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Signal To Noise achievement in Homefront®: The Revolution

Signal To Noise

Enter the Broadcast Center without detection.

Signal To Noise0
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How to unlock the Signal To Noise achievement

  • Nico8912Nico8912779,142
    08 Jan 2017 08 Jan 2017
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    Video form of the above solution. Credit goes to Shish Kaa Bobby for sharing it and NCSFan001 of PSNProfiles for coming up with the solution.

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    FoolsAndKingsThanks for another great video walkthrough +1
    Posted by FoolsAndKings on 11 Feb 17 at 21:44
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  • Shish Kaa BobbyShish Kaa Bobby397,140
    13 Dec 2016 13 Dec 2016
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    Found this great solution by By NCSFan001 on PSNProfiles which helped a lot.

    This trophy is actually fairly easy if you know what path to take through the area. You will definitely want to have the crossbow as one of your primary weapons, as it allows you to make stealthy shots at longer ranges. This trophy begins when the mission "Breaking News" begins and will unlock after entering the broadcast station a few minutes later. You will want to walk over the roof to the right and stealth kill the two soldiers guarding it. From here, drop down to the ground and kill another soldier as he walks toward the scaffolding on the next building. In this building there will be another soldier standing guard on the upper level for you to kill.

    Next, drop down to the ground level again and kill the soldier in the grassy area. There will be another guard walking past a car in front of you, so kill him as well. Then, you will want to climb up the rubble in the building inside the fence he was guarding. Kill the sniper in the next building and quickly take out the two guards on the walkway just in front of the entrance. They should be spread out fairly well so you shouldn't have too much trouble killing them. There will be two final soldiers as soon as you enter the broadcast center, but the trophy should pop before you have to kill them.
  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m31,155,002
    08 Feb 2017 16 Jul 2017
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    I thought I'd make a kind of "all in one guide" as even though the DLC was quite easy to complete, there were a lot of things to pay attention to. First note: all of the locations for Journals and all but one of the locations for the Ducks were taken from
    I just rewrote the descriptions a bit, combined them into one list and added screenshots to some of the ducks. I also found the 8th duck by accident (number 5).

    As a side note, when there's a duck nearby, you should be able to see yellow paint somewhere on the wall. This should make the process of finding and shooting them a little easier. Besides, you start a new campaign for this and recollect ducks and journals, which should count again for the achievement.

    Duck 1. At the beginning of "Back in the Saddle", you will commandeer a motorcycle; the duck is sitting right behind the vehicle.
    Duck 2. Later in that mission, you will reach an area underground where you pick your weapons and talk to a pair of resistance fighters. The duck is in a green colored corner on the left as you enter.
    Journal 1. (same room as Duck 2) In the room with the weapon cabinet and two resistance fighters, walk toward the back to a storage room. The journal is sitting on a chair in this room.
    This should unlock.
    Homefront: The RevolutionSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Homefront: The Revolution worth 21 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    From this point on, go to the right hand side through some buildings. You will need to enter the building on the other side of the road without being detected. If you are, simply restart from checkpoint.
    Journal 2. During "Breaking News", you will walk through a partially destroyed building just past the first roof you can walk over; the journal is on the ground floor of this building on a coffee table. (right hand side)
    Duck 3. (same building as Journal 2) There will be a blown out section of wall on the upper floor with the duck sitting on a concrete slab next to some transformers. (right hand side upstairs)

    If done correctly, upon entering a room with 2 enemies and a lot of books, this achievement will pop.
    Homefront: The RevolutionSignal To NoiseThe Signal To Noise achievement in Homefront: The Revolution worth 85 pointsEnter the Broadcast Center without detection.

    Duck 4. Later in that mission you will enter an office style room just before the recording studio. All the desks are very dark, but one of the first ones on the left of the room has a duck on it. (turn left, then 2nd desk on right hand side)
    Journal 3. (same room as Duck 4) The journal is sitting on a desk to the right of the entrance.
    Upon hacking the broadcast, thereby turning it off.
    Homefront: The RevolutionSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Homefront: The Revolution worth 22 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Now a large group of enemies will attack you, including at least 2 heavies. You will not want to use a health kit until you leave this building for an achievement. I used a health kit just before I hacked the broadcast, as I for some reason failed it the first time. Then I killed off all enemies and the achievement popped upon leaving the building.

    I suggest to just camp in the broadcast room and take the enemies off from a distance, while moving back and forth from cover. Obviously, go for this on the easiest difficulty setting as there is no difficulty related achievements in the DLC's.
    Homefront: The RevolutionSafe and SoundThe Safe and Sound achievement in Homefront: The Revolution worth 31 pointsComplete the upload sequence and escape the Broadcast Center without using a health kit.

    Duck 5: You will encounter a building in "Behind Enemy Lines" where you will need to knife yellow pallets to enter, and a lot of crates to go through the building to the top floor. You can shoot the duck just before entering the building. It's sitting on a ledge near the corner of the building.
    Journal 4. In that same building, the journal is on a chair on the upper floor of this building.
    Duck 6. Early in "Behind Enemy Lines" you will encounter a small group of enemies including seeker drones and a Wolverine. The duck is in a disabled van in the middle of the area.
    Journal 5. Just before entering the pipes (not the first pipe) in "Behind Enemy Lines", you will find a deceased resistance soldier on the left side; the journal is sitting next to him. This is the area just after the short stealth section where you have to drive a remote hack through the pipes.
    Duck 7. Toward the end of this mission, after disabling the fans with an RC car hack, turn to the right to the gate where you had to drive the car. The duck is just beyond the gate on a slightly raised ledge.
    In the next area, you can go for this achievement:
    Homefront: The RevolutionDeath by BoomThe Death by Boom achievement in Homefront: The Revolution worth 66 pointsKill 2 KPA guards in the compound using explosive canisters.

    Try to use distractions to make enemies move to canisters or reveal yourself and make enemies chase you, thereby letting them run past canisters. Then shoot these canisters.

    Duck 8. After killing the first enemy in "Operation Eagle Cry", you will go up some stairs and will be below some raised walkways. Continue walking straight past a truck (left hand side) and you will find a low ledge you can crouch under; the duck is on the ground just around the corner.
    Journal 6. When you enter the hallway containing the prison cells, the final journal is in cell 3 on the bed.
    Homefront: The RevolutionJournalistThe Journalist achievement in Homefront: The Revolution worth 37 pointsCollect 6 Journals.

    Upon entering the chopper:
    Homefront: The RevolutionSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Homefront: The Revolution worth 117 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Then restart the campaign and recollect the first duck(s), depending on how many you've missed (at least one as it hasn't been found yet).
    Homefront: The RevolutionDuck HuntThe Duck Hunt achievement in Homefront: The Revolution worth 37 pointsDestroy 9 Rubber Ducks.
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