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  • xRazorbladexxRazorbladex202,727
    06 Apr 2017 06 Apr 2017
    62 1 26
    After the Ring of Lucii update, this achievement is actually a lot easier. It will still take maybe 5-10 mins to complete based on RnG, but it is a lot quiker than fighting the Adamantoise normally which can take over 30 mins.

    Basically once you do all the steps to get the Hunt for the Adamantoise, bring a bunch of Magitek Boosters and Elixirs to make this a little easier on yourself.

    Pop the Magitek Booster on Noctis to Null out MP costs for using Alterna (R bumper + Y (hold)). You can cast Alterna 3 times before you have to take an Elixir to refill your MP. Then take another Magitek Booster, rinse and repeat.

    It took me about 10-20 casts of Alterna before the Adamantoise was instantly killed from full health.

    There are some rumors that equipping items that increase your Magic Attack can help, but I think it is complete RnG.

    Happy Hunting.
  • Rashaka1Rashaka1543,651
    04 Dec 2016 04 Dec 2016 11 Dec 2016
    77 30 33
    Not really so much of a guide but more like useful information to help finish this kill.

    You can go to Altissia and take the Gondola to Palsino Street Station. There is a small store just off the dock where there are some more of the pinball machines. These machines are a higher grade and take 10k gil a game to play. Play the game and hit the bumpers to raise the point bar in the middle and get the slot machine to pop. What you are looking for is the wooden boxes. Collect 70 of these boxes and then quit the pinball game. This will get you an Assist Suit which gives 500 HP, 30 STR and around 40 Vitality. This suit is good for some of the harder bosses in the game. I am assuming you can collect 4 of these suits but I have not tested this yet. The max boxes for both pinball game machines is 99 boxes. If you search the web there are lots of sites that tell you what all you can get from different numbers of boxes. I can tell you that you only get the prize for the level that you equal or exceed without getting to the next tier of prize. I.E. If you get 71 boxes you will still get the assist suit. If you hit 80 boxes you'll get the next prize and will NOT get an assist suit or anything before it sadly..

    In this same shop there is a man sitting at a table who will sell you useful items like the ribbon, which makes you immune to most status effects. The currency he uses are the oracle coins that you pick up sometimes.

    The second thing is super fast leveling. While searching around the game you have probably come across some Debased Coins. These coins can be used as a catalyst for making spells. They give the spells an XP buff. There is a diminishing returns on these so don't use more than 24 coins to make one spell. These coins spawn in static areas, and if you know where you found some then you can sleep for a few days and go back to get more. To make the spell just put 1 point into any of the 3 elements and then for the bottom box put in 24 of the coins and click craft spell. This should make you a 9 use spell that will give you 10k + exp when you cast it in battle. I haven't tested if you can cast it more than once in the same battle to get double the effect.

    Just use this spell until you have around 200-250k exp and then go to Galdin Quay and sleep at the inn there for 10k gil which will give you a 2.0 multiplier for your exp. This will net you 400-500k exp. Do this a couple times and you'll be level 99 which makes the turtle more like a 10-20 minute fight instead of 50 minutes to 3 hours.

    After you are in chapter 15, head to Risorath Basin in the north of the map and talk to Ezma. She will give you a key to unlock all the strange doors you saw in the dungeons while playing through the game. These doors block the second half of all these dungeons. The lower half of the dungeons are a lot harder than the top half and each one has a boss that will drop really nice weapon upgrades beyond anything you can buy in addition to more accessories including one that allows Noctis to auto dodge incoming attacks.

    NOTE: In order to get the key from Ezma, you must have complete all the dungeons once.

    NOTE 2: Use magic boosters for the fight to allow you to use warp strike more often without having to regen mana as often.
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm257,136
    20 Dec 2016 20 Dec 2016 27 Nov 2017
    33 5 2
    This achievement becomes available at the beginning of chapter 9. You do not have to wait for post-game play. (As of this writing, I have not finished chapter 9.) The condition for unlocking the achievement is obvious from the description--defeat the adamantoise. Nevertheless, there are a few complexities that need to be addressed. In addition to figuring out how to defeat the adamantoise, you also have to figure out how and where to find it.

    In Chapter 9, as soon as you check in to the Leville Station, you talk to Gentiana. She explains how you can go back to Lucis using Call Umbra. Check in at the hotel desk. In addition to resting, you have a new option--Call Umbra--use it to go back to Lucis.

    Note: Although the guide is applicable to the game as a whole, its primary emphasis is unlocking the achievement in chapter 9. As players progress through the game, there are better weapons and techniques that can be used. This is especially true since Square-Enix has provided enhanced weapons and techniques since this guide was originally written. Nevertheless, while there are better late game approaches, the manner in which the hunt is made available is the same. (Use Call Umbra to go to Lucis, talk to Cindy following a phone call, complete the Let Sleeping Mountains Lie subquest, and finally accept the Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe Hunt from the Hammerhead tipster, Takka.) Additionally, regardless of when the achievement is unlocked, there are post-achievement rewards as described in the final paragraph. In other words, although you may choose to use different weapons and tactics to fight the Adamantoise, you may still find the guide useful in its explanation of making the sidequest and the hunt available as well as info pertaining to pre- and post-achievement awards.

    You arrive in Cape Caerm. As soon as you arrive, you get a call from Cindy. Go to Hammerhead and talk to Cindy in person. She tells you to talk to Dave (the hunter you have been collecting dog tags for if you accepted his sidequests). Dave is at the Longwythe Rest Area. Go there and talk to him. He tells you to talk to Dino inside the diner and Monica. In addition to Dino, there are other people inside the Diner. The people you have helped in quests will be in the Diner so their number varies depending on how many side quests you have completed. If you talk to them, each one will give an item. These items tend to be curatives of moderate value. There are, I believe, a total of 14 people that can appear. When you talk to Dino, Dave blocks the exit door to the Diner until you assure him you are ready to go. After you talk to Dino and the optional people you choose to converse with, tell Dave you are ready to go.

    Go by foot or Chocobo and follow the quest marker to Monica. As soon as you talk to her, the Adamantoise appears. There is a timer that limits your fight to under 3 minutes after which the Adamantoise retreats into the mountain. This completes the Let Sleeping Mountains Lie subquest and a message on a screen tells you to see Takka (Hammerhead Tipster) if you want to hunt the Adamantoise.

    (Note: If you run away after the Admantoise first appears, you still get credit for the Let Sleeping Mountains Lie subquest. However, you can get a good preview if you stand and fight. I settled on the tactics I describe below based on this short interlude. So the brief scrimmage was of value.)

    Camp and eat some good food. I opted for Smoked Behemoth (+400 attack, +1K HP, & Infinite Stamina). Go to the diner in Hammerhead and select the Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe Hunt. Then follow the quest marker on foot, by car, or by Chocobo to the Adamantoise. The achievement unlocks when you report back to Takka after successfully completing the hunt.

    You can use whatever tactics suit you best. The Adamantoise telegraphs its attacks so it's easy to defend against. If you time the parry and counter prompts correctly, there's a cool animation sequence where all four party members execute a counter-attack by jumping off the high peak onto the Adamantoise's head. (My control scheme assigned parry and counter to cn_X and cn_B respectively but your control scheme may differ.) The fight is more tedious than difficult. The Adamantoise has very strong defenses and has more than 50M in HP that you have to whittle down.

    My recommendation is to rely primarily on Gladiolus's ImpulseTechnique. It is most effective if it is maxed out (by using it between 30-50 times) and by unlocking its limit break in the Techniques Ascension tree (at a cost of a whopping 999 AP). I equipped Gladiolus with the Force Stealer II (acquired from Tony by trading carrots) and enhanced by Cid. The Force Stealer II has an attack of 463. I also equipped Gladiolus with the best strength enhancing accessories having unlocked his third accessory slot. If you are not going to use Gladiolus's techniques, you may prefer to equip Noctis with the best accessories. I also took off Gladiolus's and Noctis's jackets to increase their strength. The meal added an additional 400 in strength so Gladiolus and Noctis were both well above 1,000 in attack strength.

    The Impulse Technique requires 3 tech bars. Assuming Noctis is at level 99 [or better since a recent update increased the max level to 120] and has maxed out warp and acquired Air Dance on the Combat Ascension Tree, he can charge all three tech bars by using a Magitek Booster (acquired by fighting Imperial Forces) and executing warp attacks against the Adamantoise's eye. I used the Attack 364 Ultima Blade (acquired by having Cid enhance the Engine Blade 3 Times). However, there are a number of good choices. The Adamantoise is weakest against Long Swords so the Attack 345 Thunderbolt (found at a treasure point in Malmalam Thicket or available for purchase from the arms vendor at Leville Station) would have been good since I wanted Gladiolus to have my best long sword--the Force Stealer II mentioned above.

    It is a long drop down from the eye to the ground. It may even be fatal so I made sure Noctis would never fall. If in danger, I warped out to a warp point. Ideally, though, I wanted to fully charge the 3 tech bars by executing warp attacks against the eye using the Magitek Booster for eliminating magic costs for the first few seconds. Impulse (assuming it has been equipped using the Gear menu) is executed by pressing cn_LB followed by cn_right. Executing Impulse automatically deposits Noctis safely on the ground so he can execute it without peril even if he has just gone into stasis.

    If executed optimally with the hit count in the low 30s, a level 99 Gladiolus can inflict around a quarter million HP in damage with a limit break maxed out Impulse. (This also assumes that Gladiolus's strength has been boosted with weapon, accessories, and eating an appropriate menu.) Relying almost exclusively on Impulse, it took me just under 20 minutes to defeat the Adamantoise. I didn't always execute optimally, so Gladiolus's Impulse damage ranged from just over 100,000 to about 250,000 HP. Occasionally, the Adamantoise will topple to the ground in a more vulnerable state. There is no need to change tactics. Charge the tech bar with warp attacks against the eye and execute Impulse.

    These tactics will work even if Noctis is well below level 99 and if both he and Gladiolus are using weapons less powerful than the ones I used. It will just take longer and Noctis will have to rely on warp points to replenish his magic because he will not be able to fully charge the 3 tech bars in one go with the help of a Magitech booster. The party did a good job defending itself. A couple of times Ignis or Prompto got into the danger state but recovered without my intervention. If the party is below level 99, conceivably some curatives would have to be used. With the recent update, the party could be as high as level 120 which would substantially increase its lethality.

    The primary disadvantage of using powerful techniques as opposed to conventional attacks, as I implied earlier, is that you need quite a lot of AP to unlock the limit break Impulse on the Techniques Ascension Tree. However, I did no special grinding. I simply accepted every single side quest and hunt as soon as they became available. By using warp attacks against the weak enemies I encountered, I got 1 AP with every kill. So, by Chap 9, I had more than enough AP to max out Gladiolus's Techniques and Noctis's Combat on the appropriate Ascension Trees.

    As a final comment, I must emphasize these are just suggestions. There are many effective strategies that can be used. The Adamantoise does not heal itself so any damage, no matter how slight, counts towards its defeat. Noctis's warp attacks, in themselves, are not insignificant. So, he could bring down the Adamantoise on his own. However, Gladiolus's Impulse attacks, optimally executed, are an order of magnitude more damaging than the warp attacks. If all Impulse attacks were optimally executed, the Adamantoise could be defeated with as few as 10 Impulse attacks if that. So, although I have not done it myself, I feel the Adamantoise could be defeated with these tactics in under 10 minutes.

    The time to defeat would be shorter if more powerful weapons and accessories were used. I wanted to engage during chapter 9 which limited my weapon choices. However, there are far more powerful weapons and accessories available later on in the game. One can even kill the Adamantoise instantly by casting Alterna with the Ring of the Lucii. However, players who have progressed to that extent in the game and acquired the associated skills would not need this guide to defeat the Adamantoise.

    Note--"Hidden" post-achievement rewards: When you return to the Longwythe Rest Area after successfully completing the Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe Hunt, talk to Dave who will be in front of a structure to the right of the Diner. Dave will have some comments. You will automatically find yourself back inside the Diner with all the people that were there before the Let Sleeping Moutains Lie subquest. This time when you talk with them, each one will give you an Oracle Ascension Coin. Dave will once again block the exit until you tell him you are ready to leave. When you do so, Dave will also give you an Oracle Ascension Coin. This is potentially the largest source of Oracle Ascension Coins in the game if you have helped a large number of people up to a maximum of 14. You do not have to return immediately following the Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe Hunt. Even if there is a long interval, Dave will be available to initiate your Oracle Ascension Coins rewards.
  • SaintedKarmaSaintedKarma341,040
    06 Apr 2017 21 Dec 2016 06 Jan 2017
    12 4 5
    This is a way to speed up the exp grind from lvl 50ish to lvl 99 to around a half hour.

    This is what i did
    When i did it i was lvl 61and had finished the game and done all side missions except for the extra dungeons (The Ezma's key sealed door)

    The method is all done in Altissia
    1 - I used around 40 rare coins in spell combinations
    - (1 fire + 8 coins per spell) should have an expcast spell level 96 the potency didn't matter
    - (debased ...... items work in place of rare coins if you don't have enough )
    - I had the bonuspell ascension so i got 6 spells instead of 5 per mix

    2 - I put a moogle charm on each character (+20% gain for that character)

    3 - I ate the 8,000 Gil Lasagne from Maagho (+100% gain)

    4 - I chose the level 50 hunt from the guy at Maagho (the hunt choice is just preference)
    - (it's for a slime monster it's name starts with a B)
    - btw fire heals him so your companions can't kill him so easily with you healing himsmile
    - another thing to be aware of is if it turns to day during the hunt, the slime will take continual damage that will eventually kill it so its best to start the hunt just as it turns to night, to get as much time as you can.

    5 - I then used hit and run tactics
    - enter combat throw a spell then leave combat after it hits
    - this nets close to 30,000 with each spell

    6 - After i used all my spells that i had made for this i went to the hotel in altissia and spoke to the x3 clerk (30,000 Gil stay) and ended up with just over 3M exp

    smile I hope this helps anyone that wants to level to attempt this Boss smile
  • ZidaneStrikeZidaneStrike146,112
    28 Dec 2016 30 Nov 2016 28 Dec 2016
    21 14 1
    It is recommended to go for this achievement after the main quest has completed. You must defeat the powerful Level 99 Adamantoise to earn this.

    **EDIT - I wanted to give an overview of my experience, now that I have attained this achievement. Everyone has a different approach to this tanky boss, but here is mine:

    I fought the Adamantoise when Noctis was Level 90. My total battle time was 55 minutes. Keep in mind that the Adamantoise has 5,620,400 HP. For someone just looking to finish this, I was okay with my time. I probably could have been more strategic and shortened this time a little, but here's my story and I hope it can help others.

    This can certainly be done earlier than Level 90, as long as you're willing to invest a little more time battling the Adamantoise. Come prepared with potions, elixirs, and phoenix downs, just in case. In my experience, I only needed to use 5-6 potions toward the end of the fight, when the Adamantoise had a couple powerful moves that incapacitated Noctis and other members of my party.

    With Noctis, I used a greatsword (the Iron Duke). This is obtained by completing a Level 55 boss in the quest "A Legend is Born." I found it allowed for some powerful attacks that from certain warp-strikes caused 9999 damage, though usually about 8,000-9,000 per hit. Here is a guide on getting this sword:

    For my accessories, I equipped a Ruby Bracelet (extra strength) and my Magitek Shield. I would probably recommend focusing on items that improve your strength, especially if you are beyond level 80, as you won't have much of an issue maintaining your HP during the fight.

    I camped before the fight and ate the Golden Tail Soup. This is unlocked after you max out your cooking level. I recommend maxing out your cooking level and trying this. It is easy to camp night after night to power up this skill - I think it only took me 30-40 minutes to go from Level 5 to Level 10. This soup guarantees critical hits and HP recovery increases by 150%. You will need Kujata Marrow, Platinum Myrltrout Fillet and Allural Shallot to cook this. Because my HP recovery was enhanced, I did not have much of a problem keeping this at maximum throughout the fight and only used potions during a few attacks where the Adamantoise incapacitated me in a single hit.

    As far as Ascension skills, I wasted time getting 999 AP to limit break on Gladio's Impulse technique. It allowed me to get 15,000 in hits when I got to use it, but it slows down the battle and honestly isn't that much of a boost. I recommend unlocking abilities in the Combat track to reduce overall MP usage. While it's easy to get to a warp point to refresh this, it's nicer to just keep warp-striking over and over again. If you have skills you'd like to power up, though, there's an incredible way to farm AP. I got about 800 AP in the course of about an hour following this technique.

    During the battle, head to the warp point located in between the Adamantoise's head and his left paw. If you warp strike his left paw at the point that is the furthest left and highest up (from the perspective of this warp strike point) you should get about 8,000 damage a hit (from level 90). Just keep hitting over and over, heading back to the warp-strike point when you need to refresh your MP. Keep in mind that you will almost exclusively warp-strike when you attack this beast using this technique!

    Don't forget to use your Armiger ability (cn_LB + cn_RB) when this is maxed out - I did upwards of 100,000 damage and got about 10-15 seconds of relaxation! Also, while not devastating, it's nice to use Gladio's Impulse technique whenever you need a break.

    When the Adamantoise brings its head down and is vulnerable, give Noctis a Muscle Stimulant and a Magitek Booster. Then, warp-strike the left eye continuously until the beast is no longer vulnerable. When the beast isn't vulnerable, go back to the warp point located in between the Adamantoise's head and left paw, and resume striking the left paw, again focusing on the most left and highest point of that left paw (from your warping perspective). There are plenty of warp points and areas to strike, and the video below also uses a good one to maximize your attacks. You can really jump to any point in that video to see a good place to attack the Adamantoise, since the gamer attacks from the same angle.

    Anyway, hope that helps folks like me that were a little wary to take this on! Just be patient, come prepared and good luck!

  • CenrailCenrail390,445
    07 Apr 2017 09 Apr 2017
    10 4 3
    [Guide] - Tortoise Toppler

    First and foremost; you will be given the sidemission 'rumblings in the deep' in chapter 9. Upon completing this mission ( where you will first be confronted with the adamantoise) you can pick up the monster-hunt contract for killing it in the restaurant in Hammerhead.

    This achievement can be earned in roughly anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes, regardless of what level you are as long as you are anywhere between level 50-120 There is no longer a necessity for excessive grinding or even comprehensive strategies.

    During the final chapter of the game you will be gifted the Ring of Lucii. This ring has several abilities. The ability cn_RB + cn_Y lets you consume your entire MP bar to create a powerfull black hole that has a chance to insta-kill any enemy ( chances get better the lower level they are). The adamantoise is NOT an exception to this rule.

    All you have to do is either pop a Magitek Booster potion or warp between the rocks to refill your MP bar and unleash this attack on the adamantoise. It will be sucked in the black hole in no time.

    You get the achievement upon returning to Hammerhead and turning in the contract.

  • MilkeyJoe 82MilkeyJoe 82192,964
    08 Nov 2017 08 Nov 2017
    5 1 1
    This achievement was a lot easier than I expected only being level 70, with only campaign related gear (nothing special).

    After wasting a good 10 minutes and a few potions warping throught the air and struggling to see what I was doing until falling to the floor (placing my HP in danger) and doing very little damage to the target.

    My solution was to equip the Ring of Lucii and cast the Death Spell until MP ran out, then simply warp to the nearest point to refil my MP and repeat this process.
    There was no need to lock onto target either as the ring was pulling health from the nearest point to my position.

    It was a case of rinse & repeat for 20 mins solid, not many potions were required at this point, as Death was refilling my health each hit etc.

    The creature was approx 50% health before exploding into a ball of purple dust as with all things using the death spell, bagging 60-70k exp in the process.

    Spoke to the quest giver (Takka) and achievement popped in all it's rare glory.
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