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How to unlock the Homesteader achievement

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    UPDATE: Unfortunately since the multiplayer patch, this method no longer works. If you want to still earn this achievement through the below method, you will need to buy and install from the disc and play offline.

    There is currently a cheat/bug/exploit where if you set your name to be certain characters, then whenever your name is said you will receive items. You could potentially earn over 300 million in one day, and tackle the JoJa achievement at the same time. I do recommend doing this on a completely separate save though (your "JoJa save" as it's incredibly game breaking.

    This video demonstrates what you need to do - it is not my video.

    In case the video gets pulled, start a new save, set your name to be [163][166]. The rest doesn't matter. You can use other numbers to get different items but there's just no point as your name isn't changeable in game.

    Once you've started, head over to the Saloon and wait for it to open at 12:00, then enter and speak to Gus. After he says hi, immediately speak to him again.

    Upon doing so, a large fish and a treasure chest - the two most valuable sellable items in the game at 5000G each, will suddenly appear in your inventory. Keep pressing A to spawn more (the video shows 1 spawn after each button press + Gus speaking to you each time, but for me I just received 4 per button press). You can fill up your inventory completely with three sets of 999 of each item, take it back to the chest in your house where you sell stuff, then head to bed to sleep. You will then receive enough money to get the 1 mil and 10 mil achievement, which in turn will give you enough money to buy everything in JoJa and get that out the way. Repeat visits are completely unnecessary as you'll have enough anything to buy literally everything multiple times over.

    This may be patched in the future (to which I'll try to remember to remove this guide).

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    x50 Spencewow amazing exploit can make part of the game very quick indeed
    Posted by x50 Spence on 14 Dec 17 at 18:01
    TheOnlyMattostill works 6/7/2018.

    can harsh use this glitch to help get most the achievements. freeing you up to focus on hearts n what nots. great guide. id give u a hundred thumbs up if icould
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 07 Jun 18 at 20:34
    CQOzymandiasWorth noting that as of 11/8/2019, the item name glitch no longer works, as it was patched with the 1.3 Multiplayer update.

    (TECHNICALLY, this glitch still works *occasionally*, but not reliably. It appears that there are a few random conversations that still spawn items with the glitch-for example, I completed a Help Wanted quest for Emily, and her Thank You response conversation spawned items for me. However, talking to Gus on day one as well as nearly all other instances, including buying animals from Marnie and naming them, no longer work.)
    (Posting this on the other solutions that suggest this glitch as wel)
    Posted by CQOzymandias on 16 Nov 19 at 05:31
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  • Leo AscendentLeo Ascendent514,741
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    Per the comments, Draco719 has indicated that he has unlocked the 1,000,000 achievement, but not this one.

    (this achievement, and all other similar, are for cumulative gold earned, you don't need it all at once)

    Here are some tips to net 1,000,000 Gold

    + As you may, or may not know, some crops are worth much more than others due to base value, growing time, and number of harvests. These 3 are MUSTS for growing:

    Spring - Strawberry Seeds
    Summer - Blueberry Seeds
    Fall - Cranberry Seeds

    They can net you a lot of cash, even more so if you use fertilizer, you may even make them gold star crops.

    Planting crops in a 3x3 pattern gives you a small chance of growing a GIANT version of that crop. Instead of 9 pumpkins, you might get 20+ after "breaking" the large one, and that's a lot of money.

    + If you can, turn your crops and produce in to their more lucrative counterparts. Milk - Cheese, Eggs, - Mayonnaise, etc, these sell for anywhere between 50g to 200g more, depending on the produce and quality.

    + Fishing and mining are pretty lucrative too, despite how much a pain in the ass fishing can be, if you level it up enough, you can make plenty of cash (or turn those fish into dishes). You might also hook something else other than fish.... ;)

    Mining, you can unearth several precious gems, and depending on your skills level, obtain more than one per "harvest". Ores can sell for several hundred each, and stack fairly quickly, so don't turn your nose up at them!!

    + Seed Maker and Wine FTW. These two things can make you a TOOOOOON of cash. Wine sells for 400g plain, but up to 560g, if you dedicate a few casks to wine and you'll be set. Wine ages and is worth more as time passes, at 56 days, it will be "Purple" quality and sell for double the base price.

    The Seed Maker can turn any crop into seeds, 1-3 to be exact. A full grown Ancient Plant, planted at the beginning of Spring, can earn you about 5,000g in its lifetime, and that's assuming it is of normal quality and you have no perks to increase the value, and that's just ONE plant.

    Best of luck to ya!!

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    Leo AscendentHmm, I also read that having certain settings (adblock) on your router can block some info from getting sent, do you have anything like that?

    Yup, I did play for a bit on Steam when it released there, but I'm not a PC player, so I stopped and waited for the XO version.

    EDIT: From poster about adblock

    "Didn't expect such detailed instruction! Thanks for that, Allgorhythm.
    However I found another solution. Honestly, it was completely my fault. Some time ago I installed AdBlock solution on my router. And it looks like it filtered some of Xbox Live dns addresses.
    So to get rid the issue I just turned of DNS filtering for Xbox's MAC address. Bellow the list of DNS names to add to filter whitelist, I didn't test it though.
    Posted by Leo Ascendent on 24 May 17 at 17:36
    Draco719Just unlocked earn 1,000,000 gold achievement :(
    Posted by Draco719 on 27 May 17 at 05:26
    Leo AscendentWow, makes me wonder if I've unlocked this now and it just hasn't registered. I will note that this is potentially glitched.
    Posted by Leo Ascendent on 27 May 17 at 22:35
    20 Jun 2020 12 Sep 2020 12 Sep 2020
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    Doesn't work with phone or tablet versions

    This also works for money achievements and achievements you need materials for (Such as Legend (10M Gold), Millionare (1M Gold), Monoculture (Ship 300 of one crop), Treasure Trove (40 different items, just need 2-3 types), Moving Up (Upgrade your house), Living Large (Upgrade your house to the maximum size), and more. Watch this:
    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed
    because I already typed a whole 4-paragraph solution but then my page restarted and I don't feel like writing it again.
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