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Survival Instincts achievement in Tom Clancy's The Division

Survival Instincts

Achieve Master Rank in Survival Mode.

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How to unlock the Survival Instincts achievement

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    Getting Started

    Before you can even attempt these achievements, you need to make sure you've downloaded the DLC either via the Xbox Games Store or via the Store option in the game's pause menu. Once installed, head to the extension in the Base of Operations (where you can see other players) and look to the left of the two Search & Destroy agents to see the entrance to Survival.

    From here, select your preferred mode (PVP or PVE), matchmake for a group, or just ride solo and find a game normally. You don't need to worry about your current gear or weapons at all as none of your current equipment makes any difference at all to your Survival attempt.

    This guide will be made from a solo-player prospective in PVE. PVE doesn't offer any score multipliers like PVP, but the risk of dying is a much greater threat in PVP and it's also much harder to loot and explore peacefully without being potentially terrorized by other players! You can nail this achievement solo with enough patience and confidence. Sure, it will be tougher to take down enemies than it would in a group, but you can explore and loot much more efficiently without having to hold another players hand or wasting time deciding who's going to loot and keep what. Only one player can keep looted content and it doesn't matter if you're in the same group or not.

    The aim of the game will be to unlock four out of five achievements in one go. The For The Hoarder achievement will take multiple successful attempts to unlock so even if you don't nail the other achievements in one go, you'll have plenty of attempts left to unlock any you missed.

    Tom Clancy's The DivisionSurvival InstinctsThe Survival Instincts achievement in Tom Clancy's The Division worth 116 pointsAchieve Master Rank in Survival Mode.

    Tom Clancy's The DivisionBorn SurvivorThe Born Survivor achievement in Tom Clancy's The Division worth 23 pointsSuccessfully survive and escape in Survival Mode.

    Tom Clancy's The DivisionSubzero HeroThe Subzero Hero achievement in Tom Clancy's The Division worth 87 pointsObtain clothing to get a survivable temperature rating of -22°C / -7°F.

    Tom Clancy's The DivisionTools of the TradeThe Tools of the Trade achievement in Tom Clancy's The Division worth 42 pointsCraft the Virus Filter and Flare Gun in Survival mode.

    Tom Clancy's The DivisionFor the Hoarder…The For the Hoarder… achievement in Tom Clancy's The Division worth 277 pointsSuccessfully extract 100 items from the Survival Dark Zone.

    Survival Mechanics and Things to Know


    In Survival, you are always against the clock. You have a virus that will kill you in roughly 60 mins. Medicine and Painkillers can pause the timer on the virus but eventually if you take too long, it will kill you within a second. From the start, you have around 1 hour and 2 mins to complete the mission, however, with Medicines and Painkillers, you can push the overall session to around 1 hour and 50 mins to 2 hours. The longer you survive before extracting, the more points you will get for this specific score.

    Ideally, you will want to explore and loot as much as you can outside of the Dark Zone until the clock gets to around 32-35 minutes left. To check the timer, hold cn_left for a few seconds. From here, begin working your way directly to the closest hideout near a DZ entrance, prepare your weapons, gear, and clothing, and then spend the last 25-30 minutes inside the DZ.

    Dying and Reviving

    If you die, you have the option to hold cn_A to revive yourself (so long as you have Med Kit), or hold cn_B to give up. Obviously, don't give up but if you're in a half-decent position to do so, try to crawl behind suitable cover while your down but not out (DBNO) and then revive yourself. The reviving process isn't instant and you can still be killed when trying to revive. As you receive more hits while DBNO, it will take longer to revive and you will also bleed out quicker as well. If you die, you'll actually be unconscious and can wait for up to five minutes to be revived by another player. However, they will need a Med Kit to do so and they may also decide to kill and loot you instead, which can be done by holding cn_Y if you're in that position to do so.

    Should you come across another player who's unconscious, then revive them! This will net you 200 points per revive and will help towards your overall score. Unfortunately, from my experience with Survival, players don't tend to wait around to be revived and as they have the option to leave the session, most will quit out within seconds. If you run out of time with the disease, you will die instantly and won't be revivable.


    The notifications that pop up in regards to other players can be very inaccurate and inconsistent, especially when you will need to be in and out of your map, pause menu and crafting menu. You will be notified for those situations:

    • When a player quits/dies/escapes - This will tell you how many agents are left including you
    • When a player is killed and what by (NPC, Hunter, Agent, Coldness, Disease, Contamination)
    • When a player is revived and who by (including self revives)
    • When a player reaches the Dark Zone
    • When a player calls in an agent extraction

    The inaccuracy and inconsistency comes from when agents leave. It won't always tell you why and sometimes the number of agents left can be incorrect. I've had the notification tell me 18 agents were left and then followed up by telling me 23 agents were left! Also, the game won't tell you if an agent has successfully extracted. The only way you can really tell if someone has escaped is if the game tells you the agent has left survival but with no "[agent] has been killed by [whatever]" notification before hand.

    Eat, Drink and Stay Warm

    Hunger and Thirst play a role in Survival also. Being hungry causes your health to not regenerate, even when out of combat. Being thirsty decreases your loot item and enemy detection range. There's tons of food and water you can find in Survival but the max amount you can carry is 3 of each the following - Water, Soda, Energy Bar, Canned Food, and also Medicine and Painkillers.

    With the storm raging outside, the weather takes its toll on all players as temperatures reach as low as -33°C. You're meter at the top-right side of the screen will tell you how the best amount your current clothing will protect you from and what the current temperature is. Hideouts, Shelter and Fire barrels will cancel out the coldness completely and can be found on your big map via their respective symbols. The clothing slots remain the same as they are in the original part of the game but now, they will give you a coldness rating. I'll go into more detail on clothes and the related achievement later in the guide/walkthrough.

    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed

    If you're cold meter goes empty, you will begin to freeze, very slowly. At this stage, don't panic! Your health will begin to slowly deteriorate but if it empties all the way, you're dead! If you start freezing during a fight, then get the hell out of there quickly or use a Med Kit to regain some health first of all.

    Inside the Dark Zone, the temperature begins to stay a lot warmer so the need for higher quality clothing isn't as necessary at this point. The temp' will be around -16°C - -17°C.

    The Aim of the Game

    Work your way towards the Dark Zone while looting for as much resources as possible including, gear, consumables, weapons and resources. Crafting the Virus Filter is required to enter the Dark Zone. Once in the DZ, you will then need to find the Anti-Viral, craft a Flare Gun, call for extraction, clear the landing area and then extract with your Anti-Virals.

    Whether you make it or not, you will be awarded a score for your performance which in turn will reward you with Sealed Caches dependant on how well you did. You will need to hit Rank 5 - Master in order to unlock the related achievement. To do this, you will need at least 10,000 points. In a nutshell here's what you need to gain points:

    Info from divisiontips

    The points from the mission itself are all unmissable besides crafting a Flare Gun. If another agent has died with a Gun in their inventory, you can actually loot it. However, actually crafting the gun nets you 500 points, so even if someone else has called an extraction or you've looted a gun, GO AND CRAFT ONE! I'm not sure if you can actually still extract without having retrieved the Anti-Viral but don't bother escaping if you don't have this.


    Craft Virus Filter - 300 points
    Enter Dark Zone - 400 points
    Craft Flare Gun - 500 points
    Retrieve Anti-Viral - 600 points
    Complete Extraction - 700 points
    Combat has been a big and necessary factor for me. I like to spend the maximum amount of time exploring as possible but I also try to keep my score in check with killing as many enemies as possible. Do not engage with Elites or Named Enemies unless you are well-equipped, or feel confident enough to do so. All of the Elites besides perhaps the Cleaners are a major pain in the ass to deal with! The Heavy Cleaners' weakness allows him to be an easy score but the LMB Elites for example are more tactical and love to flank and catch you off guard. With limited visibility throughout the session, they can be hard to take on.

    Combat (depends on enemy level)

    Kill Normal Enemy - 10-50 points
    Kill Veteran Enemy - 20-100 points
    Kill Elite Enemy - 30-150 points
    Kill Named Enemy - 50-250 points
    A good score Per Hour Survived would be around 750-900 for around 90-120 mins surviving until the escape. Explore outside the DZ until your timer runs down to around 30-35 mins left. Then start preparing for your remaining time in the DZ by equipping yourself with the necessary gear and weapons (which I will cover later in the guide). Dependant on where the Anti Virals are, leave roughly 10 mins to find them and then at an absolute push, leave either 8 or 4 minutes to call for an extraction.

    Keep your hunger and thirst in check by constantly using your consumables. Don't worry so much about Disease score as it works out better to have survived for longer. Your cold score will be decided by the quality of your clothing.


    Score Per Hour Survived - 300 points
    Revive Player - 200 points
    Thirst (5xThirst%Above50%) - 5 points
    Hunger (5xHunger%Above50%) - 5 points
    Disease (10xDisease%) - 10 points
    Cold (30xLowestSupportedTemp) - 30 points
    The higher the quality of your items, the higher your score will be. The highest gear score you can have in Survival is 163. I will detail how to obtain said gear score with all High-End filled slots later in the guide. You probably won't have any Medicine or Painkillers in your inventory when you escape, but if you do come across Painkillers towards the end of your run, you may as well snag 40 points rather than 10-20 more seconds of life.


    Equipped Items (5xGearScore) - 5 points
    Medkits (in inventory) - 100 points
    Medicine/Painkillers (in inventory) - 40 points
    Consumable Food (in inventory) - 40 points
    Consumable Drinks (in inventory) - 40 points
    At the time of writing, the DLC hasn't even been out for a week so naturally, I've not seen many players successfully extracting. A few times however, I've only been the second or third to extract. I'm not sure if there even is a sixth chopper that can actually be called. Again, with the notifications not telling you if an agent has extracted or not, it's hard to tell what potential position you're going to finish. The only time you can match someones death to a failed extraction is when you're notified that someones died to a Hunter (as they only spawn when an extraction has been called in). Don't worry about getting out first and don't start rushing just because someone has reached the DZ. I've played in sessions where the first person has reached the DZ and I end up being the last remaining agent and the ONLY one to extract... an hour later.

    Never being downed or dead are both almost essential to being victorious as the points here are worth too much to lose. I had a habit of not using my Med Kits when low on health during a fight until I went down. This isn't the way to go. Use your Med Kit when either in or very close to your last health segment! It's more beneficial in terms of points to use a Med Kit rather than go down.

    Lastly, defeating the Hunter can be a nightmare even with the best available equipment. I'll go more into detail on the best ways to beat him but for now I will say, be sure that it's YOU that kills him, NOT a group member or random agent otherwise you will not get the points! There's no shame in jacking someone elses kill. Unfortunately, if you do kill multiple Hunters, you still only get 400 points rather than 1200.


    Extract with First Chopper - 500 points
    Extract with Second Chopper - 400 points
    Extract with Third Chopper - 300 points
    Extract with Fourth Chopper - 200 points
    Extract with Fifth Chopper - 100 points
    Never be Downed (still alive) - 750 points
    Never Dead (unconscious) - 500 points
    Defeat Hunter - 400 points
    Into The Storm

    Once in the game, you will start at a random location that will always be within a hideout and along the outskirts of the map. Survival uses the original map but with a nasty storm on the loose, more lootable content, several hideouts to check out, different landmarks on the map, and more. You'll start with pretty much nothing to begin with besides a standard (green) pistol, no primary or secondary weapons, all standard gear, and very basic clothing. As soon as you spawn, look around the hideout for a Fabric box and a Medicine Bag. Medicine Bags look similar to Med kit bags but are a bit larger. These contain Painkillers and Medicines which will play a pretty big role towards you unlocking the Survival Instincts achievement as they pause the countdown on the virus that will inevitably kill you.

    Even though your initial life expectancy is around 1 hour and 1-2 minutes, I've survived all together for roughly around 1 hour and 50 minutes thanks to the mentioned consumables. This boosted my score slightly in itself (as time survived is a score factor) but obviously it also gave me much more time to loot, and eventually prepare myself for the dangers of the Dark Zone. As soon as you find these consumables, use them sooner rather than later as the time they can pause the disease for is reduced drastically when the virus itself becomes more severe! Painkiller can pause the clock for around a minute or two at first but when you're suffering from Septic Shock (the last few minutes of the virus), Painkillers can only pause the virus for about 10 seconds!

    Head to the Crafting Bench and craft one of the two items that will give you a plus 4 on your cold rating. Save yourself a few seconds each time you craft better clothing by pressing cn_X to equip the item straight away rather than pressing cn_A to confirm and then having to go into your pause menu to equip the item this way around. This will be all you can craft for now. Open up your big map by pressing cn_back and decide what kind of route you want to take initially towards the Dark Zone. I say "initially" because you'll undoubtedly end up going an alternate route due to not knowing what awaits you until you go outside! To start with, head to the nearest helicopter crash site, landmark, or nearest hotel, hospital, etc if you happen to remember any around off by heart.

    Once outside, look around and head in the direction you've planned or to the nearest fire or shelter. You'll always want to run close to buildings, vehicles, and structures so you can keep a sharp eye out for lootable goods that will glow orange very faintly. You can improve your detection of lootable goods by drinking Water/Soda. As soon as you have more than 1 drink/food, use it. The cooldown after using a consumable can be quite long and combined with how many you will come across, you may as well use them as often as possible.

    Whenever you see another agent, don't create or join as a group (unless in the DZ), don't follow them or let them follow you. Even though it's PVE, you still want to play with a selfish mind frame! Don't share any gear, weapons or consumables (clothes are not shareable anyway) as even the stuff you don't want needs to be deconstructed for resources. The more consumables you have left when you finish, the higher you will score. Sometimes, when looting an area, if I have only 10-20 seconds left for one of my consumables to cooldown, I will wait to use my consumable so I can pick the one I've just found up.

    Sometimes, seeing how a battle between an agent and an NPC or group of them plays out can work in your favour. If the player dies, clear out the NPC's for yourself (bagging yourself some extra points and potential loot), loot anything in the area and then revive the player if he's still unconscious.

    You'll soon run into NPC's after leaving your hideout. Unless they are regular enemies (with red health bars) don't bother engaging them! Veterans (purple health bars with blocks representing armour) and Elites (yellow/gold health bars) are tough enemies to take on, even with regular weapons so just steer clear unless you feel confident enough to engage. Regular enemies are easy to take down but at the same time, so are you. Stick to cover religiously and try to corner-peek your enemies when going for a shot. Rather than using the cover as normal by pressing cn_A to take cover, come off the cover and use cn_LT to poke your gun around the cover, moving and shooting slightly whenever you need to.

    If you're not overly confident with fighting NPC's in the early stages, then you don't entirely need to. Lootable goods can come from exploration as well. As you will still be around the outskirts, check other hideouts as well as they will have resources in some of them as well.

    Where to Search

    Helicopter crash sites will more than likely be the nearest area for you to check out, however, this is an obvious choice and they don't always have heavy enemy resistance surrounding them. This means that even the weaker player will easily clear out the enemies and loot the goods at the crash site. Don't try to climb up or find a way up to the helicopter as there's no point. You just need to loot what's fallen to the ground around the crash site. Dependant on where you spawn, some of the crash sites will have Elite enemies guarding them so either avoid if you spot the enemy in time, or only take them on if you think you can handle it.

    Landmarks which will be marked on the map as purple coloured areas are even more generous with loot but are almost guaranteed to be occupied by Veteran style enemies or higher. I wouldn't recommend visiting any landmarks to begin with unless you're super confident with just a Pistol, or have managed to loot or craft a weapon or two.

    Contaminated Zones are definitely worth a look to, especially the contaminated high school that's in the north-east of Stuyvesant, or the apartment block near the middle of where Clinton meets Hell's Kitchen. You will need to craft the Advanced Virus Filter to enter Contaminated areas so make this a higher priority than crafting clothes. Clothes can be found almost everywhere where as the filter can't! I've baited other agents into following me into Contaminated zones which is a bit harsh but scores me a free revive and causes them to stop following me too.

    Un-official Landmarks, Stores, Apartments, Alleys, etc almost always have something or other within their areas. Locations that are used for side missions in the original part of the game will be accessible and almost always contain loot. Main mission areas will be blocked off as well as original Safe Houses, Incursion areas, and the Base of Operations. However, known locations like Safe Houses and the BoO will have lootable gear around them so if you recognise one of these locations during your travels, have a good dig around before moving on!

    Explore, Kill, Loot, but Watch the Clock!

    Keep exploring, keep killing, keep looting, and keep opening your map to see where you fancy going next. If you've come into an area where you think there should be lootable goods, or you've already looted the area but think you may have missed something, open the map and zoom in really close on your player. This will show you where any lootable items are within your immediate vicinity. This is good for discovering items that may be higher or lower than your current position.

    Always head primarily to landmarks or main locations as these will be the best locations for Medicine too. Also, keep an eye out for ambulances! These will become a pleasant site to see as they are the main places to find Medicine outside of landmarks! Medicine an Painkillers make a huge difference between success an failure as they constantly buy you more time. Again though, use them as often and as early as possible. I just got finished doing a Survival session where I had 29-30 minutes left of the virus and the Medicine, which can normally pause the virus for a good 2-4 minutes, was lasting for 20 seconds!

    Crafting for an Overall Gear Score of 163

    Not only will finishing with the highest possible gear score net you more points, it will also help you out massively against the Hunters and also other enemies in the Dark Zone if you have the time to spare.

    At first, you can barely craft anything as there will only be a limited number of blueprints in the Hideouts along the outskirts. As you get closer to the DZ and level up more through looting, more Blueprints will become available. Here's how I prioritise crating at all times:

    1. Virus Filter (Compulsory)
    2. Advanced Virus Filter (Gives looting advantage)
    3. Additional Med Kit slot (Extra Med Kit and potentially extra score for carrying more when escaping)
    4. A Single Weapon (if still without one)
    5. Two Skills (Preferably Pulse & Sticky Bomb)
    6. Gear Mods (Only lootable from other agents)
    7. Weapon Mods (Only lootable from other agents)
    8. Clothes (Can be found often)
    9. Gear (Can be found often)
    10. Weapons (if I already have one I like)

    I try not to waste resources on Gear and Weapons as I'm very comfy with almost any weapon I get besides some of the LMG's due to their heavy recoil. Whenever I reach a hideout, I'll only craft anything I'm missing and then save the rest for the later stages where I can convert all my standard resources to the specialized type. Then, upon entering the DZ and finding Division Tech, I can then convert my resources from specialized to high-end. If you want to eventually be kitted out in all high-end gear and weapons, you've got to put the time and effort into growing your resource pile. Again, this is why Medicine comes in handy so much!

    Another tip incase you didn't already know is to quickly mark any gear, mods an weapons you don't want by pressing cn_LT on them. Once you've marked everything you don't want, hold cn_LS in to deconstruct the lot. This will give you the equivalent resources for destroying the items. This may sound like a no-brainer but you'd be surprised by the gear you find agents were carrying after you've picked up their items from their dead body. Some agents venture into the Dark Zone with standard and specialized items (blue and green) in their inventory! Madness! Sure they may not have had them equipped but that to me is a waste of good resources that could have been used to help them craft better gear and consequently keep them alive longer.

    Weapons and Skills

    If you're a solid all-round player, then any set of two weapons will see you through the starting stages of Survival. I always go for a combo of an AR, SMG, LMG, matched with a Marksman Rifle as my secondary. The Marksman Rifle is so important for taking on tougher enemies as you need to try and maintain a long range fight when possible to deliver hard hits but have enough distance between you and the enemy so you're not getting flanked or rushed. Visibility will be very poor so if you don't have Pulse set as a skill, or it's on cooldown, you've got to be watching your back and sides at all time during battles. Battles may attract the attention of other nearby enemies so always be alert!

    I've experimented with most of the skills during my time in Survival but the Pulse and Sticky Bomb are my two favourites. All skills available come without any modifications and some of the skills stay locked, regardless of if you have enough resources or not to craft them, until you get closer to the DZ.

    Keep in mind that the cooldown for all of the skills will be pretty poor compared to your regular build if you've kept your Skill Haste and/or Skill Power in check, so you'll be looking at a good 45-60 seconds for any of your skills to cooldown once used.

    First Aid - Although obviously the most effective for a quick heal, I don't find it as necessary to use anymore as you can heal naturally through using food. Even in battle, so long as you are in cover and don't take any hits for roughly 9-10 seconds, your health will begin to regenerate so long as you're not hungry.

    Support Station - Great for battling tougher enemies but for me personally, I still find the standard health regen effective enough to not need to use this.

    Seeker Mine - Too weak in my opinion but great for locating an enemy you're struggling to find in a battle.

    Turret - The turret is actually pretty decent so long as it's placed on top of cover. It's the only attacking skill that cools down despite being in use whereas the Seeker Mine wont go into cooldown until it has exploded.

    Ballistic Shield - Originally my preferred skill to use. Super-effective for if you're finding yourself constantly struggling against enemies. You can do a decent chunk of damage without the shield to begin with and then go out into the open with it equipped to comfortably finish an enemy off. Plus, you can sprint, roll and take cover as normal and the shield will be put away until you stop doing one of the mentioned actions. From this point, the your agent will whip the shield straight back out again!

    Smart Cover - Pretty useless in Survival. I find enemy battles require too much cover switching, flanking and re-positioning to make Smart Cover effective.

    Mobile Cover - Same worthlessness as the Smart Cover but even worse due to it pretty much only covering you from a limited set of angles.

    Signature Skills are not enabled in Survival.

    Pulse will locate any enemies within your vicinity and increase your Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage. This is great for revealing all enemies in a particular area you may want to clear and also for if you're struggling to locate enemies during a fight. On that note, always keep an eye on your agent's posture as he will change slightly and kind of duck down a little bit when an enemy is in your line of sight. If you have your HUD switched off, your HUD will automatically switch on if enemies are around.

    The Sticky Bomb doesn't do a massive amount of damage and can be a heart-breaker if you miss a direct shot. I tend to try and use it to ambush enemies and hit them with a guaranteed if they've not seen me yet or, it can be used to nail an enemy as a finisher or to flush enemies out of cover.

    Just Before Heading Into The Dark Zone

    The only way into the Dark Zone is to climb over one of the six fences to get in. The original entrances have been blocked off by snow are completely inaccessible. Head to a hideout as close to the DZ as possible and craft the best pieces of clothing you can to unlock the Subzero Hero achievement. Then, craft as much Superior (purple) gear and weapons as possible. Ideally, fill all your slots with said item type besides your sidearm. This will help massively incase you run into trouble in the DZ. You will be actively trying to avoid confrontation in the DZ to begin with but it's better to be safe than sorry.

    Inside the Dark Zone, a True Test Awaits You

    Once in the DZ, move forward a bit to trigger ISAC to locate the Anti Virals for you. They can spawn in one of many random locations with some locations being free of enemies and some being guarded by game-ending Elites. Either way, you need to go and get them and this is were the Superior gear will help. Treat enemies exactly the same as you have been doing but if they are Elites, be super-safe and cautious and try to keep a decent distance from them.

    Once the Anti Virals have been acquired, start making your to the hideout in DZ's 4,3 or 2 (each being in the same location as they are in the original part of the game). Set a waypoint but make a quick detour for some Division Tech first! This is an absolute must to be able to craft a couple of high-end guns when you get to the hideout.

    Dark Zone 4 Hideout located on West 45th St - From the north side entrance, head east and turn left into the contaminated zone for two high-end pieces of Division Tech about halfway down. Also, there's another contaminated area just south east of the safe house on West 43rd St with a Med Kit, Division Tech, Painkillers and a lootable chest.

    Dark Zone 3 Hideout located on West 39th St, two streets directly south of Bryant Park - Off the top of my head, I'm sure there is Division Tech in the alley and up the rappel rope to the immediate east side of the hideout.

    Dark Zone 2 Hideout located on West 38th St, just to the west of the Library landmark next to the south-east most DZ entrance - The only Division Tech I can think of here is guarded by two Heavy Rikers Elites as well as an Elite Riker with a Shotgun of doom. These guys really aren't worth the trouble unless you're a savage of fighter. They're tough to take down as they are but most times I fight them, more Rikers join in from nearby or Cleaners try to get involved in the fight to and get embarrassingly mowed down due to being just regular enemies.

    Go to one of the above locations for the Division Tech even if it means going from Dark Zone 2 to 4 or whatever, you'll need it! Once set, start crafting! For your two weapons I would always go with a G36 and Surplus SVD or the M44 (Bolt Action). The G36 in my opinion is still the best Assault Rifle in the game and the SVD, although not my preferred type of Sniper, is so stable it's unreal! The M44 is a bolt-action rifle but the damage per shot it does is gorgeous! This can make taking in Elites and the Hunter much easier if you have a steady hand. You will still have one piece of high-end Division Tech to spare as you acquire one along with the Anti Virals so if you haven't done so already, craft your Flare Gun.

    Remember - It doesn't matter if you looted one from someone else or another agent is calling an extraction. Go and craft the gun for the points and this achievement!

    Tom Clancy's The DivisionTools of the TradeThe Tools of the Trade achievement in Tom Clancy's The Division worth 42 pointsCraft the Virus Filter and Flare Gun in Survival mode.

    Now, you want to craft a high-end version of each piece of gear - vest, mask, kneepads, backpack, gloves and holster. If you run out of resources, don't forget to convert your specialized pieces to high-end and deconstruct your current superior weapons, weapon mods and gear mods too as you won't need them. When you're crafting, keep an eye on which stat you roll the most of. If you end up with too much on Firearms and Electronics and not enough on Stamina, the Hunter will slap you silly as he will hit you way too hard! Don't go as far as re-rolling again unless you have the resources to spare. Instead, roll Stamina Gear Mods to give your Toughness a boost. If you can get your Toughness to around 90,000 or more, you should be good to go. Firearms will definitely be next in line for boosting and Electronics can be forgotten about at this stage as the Hunter will try to constantly Disrupt your agent making both your Skills temporarily useless.

    Craft weapon mods too. Lean more towards reload speed and accuracy. I don't find the Critical Hit Chance and Damage to not be worth it as much as you need to hit your target to begin with!

    Don't begin the extraction until you have around 4 minutes left on your clock. Forget trying to use Medicine or Painkillers at this point as you may as well just save them for a few extra points, plus there effect will become extremely useless at this stage. If you have the time to spare, stay near to the extraction point and try to find Veteran or regular enemies to kill for a few extra points. DO NOT BOTHER with groups of Elites! It's seriously not worth it. Sure, if you're a savage then go for it and score a few extra points. From personal experience, I've tried to be greedy and I've died on a couple of occasions to Elite groups when it really wasn't even worth trying to fight them.

    Some enemies will also drop High-End Sealed Caches. Be sure to pick these up as successfully extracting these will go towards the achievement for extracting 100 items. You can only carry a max of six at a time so you will need to come back to Survival and successfully extract a full bag at least 17 times. smile

    Once the clock gets to around 4-5 minutes, head to the nearest extraction point (highlighted on the map at this stage) that doesn't have a dead player near it. If it does, this means a Hunter will already be lying in wait. If you're an unlucky player like me, you might just have to take on three in a row! I beat them all of course:

    If you're by yourself upon arriving at an extraction point that no one else has already died at, then just the one Hunter will spawn. If you're in a group of two or more, then 1 Hunter will spawn per player. Hunter's are tough to deal with. It may have not looked that difficult in the above video, but believe me, the intensity and pressure was insane! There was no way I was dying after surviving for just under two hours only to have it all taken away from me by these wanna be agents! Of course, the first few times I went 1-on-1 with the Hunter's I lost miserably. Here's a few pointers on what NOT to do against them:

    • Go for the melee - They will shock you, down you in one hit, and then deliver a killing blow with their axe before you can even think about trying to crawl away or revive yourself. If he comes close to you, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!

    • Stay out of cover or in the same cover for too long - The Hunter hits hard, but you're pretty squishy throughout Survival anyway. By now, you should know that fighting out of cover is bad news unless the opportunity arises to strike. Staying in the same cover too long allows the Hunter to hit you hard with Grenades, Seeker Mines or/and his Sticky Bomb. You don't need to purposely move from cover-to-cover-cover, just have a bit of a twitchy thumb and be ready to roll out of the way if he gets to close or tries to blow you up!

    • Let someone else help you - Well, you won't have much choice if someone else is nearby but just be sure to get the killing shot in to be credited with the points. I arrived at an extraction that someone else had called in in one my attempts and he was already fighting a Hunter. Another one didn't spawn (due to me not being nearby when he called the extraction in) and as I had the element of surprise on the Hunter, I took him out within seconds and stole the points from the other agent. Thank you very much.

    Here's what you should do:

    • Pulse shortly after ISAC tells you a threat is nearby or when you get shot. I've struggled to pin-point where the Hunters spawn from. It literally seems as if they just come out of no where. The most important thing to start with though is to get in cover and then locate him ASAP.

    • Use your Grenades - You will more than likely have at least one of each type at this stage. The Flashbang, Tear Gas and Shock Grenades will immobilize the Hunter making him an easy target to take down in seconds. The only issue is actually hitting him with a grenade as he is very swift and evasive. Once he takes cover, try to have your grenades blast radius covering him on the edge of the radius and then in a position that forces the Hunter to jump into the open. That way, if he evades the blast completely, he will be vulnerable your shots. If he gets hit, he'll be stunned and open for the kill! Even if you only hit him with a Frag grenade, it will do decent damage as the Hunter doesn't have any armour. He can heal himself to full health whenever he pleases but this takes a couple of seconds to activate. Don't give up on your magazine. Even if he takes cover, he will still have his head partially exposed. You know that SVD you crafter earlier? Whip it out and let off some quick headshots!

    • Show him your Sticky Bomb is better! - It's probably not (dependant on Skill Power) but on average it will probably take away around half of his health with a direct hit. This can come in handy for a quick shot instead or reloading, especially if you run out of bullets in your magazine when he's nearly dead.

    So long as you have prepared well-enough for this fight and you keep a good medium distance from the Hunter, you will be fine! Don't panic, eat food to regen your health, try not to use Med Kits as these are worth more points than food but obviously just do it if you need to. Don't forget, if you didn't go down at all during the session, you will get 750 points! So using a Med Kit worth 100 is a much better bet.

    The chopper takes 3 minutes to arrive. Upon arrival, the chopper will need to land as you will also be part of the extraction as opposed to just extracting your gear like in the "normal" Dark Zone. The landing area needs to be clear so make sure the Hunter/s is/are dead before the chopper arrives. Once the chopper lands, it will stick around for 30 seconds before taking off. Climb on board by walking up to the door and holding [cn_x] and take a deep breathe while you wait to be whisked away and for your achievements to unlock!

    Tom Clancy's The DivisionBorn SurvivorThe Born Survivor achievement in Tom Clancy's The Division worth 23 pointsSuccessfully survive and escape in Survival Mode.

    Tom Clancy's The DivisionSurvival InstinctsThe Survival Instincts achievement in Tom Clancy's The Division worth 116 pointsAchieve Master Rank in Survival Mode.

    Here's a successful playthrough of Survival of myself in PVE mode where I unlocked all but the achievement for extracting 100 items. For that particular achievement, you'll need to take your new-found skills and head back out into the storm again, and again, and again extracting six items at a time until you reach 100.


    I recorded a stream recently where I was a lot more confident in the DLC. The 1st attempt I get wiped out but the 2nd attempt was much better. It was a good run but I spent too much time on the outside of the DZ and had to rush when I got inside.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns than please comment here, on the video, PM me on TA, Tweet me, or even message me on XBL.

    Happy hunting!

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    Dat Boi TreezyThank you! I kind of lost my mind playing The Division for a whole year and got a bit overly hooked on it so I was way more than ready when this DLC came out laugh
    Posted by Dat Boi Treezy on 20 Jul 18 at 23:34
    itsa pumaaIs this cumulative? Or do you HAVE to get the 10,000 points in one match?
    Posted by itsa pumaa on 14 Jun 20 at 14:33
    Dat Boi TreezyOne match.
    Posted by Dat Boi Treezy on 14 Jun 20 at 14:36
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  • MrUT2120MrUT2120184,631
    22 Feb 2017 24 Nov 2016 26 Nov 2016
    30 3 11
    On this website i found is explained how the score is calculated. I dont know if im allowed to copie so this is the link:

    Almost on the end of the article are some score tables shown.

    Some addition made possible by RomanAround, thanks for the feedback.
    1) You need 10,000 points to earn the Master Rank
    2) You get 20% more points in PVP mode compared to PVE which, if you can avoid dying early, can make a huge difference.
    3) When extracting, drink water/soda and eat a candy bar/canned food with 60 seconds to go until the helicopter lands. Your food and thirst will be back at 100% by the time it lands, which will net you up to 1000 extra points.
    4) If in a group, make sure you get your own anti-virals and craft your own flare gun, regardless of whether someone else in the group has already done so - otherwise you will miss out on 800 points.
    5) Don't extract if you have time left. Instead use the time killing enemies in the DZ to get points, and then go extract when you only have 5 mins left.
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    Fuzzy VengeanceThat's my problem... my high score is 9065:( and can't get it any higher:(
    Posted by Fuzzy Vengeance on 09 Dec 16 at 07:23
    Kanchanaburibest tip ever about eating and drinking right before you get on the chopper. That will finally push me over i think!
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 12 Dec 16 at 10:16
    Tupper29I got 10080 in a group without it popping
    Posted by Tupper29 on 15 Mar 18 at 01:28
    27 Nov 2016 27 Nov 2016 27 Nov 2016
    27 5 4
    This is not a "solution", it's some kind of guide to survive this hell. You know the 10 000 points score, but to be honest: 80% of the players don't even see the sun again. So here we go:

    1. Play solo. Realy. This mode is not for teamplayers if you try to get a highscore. Everybody will try to reach the goal, eat your food, nobody get enough anti virus, you will get more Hunters, crafting materials are not enough...and so on...your choice.

    Gamemode against other players?! Well, your choice again. If you get killed after 1 hour playtime in the DZ from a 13 year old crackheadkiddo with a shotgun who's shooting in your back, yelli'n about your mom, while you did the mistake of stay in cover, looking at a bunch of enemys in front of you, with low health, virus in your blood and the tounge between your teeth...don't do it. You will crush yor controller while he rip off your stuff and life.

    2. Don't craft any weapons, clothing or anything else BESIDES: The Darkzonefilter (to get the mission going), Healing, Scan, additional Medkitpack and the Virus Mask for infested areas. You find anything else in the open world outside the DZ. I never craft purple or anything else.

    AFTER you reach the DZ, craft a golden gun (assualt like G36 is my friend) and fill up all slots of the gun with gold attachements (crit damage is good). Remember to get Division Tec. You need one for the flare gun and one for the gun! Change the remaining gear with gold pieces and you good to go! An MP as side arm is nice to finish off enemys without reloading.

    3. Focus on getting Anti-Virus, take a pill, save the syringe. That will keep you alive in the DZ. During the DZ, your infestation level will go up like crazy very fast. Keep that in mind!

    3. Don't even try! to fight golden/high level enemys! You don't need this for a big score and you stay alive. Turn around, run, take another way. Focus and stay calm. Save the med kits. Use the scanner as often as possible! In every area! Hear voices, walk slow...

    4. If you look for lootboxes, anti virus or stuff like water/food in the DZ, go underground. With the additional Virus Mask you can easy check out these areas.

    5. Don't panic! Rule no. 1. If you play solo, search for a lonely helipad witch had no helicall before you show up. This is VERY important!!! If other players are around, a Hunter will spawn. It's that easy:

    1 Player = 1 Hunter = kill him, you win

    2 Players+ = +1 Hunter everytime. Teammate, another player, your grandma. Every other player will destroy your dreams in no time, if you don't focus. Two or three hunters will crush you. Entire groups of players are vanished in seconds. Nobody will hear your scream bro...belive me. I scream a lot.

    If another player dies near the helipad, the Hunter will stay there! Keep that in mind!

    6. How i f****** kill these Hunters?!

    First the checklist again:

    - golden gun with gold attachments
    - golden gear with gold perks if possible
    - electric grenade, gas or stun
    - scan and health
    - 3 med kits
    - a fresh head + focus, no chat party, no messanges

    Call the heli and the dance begins.

    First the Hunter will crash your electronics, wait with the attack till it's works again. Best way to keep him away is on a spot above him. Most times he won't climb up. Scan, throw a electric grenade and try to stun him, empty your clip, switch weapons and finish him off.

    Sounds easy huh?! Don't try to get to close. He will stun you, get you on the ground and the last thing you see is a pickaxe in your head. Grenades from him are deadly, use medkits. Don't go down and risk anything! This is important.

    Ok, lessons learned bro. I wish you the best. You can lose hours of gametime during all of this. Don't get mad, try again, learn the maplayout. Good luck and get to da choppah!
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    Royal SnowWolfI lost every battle for one week when i played togeather with friends....then i startet play alone and now i win almost everytime :D and its true everything you say
    Posted by Royal SnowWolf on 16 Dec 16 at 15:00
    IOnEI FalconHow do you play Solo? I am always in a server with other players.
    Posted by IOnEI Falcon on 01 Feb 17 at 00:16
    brent1221@Falcon, just means do not go in with a group. For me its the Hunters, but I think my problem is the toughness/gear I was using. Thanks for the tips!
    Posted by brent1221 on 22 Mar 17 at 15:43
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