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For the Hoarder… achievement in Tom Clancy's The Division

For the Hoarder…

Successfully extract 100 items from the Survival Dark Zone.

For the Hoarder…0
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How to unlock the For the Hoarder… achievement

  • Dat Boi TreezyDat Boi Treezy
    30 Nov 2016 27 Nov 2016 14 Dec 2016
    I have made a heavily detailed solution for the Survival Instincts achievement that covers all aspects of Survival and the best ways to be successful. This will help MASSIVELY towards this achievement as you will need to successfully complete at least 17 Survival sessions as you can only extract six items at a time.

    Unlike the regular Dark Zone, the chopper picks you up as well as your items so the extraction in each session is a one time event. Once you get into the Dark Zone, make sure you loot crates for High-End Sealed Caches or/and pick them up from some of the dead NPC's that will drop them. You can also pick them up from agents who have died in the Dark Zone and any Hunters you kill will always be guaranteed to drop extractable caches too.

    None of your regular items that you've found so far, including items, gear, mods and weapons you have equipped will count towards items extracted so don't bother trying to keep anything that doesn't go directly into your contaminated bag. You can check how many items you have in your bag by opening your inventory. From here, the bottom right corner will have a contamination symbol over the slot that shows how many items you are carrying out of a max of 6. Once you hit six, the number will also be showcased on the back of your agents backpack too.

    All in all, you will be looking at 33-35 hours to unlock this achievement but that's only taking successful extractions into consideration. You can shorten this time roughly 30-45 minutes per session if you don't go all the way with crafting the absolute best high-end set up. So long as you still have fairly decent stats for the Dark Zone and then the last battle against the Hunter, you should be ok.

    Jumping in on someone elses extraction can help too. If this is the last achievement you need, it's not going to be as important to rack up the points so you don't need to be as worried about crafting the Flare Gun (as it may be lootable off of a dead agent), and you may not need to continue looting in the Dark Zone to craft the near-perfect set up.

    Check out my Survival Instincts solution for all the info you need on surviving in The Division's second expansion.

    Update Dec 14th

    While the above link will provide you with plenty of details leaning a lot more towards obtaining a great high score in Survival, you don't need to worry as much about the score itself. You'll come with your own playing style and approach to Survival through each attempt but in general you don't need to be any where near as heavy on killing enemies and finding resources as you do when going for the Master Rank achieve. Skip tougher looking fights if necessary and try to get to the Dark Zone a little bit earlier.

    As the DLC begins to get older, I'm noticing that the average number of agents successfully extracting is getting better now. I'm starting to fall to being 4th or 5th to extract, only because I'm being too geeky still and going for the score along with a full bag of caches to take with me. Even with my keen looting, a few more agents are starting to improve their looting now as I'm not getting away with "free" landmarks/alleys/buildings etc as I was. Thankfully, Contaminated Zones and most of the Subway areas are still pretty much free areas but the average skill of other players from the faster types eager to get into the DZ first, to the slower types (like me) who want to loot loot loot outside of the DZ, is starting to improve.

    With the things you will learn from guides and experience, I'd go for a straight path to the DZ, looting on the way and getting a few easy kills. Craft both Virus filters and the additional med kit pouch before heading into the DZ and then focus on resources for improving your gear and weapons once inside the DZ. At this stage, grab yourself six contaminated caches to take with you and then either go ahead and take on a Hunter at a DZ by yourself, or be super-sneaky and time it right to jump aboard someone elses extraction when they call one in. Just keep your distance though during the extraction so then another Hunter doesn't spawn. Only move in once the Chopper has landed.

    If you're not too keen on trying to get to the DZ first, then stick with the slower approach of just taking your time and looting plenty of resources from outside the DZ. Just don't go overboard with using the resources for unnecessary items. If you've got two decent specialised weapons for example, then stick with them until you get into the DZ where you will be able to craft High-End weapons (so long as you have the Division Tech). The same can be said for gear too. Sometimes it isn't always worth going from specialised to superior to high-end. You can save resources by going straight from specialised to high-end.

    Even though I was hammering the DLC from when it was released to try and be one of the first to complete the game again, I still took my time in each attempt! Sure, getting to the DZ earlier has a lot of benefits but if you're not familiar with where enemies can be or just not too good at the game in general, you can be taken down pretty damn quick! It only takes one wrong turn or wrong decision for a bunch of unwanted enemies to start chasing you down and they can still maintain decent speed and accuracy when you think you're getting away. Better safe than sorry is a great saying here. toast

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    BSL H34D SH07Whoever needs help
    I’ll help in return to help me on my backlogs games
    Posted by BSL H34D SH07 on 26 Nov 23 at 03:31
    I Aint A ShoOk1Any1 trying to play this hit me up, gt I ain't a shook1. Will be grinding it until I finished survival. Last 5 achievements.
    Posted by I Aint A ShoOk1 on 10 Feb at 19:41
    MarkusW86Looking to complete 🙏
    Posted by MarkusW86 on 08 May at 18:53
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  • ReptarOnIce3000ReptarOnIce3000
    01 Apr 2019 01 Apr 2019 01 Apr 2019
    This is less of a solution and more of some resources to help you along the way that assumes you already know how to play survival. Copy and pasted from my forum post. I figure the more places this is posted the better for everyone. Here you go!:

    Hello! I have found many great resources to help make the daunting task of Survival much easier. I will post them here for everyone

    This is a map of all crafting materials on the map as well as some points of interest that you may find weapons or armor but the most important thing is the location of all DZ Division Tech! Click to be able to zoom in and out:

    External image

    This video shows an exploit to make your Hunter extremely weak. I was able to one shot him with an M44 doing this method:

    Basically keep all your green gear before calling extraction, call extraction with green gear equiped, run away, equip High-End gear. Boom, super easy Hunter. Half a clip of a G36 will down him every time:

    And lastly, my favorite method for killing Hunters, I don't even do the exploit because this makes killing them easy without it. 100% success rate for me so far. This is a cheese spot:

    Hope all of this helps! I did most of my runs without these, finding them much later in my attempts, and they have made survival MUCH less stressful. My new fastest Master Rank is in 1 hour and 5 minutes, because of how much more confident I am killing my Hunter.

    Map Credit: redditor lucidnz
    Exploit Video Credit: YouTuber Prays Tech
    Cheese Spot Video Credit: YouTuber Wolverine 60fps
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    Onyx GrimoireThe cheese spot and green armor weakening trick helped so much with these runs and made it mostly tolerable.
    Posted by Onyx Grimoire on 02 Feb 20 at 07:17
    ReptarOnIce3000Glad it helped!
    Posted by ReptarOnIce3000 on 02 Feb 20 at 09:05
    Anno MundiBrilliant guide; this got me to my 100 items fairly easily. Once you have the hunter technique down, getting into the Dark Zone first to get the division tech before everyone else is the most important thing. I found annotating the map with where easy sealed caches were, and marking the green dots (division tech) with my own comments worked well. i.e I went for the easier stuff first every time.
    Posted by Anno Mundi on 09 Nov 20 at 08:14
  • GrimaceTheGreyGrimaceTheGrey
    25 Aug 2017 25 Aug 2017 09 Jun 2018
    Dat Boi Treezy has a great guide, and all of his advice helped a lot. After getting this achievement last night, with quite a bit of success in my endeavors, I just wanted to add some tips that I found to be very useful in conjunction with Treezy's guide.

    1. From the start after crafting your first piece of clothing, open your map and see how close you are to a helicopter crash. If you are relatively close to one, make a bee line straight for it. If you can get there first you will find some good items, that can get you started. It can be risky as there are usually 4 or so enemies there waiting, but they are red health. Worst case scenario if you die, you just started, but the risk is worth the reward. When I get to a crash first, I usually walk away with a weapon, a couple gear pieces, a med kit, food items, medicines, etc. All the stuff you find can very well be the difference between life or death in Survival. There is also always a fire barrel at the crash site, you can equip yourself safely after looting.

    2. If you are more than a couple blocks away, avoid the helicopter. Most servers usually start with around 20 or so people, chances are if it will take you more than 2 or 3 minutes to get to the helicopter it will probably be looted, between the cold you face on the way there and the lack of loot, this is probably a death sentence. Instead place a marker towards the inner side of the map, as you get closer to the DZ it gets a little warmer, so getting away from the negative 30 temps should be a priority. Along the way loot everything you can, check every store, every apartment, etc. The gear, components, meds, clothing, etc. you find are going to make a huge difference.

    3. When fighting enemies, always survey the situation before engaging, pulse is great in this mode with limited visibility. When you start you have just one pistol, and even on the outskirts of the map, it is fairly common to see veteran enemies. On few occasions what I thought was three red health enemies, ended up pulling a veteran or elite which resulted in a quick end to my run. The vet and elite enemies are very tough to take down on your own, or even in a group, elites being nearly impossible early on. But don't avoid a fight, if it is just a few red health enemies fight them. They quite often will drop blue armor pieces, weapons, meds, and clothing.

    *Edit* has been some time since playing this mode, and am told that there are no longer veteran enemies on the outskirts, the latest patch may have changed the enemy spawns a bit, at the time of writing, seeing a veteran enemy on the outskirts was possible. If this has changed, it can help signifcantly, but still bear in mind, surveying the situation will help significantly, whether that be spotting that red that can flank you, or spotting that elite closer to the dark zone.

    4. On that note, keep a close eye on your temp when fighting. It gets cold fast early on, and if you start to freeze, not only will your health constantly drop, but if you get downed, you cannot revive yourself, even with a med kit. If your temp is low going into a fight, try to warm up, or avoid it if you can. No sense spoiling what could end up being a good run.

    5. Food and drink. I feel this is very often overlooked, as even when I go into a building that has been looted by another player, these are often left behind, either because that player is full, or they just don't bother, who knows, but they are critical items that go well beyond helping you have a good score at the end. Canned food and Energy bars will keep you from going hungry, but while the buff is active will allow your health to regenerate missing bars, even in a fight! sometimes having that extra energy bar has saved me from wasting a med kit. Bottled water and soda will stave off thirst, but (and quite possibly the biggest perk in the game), while the buff is active gives you the ability to see loot farther away, even through walls. Lootable containers will have an orange glow to them, that you can even see through walls. This saves you a lot of time when looting, and makes it easy to get everything quick without wasting time searching going into a looted building, I will still sometimes find items by doing a quick run through with my drink buff, because it was slightly hidden so the last player missed it. Always keep your food buffs active if you have the ability, it helps tremendously.

    5.Looting dead players! Look, not everyone is going to make it out alive in survival, it is designed that way, and we have to accept that. Players are going to succumb to the cold, disease, enemies, etc. But when they die, they leave behind everything but their clothes, and all that loot can be yours! Keep an eye on your kill feed. If you see someone has left survival, that means they died. When that happens, quickly open your map and see how close you are to their red X. Like the helicopter if you are only a couple blocks away, set a marker and go straight there. If you get there first, you can get everything they had, including their crafting components. This can save you a lot of time looting, and help maximize your time in the DZ. However, be very careful. Even if the cold killed them, there is a good chance enemies are nearby to their bodies, so either be ready for a fight, or some ninja moves. Now look, I am not saying be a dick, and let people die, or don't help them fight, etc. But, it is inevitable that other Agents will die, on servers that start with 20 players, by the time I extract there are usually around 5 left, and I get first extraction bonus points, so why let their deaths be in vain? Grab their stuff! By looting one or two dead players, I usually have more crafting components than I know what to do with.

    6. Learn the map layout. It may not seem this way. But all the loot is in the same place. What comes out of the containers themselves is randomized, but it is always in the same place. So if you happen by an apartment that you remember you looted last time, go back in this time. The same containers will be there. Also learn what each container always holds. Suit cases, dressers, clostes, etc. always have clothes in them. The green cases large or small will always have a gear piece (until you get to the DZ then they are sealed caches). Red back packs always have a med kit, and red duffle bags always have medicine or pain killers. The brown back packs always have either a food item or clothing. Division tech (only in the DZ) is always in the long black cases. Food and drink is always in coolers and vending machines.

    7. Always craft the advanced filter. I don't know why some players don't but it is very cheap to craft it, and it can get you to the contaminated zones. While there is some Division tech outside of these zones, there is a plethora of it in the contaminated zones, and most agents haven't been there. There are a few underground places on the map that have as many as three cases of Division tech, and extra tech can be converted to high end materials, so you want plenty of it. Also, usually contaminated zones only have a veteran or two in there and few reds. By the time you are in the DZ, as long as you are careful, veteran enemies are cake.

    8.Lastly, don't be greedy towards the end of your run. If you have your caches, a couple good weapons, I prefer the G36 and Custom M44, and are feeling comfortable. Go extract. Even if you have 20 minutes left and full meds. Extract. Don't spoil a good run because you wanted more loot. Only the caches leave with you, don't get wiped by 4 elites at a landmark because you wanted one more mod for your gun. Make that hour and a half in survival worth the effort.

    I hope these few extra tips combined with Treezy's guide help you get your achievement. It is a grind, but far from impossible.
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    b0seijuSome great tips, especially number 7. I'd always come up short with Division tech but had three good runs today.

    Though I noticed that at point 3 you say: 'When you start you have just one pistol, and even on the outskirts of the map, it is very common to see veteran and elite enemies.'

    That is not completely true. The outskirt only contain red enemies (level 28). When you get closer to the dark zone the enemies will gain a level (level 29) and there's the chance of encountering purple enemies. Then when you almost hug the darkzone, or are already in the darkzone, the enemies will again gain a level (now 30). Then you can meet gold/yellow enemies.
    Posted by b0seiju on 08 Jun 18 at 21:30
    GrimaceTheGreyAt the time of writing this solution, it was possible, I would often see a purple mixed into a group of reds, the elite was typo, I typed accidentally, so I will change that. It is possible that the 1.8 patch changed veteran enemies showing up, seeing as it was practically a death sentence.
    Posted by GrimaceTheGrey on 09 Jun 18 at 03:32
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