guide, I'm keeping is straightforward and skipping a lot of treasure opportunities. I suggest using Corvo due to the fact that he gets a very good upgrade to the crossbow, after completing the optional task for the Black Market Shopkeeper in mission 5, that allows him to split his bolts and thus save ammunition. Sniping is your friend, hand to hand combat can get out of hand really fast and the gun is not very useful except for bloodfly nests. You will still get upgrades from shops and you can find bone charms, though you cannot break bone charms and make new ones. You can still max out your bonecharm carrying capacity in the Black Markets, but you can't upgrade Dexterity or Reflexes or anything that needs runes. I suggest you don't rob the Black Markets, you may need to go back and refill your ammo during the course of a mission.

1. A Long Day In Dunwall

You don't have any powers in this mission anyway, so it's not an issue. There are three guys in here you need to take out. One on the top floor, one on the bottom and Ramsey. You can just knock out Ramsey to get that bonus for the level. The next part is a tutorial more than anything. The real challenge starts when you see the four guards meeting on the street. You should be able to take two or three of them out right away. The next area is just full of guards, stay to the right to avoid most of them. Swim out to the ship to end the mission and say no when the Outsider asks if you want the mark back.

The Void shifts to allow you to jump and climb to your goal, The Heart. It will still help you find Runes and Bone Charms, but the entire Powers menu is been removed once you choose no powers.

2. Edge Of The World

Just follow the signs to the Black Market to begin. You'll run across Mindy before you get there. Be sure to unlatch her gate as well as the door near the stairs to the Black Market. I suggest upgrading your crossbow bolts (except reload speed) and maxing out the carrying capacity for bolts to 20. The most direct route is through the bloodfly infested house that takes you past the wall of light. Up to the second floor and then down another flight of stairs gets you to a balcony, excellent for sniping.

There are a lot of enemies between you and your optional goal, which is across the bridge ahead and inside. If you are wanting to help Mindy, there are many more inside and outside of the building. It avoids fewer fights than it creates to help her, and you also have to clear out the area where you are taking the body to avoid witnesses to the body carrying. It's up to you, more risk means more treasure.

The most direct route is to the left after you take care of the guards on the street below. Stop and listen to the duo if you want, the stairs behind the grated window is a good place to stand out of view of any guards. When you continue, stay along the sidewalk with the grated windows and shoot one of the guards to bring him over. His friends will join him shortly and you can take them down too. If you are wanting to be at least a little stealthy, take the nearby alley into the safe shop and go upstairs outside the shop after looting it. Sleep dart the two elites on the roof from Hypatia's apartment, you should have the key from the safe shop, then go back downstairs. Cross the street and look for a broken window. You can snipe a few guards before one of them comes outside. The oil for the wall of light is in a small room with two guards, or you can go upstairs and snipe a couple of guards out of an open window and cross over to the carriage on the rocks. Before you leave, though, I suggest you go back to the Black Market and refill your ammo supplies. Sticking to the shadows, there are some boxes at the other end that get you back up to the balcony. Now ride the carriage into the next mission.

3. The Good Doctor

Make your way up the left stairs to the main entrance. There is a little room on the right with three guards in it. Wait until they split up to go take them down. If you accidentally go up the right stairs too far, you'll be in for quite the battle. Take out all of the guards on the first floor and climb on a desk to get on a wall to get on a pipe to crouch past a window to take the oil from the wall of light below. Now hop down and take care of the guard past the wall of light. Carefully dart the guy looking at the hounds, a crossbow bolt might break that window and give you more than you bargained for. Now, go upstairs and deal with the elite guard. She may be sleeping or wandering around the lounge area. You don't ave the key to the gated door yet, so head up to the next level. There may be guards on the landing, depending on how big the fights are you've caused so far. If you really want the rune in the dining room below, grab the flammable rum. Set it down near the balcony before you take out the craftsman on this level then toss the rum at the two dining next to the rune. Snipe the guards who respond to the disturbance and then head back downstairs. Go get the rune and the dining room should now be clear. This makes it easier to get to the watchtower later, once you have the key to a nearby door. You don't have the key to the right-hand door on the third level, and the other door leads outside, so go upstairs again. Wait for the guards to finish talking and then take out the one that stays so you can open the door. Go inside read the journal on the floor, listen to the audiograph and get the key. Go up the stairs behind the desk and disarm a tripwire so you can get two crossbow bolts.

Now follow the waypoint to the next goal, Recuperation on the third floor. It's infested with bloodflies, so feel free to use your pistol freely. You can get more after you talk to Hamilton on the second floor, there are two guards in there though. If you want to end this mission the nice way, go to his room now and read his notes. Now, go back down to the third floor. You can sneak attack the doctor if you are taking the violent way out or go talk to Vasco if you are being nice (which gets you a reward in the future). If you are being nice, go back downstairs and use the safe code to proceed. Once the syringe is filled, go sneak up on her (helpfully highlighted with a red skull) to cure her.

Now, it's time to get out of here. Don't follow the waypoint to the back exit, that's the long way (and you might get shot at by the tower). Go through the dining room to the area near the kitchen and open the door on the right. The guards are not too hard to take out and you can easily jump to the watchtower from here. Set the whale oil on the railing and let it fall onto the guard below. Hop down afterward and go to the boat.

4. The Clockwork Mansion

If you did not kill the doctor, you get 100 gold upon waking. Good for you. Once you get to town, you can try to stay along the sidewalk where the people are and use the low wall as cover for sniping but it generally turns into a big battle anyway. Go to the Black Market, hide under the table for a bit and then get yourself a Rewire Tool so you can continue more easily. Go rewire the Wall of Light now. Head upstairs and wait for the carriage to arrive with two guards. Take them out, or take one out and the other may run right into the wall of light, and ride the carriage to the next area.

The building on your right as you arrive is where you want to go. Crouch as you move and then wait for the guy not typing to move away and get right up against the wall under the typing guy's nose to enter the room. Take the guy in the back room out first and then the typing guy. Go upstairs and wait for the two guys there to move away from the door. Take them out and then ignore the fact that you can disable the Wall of Light. Now climb upstairs again and enter the brown door. Take the guy out and get his key and the gate code. You can now use the code to skip the rest of the area and go right to the mansion, if you choose. The gate key gets you farther into this area for more loot.

The fastest way through the mansion area is by following the steps for the Silence achievement to begin. Not an easy task with no powers, but here's how. Pull the lever and immediately go to the far wall. Enter the door when it appears, enter the next door and open a window to the left to follow the path around to a pool table. Climb up through the ceiling and stop when you see two windows past a skylight where the rich people are. Carefully take out the two guards in the next room so you don't activate the clockwork, sleep darting the one while she is on the left side from the right window and then carefully hitting the other one from the left window as he patrols is the best way. Now go to the right, go through the door and then go to the right-hand end of the balcony. Carefully drop to the pipes and follow them around to the balcony. Go inside, summon the elevator and ride it all the way up. Avoid the clockworks, they only patrol back and forth near the desk, and climb the high voltage box to a shelf to take Jindosh down with a sleep dart. Hopefully you picked up the sticky grenades before you boarded the elevator. The best strategy here is to blow up one of the clockworks and it will be headless and attack the other one. Now grab him and go down one level in the elevator. Remember Anatomy and Optics.

Now take the elevator down to the Assessment Chamber. Now you have two choices. You can take out the whale oil to turn off the Wall of Light which makes you have to fight an elite or you can rewire it and just let her see you. Now go to the other side of the level, smash through the divider, and take care of any guards there. Be careful of the Arc Pylon that hangs from the ceiling. Now go downstairs. Pull the lever and step on the square as the clockwork is walking left, but you may still have to fight it. Step on the right forward square and then look around on the left for some boards on the floor and step on the square. Depending on the condition of the clockwork here, it may come after you when you break the boards. Grab Sokolov after you talk to him and step on that same square again. Step on the same two squares from before in reverse to get out and take him back to the elevator and go to the main lab. Leave him there while you make sure there is a clear path to the exit. Take the carriage back to the Lower Aventa District. Head back out through the Wall of Light, note the witches, and run for the exit. Drop Sokolov and battle the witches in the narrow tunnel in that area to make it easier.

5. The Royal Conservatory

This one has a few challenges that are not necessarily there with powers. When you first come out of the area where you start, turn right and climb the rocks. Go up the stairs to a landing and wait for a guard to patrol your way. Get behind him and take him out. There is another one near a railway car straight ahead that you can take out with a quick headshot from your crossbow. To your right are a few elites next to a wall of light, but they are facing away from you. Head left and quickly climb the rocks at the end of the path to the little rooftop above, then carefully climb forward to get on top of some wooden planks. This Black Market is guarded by the Howlers. Just watch for a moment as one woman kills the other, narrowing down your problems to two. Take them down and then go to the other end of the alley, where they were standing. The open window and the door there lead to a building that gives you a way over the wall of light. There are three guards on this rooftop. A skylight allows access to an apartment below with a sleeping Overseer. An audiograph there advances an optional goal. The door back out is trapped and the tripwire is near the floor. Go back out and down to the Black Market if you have not already, I suggest you get Refined Lens Optics for your mask. The shopkeeper's side mission results in a reward that is quite useful once you get it. Back on the rooftop, follow the pipes and things over to a platform above the Wall of Light. This is a good sniping position to take out the guards below. Back on the rooftop, climb the locker to a balcony and hop over to the windmill to turn off the Wall of Light. Now go back downstairs to the door that looks out on this area. The building on the other side of the road is pretty bare and the gate near that is locked. Go through the gates past where the Wall of Light was.

Look ahead and you'll see the first problem in the area. You need to get into the Conservatory, and the shopkeeper's friend's house, without getting blown to bits by the watchtower. Head up the little steps to the left and peek out from behind the crates to get an idea of what is ahead. Now climb up the crates to an AC unit and then onto a platform spanning the street. Snipe the enemies from there and then go restock at the Black Market before you come back and enter the red building. Up on the rooftop, an elite is dealing with an old friend of hers. Hide under the wooden plank and move to stay out of her line of sight so you can take her down from behind. Now proceed up to the wooden roof and jump across to the balcony of the bloodfly building. Take out the nests and the nestkeeper, there are more pistol bullets in the safe you can open with the combination you bought from the Black Market. On the other side of the house, you will now be past the watchtower and that much closer to your goals. Both balconies are too high to drop without getting hurt some, but the right-hand one is out of the watchtower's view. Climb the balcony across the way and enter the double doors to get a bit of food to get you health back. You now have two choices.

1) There are three guards on this end of town. Take them down carefully, if one of them falls on the whale oil it hurts a lot. Thankfully there is a red elixir on a box nearby in case that happens, along with a rewire tool. Now, you have two choices. Either go downstairs and take out the whale oil for the Wall of Light or enter the security booth when the watchtower looks away and rewire the thing. It comes in useful later if you rewire it. Now run around the corner up to the entrance. You're safe on the other side of the fence. Climb the rocks on the right-hand end to the ledges and go all the way to the other end to access the apartment for the optional mission.

2) Head up the stairs and hop over a short wall that gets you past the barricade. Beware of traps on the way up. This is where you need to be for the optional mission.

Either way you chose, take the high path from the balcony over to the Conservatory and climb in a second floor window where you can see a body filled with sleep darts. Switch to sleep darts and move into the room to the right. Wait for one of the witches to come over there and shoot her in the arm from behind. The other one is on a bed down the hall. Head up the stairs, taking out bloodfly nests as you go with Combustion Bolts. You should have enough to make it to the door that exits to the third floor. Go to the single door at the end of the hall and look through the keyhole until the patroller looks over the balcony. Take her down easily, the two on the chandelier are looking away. Now go to the middle of the third floor where the balcony bows out and take out any witches you see. You can sleep dart the chandelier witches easier than killing them. Go down to the second floor and read the note near the device. Take the elevator to the third floor and use the luggage to climb out the top and get to a crawlspace. This will get you to the fourth floor and the easy solution. Climb in the window and go to the lenses. Don't worry about looking around right now, just go back to the elevator and take it to the second floor. Go switch the lenses and then turn the machine on. All of the remaining witches and magical creatures are now neutralized. Feel free to loot the place now if you want. You definitely want the Roseburrow Prototype.

You have a waypoint to a delivery entrance, it gets you out on the side not guarded by the watchtower. You may have seen the gate earlier if you explored the cement ditch. Carefully make your way back around the lower balcony of the building where the shopkeeper told you his friend was. New guards patrol the area and most of them patrol past here. Never underestimate the power of a dead body lying there to give you ambush opportunities. Once they stop coming, use the columns along the path nearby to keep the watchtower from seeing you as you and head up a staircase as soon as you get to it. This gets you behind some buildings and safe from the watchtower, but there are still some guards. A window gives you access to the red building you entered earlier and a balcony gives you sniping possibilities on the remaining guards if you want. The best way out is just to go back down to ground level of the building and out the gate you came in. Now head back to the shopkeeper, grab the loot and I recommend choosing The Dealer for your golden upgrade. Now back to Meagan, down the nearby rocks to avoid some guards by the stairs, and the end of the mission.

6. The Dust District

As soon as you get to the top of the stairs, stop and zoom in to shoot a couple of guards. You should be able to clear the area from here, or pretty close to it. Now go up to a table near the Wall of Light and get the rewire tool. Rewire the wall so you can get through to Meagan. Her building is full of bloodflies, but you don't need to go all the way in that way. A doorway not too far from the window leads to a bookshelf that you need to climb to get to the next level. Drop down from the balcony to an area with a statue in it. The building straight ahead is a direct route into the next mission, if you are good enough with logic puzzles to solve it. (Actually Decaying Dead has quite the little guide for Eureka that will get you inside, but it skips pretty much the entire mission.)

There are three ways to get the answer, and four ways to complete this mission. The first two ways are the result of taking out one leader or the other and carrying their dead body into the territory of their enemy. This effectively makes the non-enemy territory neutral. The third way is to find the answer in someone's apartment, but you have to go into the Overseer building to advance that one. Any of these three will get you the answer, but the fourth way to complete the mission is going to require you to take on both factions in the city. Just make sure you only knock out, not kill, the enemy leaders. The details of this option become clear as the mission progresses.

Approach the fancy door to get the option for the non-violent way via a conversation. This is also where you open a little box to the right of the door and get the riddle if you want to just get it over with. You still have the option not to enter, even if you do solve it. Go down the stairs near the safe shop and break a few boards inside a broken brick wall. You'll need this soon. Go to the Black Market now, wait for the Howlers to leave, and get whatever you need. Near the Overseer masks where you entered this area is a boarded up building. Enter that and take out the bloodfly nests to get to a window with a pipe outside. Use that to climb to a higher pipe and enter another bloodfly building with two nestkeepers in it. A balcony on that building gets you to an awning allowing you to enter the top floor of the Howler's building. It's much easier than going in the front door. Take out the Howlers as you descend, but you should not need to go much lower than the second floor. Not only is the apartment you need there on a balcony but Paolo goes up and down the stairs to that same balcony. Take him out any way you want, he'll be back. The second time you meet him, knock him out. You'll need to clear the entire building out now to get him out later, but just leave him inside the building for the moment. Head out the front entrance to Howler territory and restock at the Black Market.

Crawl into the hole nearby that you created, this gets into Overseer territory without much of a fight up front. Beware a tripwire soon after you enter this area. There are two Overseers back here, easily taken out. If one or both see you, hide in the wooden shelter. Apparently, they don't squat down and look inside. Go up the hill some and turn left into a courtyard of pink flowers. Open the gate and go down the stairs to ambush an Overseer looking out of the main way into their area. Up another staircase near that one is an Overseer watching an execution, take him out too. After the execution, two Overseers will walk over to the right-hand wall. You can take them both from behind pretty easily. The stairs lead to the front door. You can split the crossbow here to take down at least two of the three threats instantly. Now go inside and take out anyone who did not come outside to fight you. The jail cell you are looking for is in an area past the desk. Now go upstairs and take out the patroller. One of the sleeping guys on the cots has a key to a nearby door, but the key you really need is with the Vice Overseer. Bypass the third floor all together. Then guy in the hallway leading to Byrne's office won't see you on the stairs. Climb out the window ahead of you on the fourth floor, take out the hallway guard from above and look for another window on the right that will let you access a balcony perfect for sniping. If you don't sleep dart the Vice Overseer and his friend quickly, the friend leaves and sees the other guy's body in the hallway. Leave Byrne as he is for now and get the key from the smaller desk.

Head out the front door and follow the waypoint to Durante's Office. There is probably a woflhound and an Overseer near an small gap in a brick wall, so take them out. You will be in neutral territory long enough to see the shop on the right that will satisfy the non-lethal goal. Ahead are two Howlers guarding the back way into their area. Take them out and then go open Durante's apartment. Make sure to get Our Two Cuckoos from the lower right of the desk with the door solution. This also gives you a key and a new goal. Go grab Paolo while you are here and take him to the shop, then do the same for Byrne. Now head back to the Black Market to restock and then to the fancy door into the next mission.

7. A Crack In The Slab

You wouldn't have powers in this mission anyway, so it's not much different than usual. Firstly, you are going to want to get the Master Key to make things easier. The best way to do this is from the second floor. Take out the ground level guards and then shift times to go upstairs and get the drop on the elite. The door opposite the servants leads to the dining room balcony. Enter that and then shift back. Enter the now broken door and hide in the bathroom. Shift again to listen to a conversation and then follow the guard out when he leaves. If he sits down instead, you'll have to shoot him and then knock out the harpist. Transition back to the present and head down into the dining room via the chandelier. Hide under the table close to the third leg and then transition again. Get the key that will open any door int the house and then transition. Explore the area a bit and find a broken safe that will allow you to create a shortcut in the present by breaking a statue. Go through the shortcut and walk over to a pile of debris. Transition and then climb under the desk. Transition again to be inside the debris. The door to the room you are now in is broken and leads to an area with two wolfhounds on the ground and a nestkeeper up higher with bloodfly nests. Take him and the nests between you and your goal out.

Stand next to the door and transition to appear behind a guard. Take cover to your right as another approaches. Take them out now to make it easier later, the enter the door. Move carefully forward and look left the move back to where you enter until a guard in the hallway to the left stops to look out over the balcony. Go take him out and now you have a perfect sniping position to take out the guards so you can get down to the gazebo and get the code. What you do with Stilton is up to you, but sleep darting him improves the district. There is a way back up that gets you back up to the left side of the balcony, jump at the wood from the lower balcony and then at the higher balcony from there. Head back through the doors and shift near the cabinet ahead. Go toward the goal and hide in the alcove to the left of the door. Get out your sleep darts and wait for one of the guards to walk your way. Dart him and the other should still be facing away from you. Take him down and quickly bring up the code to the door and quickly enter it. There is a patrolling guard on the other end of the floor. Walk into the area and watch a couple of scenes. Leave afterward, you should be able to go the entire way out in the present timeline except for one locked door you have the key to.

More scenes follow and then you are back in town. Hop up the cement blocks back into the apartment above and then go out the way you came in.

8. The Grand Palace

Take the split to the right and follow the path. You'll hear a shopkeeper being threatened. Quickly take out the elite by the balcony and the guard that responds to his death. Move both bodies out of sight of the safe shop and then take the next guard out when he leaves. The shop contains a key and a gate code, both are useful for treasure and the key also gives you a back way into the Black Market safe from the watchtower. Unfortunately, the watchtower covers nearly the entire street. Once you have used the gate code to pickpocket the lady, head right back to her boat. If you are lucky, guards are still looting it. If not, you can still get the code if you want it. Carefully make your way down the street to the first actual door and head inside. Up the stairs is a balcony that looks down on the singers and the entrance to the Black Market. A bit of a running jump gets you to the next balcony without being hurt. Crates on the other end of that balcony get you to the ground without any damage. Go buy what you want at the Black Market. You definitely want the “Disabled Carriage Rails” perk. Cross the street and be careful of a tripwire near the steps. Break the boards and enter the door. The door ahead leads to the password to rob the Black Market if you want to risk the watchtower again to get over to the alley. Don't go out to the balcony, the watchtower can still see you there. Go up to the roof and sleep dart the two guards. Don't worry, there are two darts in the metal crate in the room you were just in. Back on the roof, the lever on the windmill is inaccessible but you do have a spot for getting onto the watchtower and disabling it. It hurts if you succeed in the jump, but not nearly as much as if you fail. Drop from the platform of the watchtower and head into the door near the Wall of Light. Upstairs is the door the key from the safe shop unlocks.

On the other side of the door, hop down from the balcony, stay next to the wall and go up the stairs to the rail. With the electricity out, just walk into the Duke's Palace. Be careful of the guard and his friend and wait until they split up. The bushes make a good place to wait and then two snipe from to take out the courtyard guards. Going in the front door is bold, and so unexpected there is only one guard who has his back to you. Take him out and hide the body before looking around carefully. There's a guard to your left, but he won't see you if you move into the little room behind his right shoulder. Hop the divider and take him out, grab him and then hop back over the divider and hide him over there. Cross the room and open the door to the stairs. Go up to the third floor and peek in the keyhole to see if the Duke or his double is in there. If he is, you need to get to the other door to see what other guards are in there beside the clockwork. This means going through the next set of rooms. The maid has a very short fuse, so you should try to view her through the keyhole until you can safely knock her out. There is a guard at the far end of the connecting hallway, so be careful if you follow her over by the doorway. The guard usually stands there for a little while before he starts patrolling, so you're safe to cross into the room to the left and enter the hallway that lets you see the Duke's Office from another viewpoint. If you manage to get the key in here, go downstairs all the way and take out the guards there. If not, find him and deal with him and go downstairs. Enter the vault, being careful of the clockwork in there and then get Delilah's soul. If you did not take out the clockwork before, it is gone now. Head up the stairs and out the other door of the vault. Immediately go right and disable the arc pylon, then go down the rocks and swim over to the dock so you can swim again to the skiff. Almost done, one more mission.

9. Death To The Empress

The only threats in the early part of the mission are wolfhounds. The first building on your right is the last Black Market you'll see. The key to the armory gets you some ammo, but using the door in there is pointless since you can't climb that wall without powers. You'll have to go in the front way, which requires opening a gate with whale oil in the building to your right as you enter. Get on the walkway on your left to avoid the plants. You can safely hop the railing by the searchlight. Head straight and then hop up some rocks and pipes to an open window. Carefully go out the door to the right and take out a witch to the right. Hug the building and climb the wall. Take out a gravehound skull before you climb over the bushes. Climb onto the stairs and then on top of the wall. Drop carefully down and then go over another bush to a campsite. Make sure the witch on the bridge is looking away and then climb the stairs to the gazebo. You may have to fight a gravehound on the stairs, but there are no nearby witches to hear it. Head toward the waypoint and take out a witch on a ramp. Go up the ramp and hop a short wall. Take out the painting witch and the patrolling one so you can enter the door safely.

Go to the right to get a note from the elevator. The door here cannot be opened yet. Now climb the debris to enter a larger room. The door to your right on the ground level leads to a staircase that leads to a boarded door to the kitchen where two witches are. They are easily taken out one at a time when they come to investigate the noise you make breaking the boards. Carefully cross a board that spans a chimney to get to another room. Go all the way to the far end of the room and watch out for a clockwork that will be between you and the stairs. Wait for the witches to go to the other end of the hallway and put a sticky grenade on the clockwork. This should not only blow its head off, but the witches should walk right into the clockwork attacking them if they hear it. Now go downstairs and turn the elevator back on. The two witches are easily ambushed as they come down to investigate. Go back down to the flooded room and get the attention of the witch in the big room. Take her out in the flooded room and then stay as close to the walls as you can while you cross back over the debris. Go to the elevator room, close the door, push the elevator button and be quick to shoot a gravehound skull when the doors open. Even if it makes noise, you should still be able to get in the elevator and take it to the top floor before anyone comes in.

Equip the heart and prepare for the end. Delilah is too busy painting to notice you as you get behind her and give her soul back. Enter the painting and immediately look to your right. Take out the statue of Delilah on the rampart and then go around the back to take out one on a spike. This may drawn the attention of others, but they are not hard to take down. Once they are all gone, Delilah comes in on a ray of light with her back facing you. Do what you will with her, then go fix Emily. The achievement should ding right away.

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