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Earn 10,000,000g

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How to unlock the Legend achievement

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    Non-glitch Method

    One of the quickest ways to obtain this is using the greenhouse, kegs and ancient seeds. This can net you over 1 million per season.

    Thanks to Hollansky in the comments, you acutally only need around 5-6 million for this. You can thenbuy and sell items (making a 50% loss) but selling them will count as income. E.g. with 6 Million earnings and 5 million banked, buy items for 5 million, sell for 2.5 million and you'll have 8.5 million total earnings. Repeat until you hit 10 million earned.


    • Greenhouse
    • Ancient Seed/Fruit (Hops/Starfruit work too)
    • Kegs (many, many kegs!)
    • Sheds (Not strictly required, but makes it easier to manage the kegs)
    • Level 3 House for Casks (also no required but gives a boost to speed).

    In Brief:

    Take the Tiller-Artisan farming route
    • Find the Ancient Seed artefact or the ancient seed (randomly) by feeding items to the seed generator.
    • Grow it (28 days) and feed the ancient fruits (7 days thereafter) to the seed generator to produce more seeds
    • Unlock the greenhouse
    • Fill it with ancient fruit (108-116 depending on sprinkler quality)
    • Put the fruit in Kegs (keeping kegs in sheds is the easiest for space)
    • Optional - put the wine in casks in your basement to age (125 max every 2 seasons)
    • Harvest, sleep, repeat
    • Profit!

    In detail:


    This can be done at any stage. You’ll likely want to play Stardew Valley at your own pace given the nature of the game, but below I’ve detailed a method to achieve this as fast as possible. If doing so then essentially ignore the social aspects in year one and focus on cash generation. If you are applying this to a later stage save then meeting the requirements and setting up the process will be much easier.

    Oak Resin

    This is worth highlighting early as there’s no quick way to produce it if you clear all trees. You are going to need a lot of this (120+) to produce kegs. You can apply a Tapper to Oak trees (40 wood, 2 Copper bars, Foraging level 3) but it takes 7 days to produce one. Start making these ASAP and don’t cut down early Oak trees, they take a long time to grow back. If you have already done so then plant them ASAP and get tapping.


    Money will be an issue in year 1 as you build out from nothing. Your main focus should be farming and the mine. Try not to waste time or energy, especially early, as growth is somewhat exponential and getting behind will hinder you throughout. Consider consuming forage etc. for energy to hit the mine if you have time left in a day and don’t waste a rainy day, get down there! You will need a lot of coal and ore for Spinklers and Kegs.

    Before you have many kegs/preserves jars use basic fertiliser (2 sap) to increase the quality/return when selling crops directly. You need to apply the fertilizer to tilled soil before planting the seeds, and it does not transfer between seasons (you should then fertilizer tilled soil on day 1 for the best effect). You should have a lot of sap when clearing the farm for the wood you need.

    As soon as you hit farming level 6, focus on making as many quality sprinklers as you can. (1 gold bar, 1 Iron bar, 1 quartz). If you can make 50 of these you can have 400 crops watered with no energy costs, combined with blueberries/cranberries you’ll have huge yields. More importantly it frees up your time and energy for more mining and foraging.

    In spring focus on Cauliflower (Potatoes are good too, especially in Year 1 as they have a short cycle so you can reinvest faster). Try and get to 100+ crops ASAP, limited by how much you can water. Fishing in your downtime in the very early stages before the mine opens (1st week) can help get the ball rolling as well. Upgrade your watering can then your pick for best efficiency.

    Focus on Blueberries in summer and Cranberries in fall.

    In winter you can plough the beach to get winter roots than can be ground into seeds to farm. Ideally though you would have the greenhouse by then and can focus on it for better returns. (Crystal Fruit in kegs are decent at a push though).

    The Ancient Seed

    This is a pain, but doesn’t break the method as you can still use hops/starfruit in the greenhouse for good returns (or even fruit trees). They just take more maintenance.

    There are three ways to get the seed:

    • Finding the artefact (Geodes, fishing ploughing worms) and donating it which rewards you with one
    • Putting items into the Seed Maker and getting lucky (0.5% chance)
    • Purchased from the Traveling Cart random stock (to the left in the woods south of your farm, northeast of the wizard tower)

    It takes 28 days to grow and produces an ancient fruit thereafter every 7 days. However it survives through seasons, only dying in winter. If you get it early then plant it to harvest the fruits and turn them to seeds ASAP. Otherwise plant it on 1st Spring Year 2.


    In Year 1 focus on unlocking the Greenhouse in the community centre. (Note: If taking the Joja mart option this is much simpler, just unlock it for 35k.) Most of the bundles are simple enough if you check beforehand and make sure to plant the required crops.

    For the quality crops bundle just having 15 or so of the required crop planted with basic fertiliser (2 Sap) should be enough each season. I usually plant 25 to be sure.

    For Artisan the cheese (Barn->Cow->Milk->Cheese Press) Honey (Beehive) and Jelly (Any Veg->Preserves jar) will be easy enough, the others taks a bit more time and advanced animals and buildings are expensive. Trees are the easiest option you just need 1 of each (and, added bonus, the fruit can be used in the kegs you will produce) but they take 28 days and are expensive (less so than animals though!). You need to purchase and plant the summer trees (Orange, Peach) in Spring and the Fall (Apple, Pomegranate) in summer.

    Kegs (and sheds)

    Ancient fruits are produced every 7 days and a keg will produce wine in around the same time. Thus you will need about 120 kegs. (Unlocked at Farming Level 8 – 30 wood, 1 copper bar, 1 iron bar, 1 Oak Resin). This will take up a lot of space, but you can put around 60 in a shed. (15k, 300 wood)

    Tip: Place a keg outside a shed and when you are finished loading them all up inside put the same fruit in the one outside. You can now see when they are done without going inside the Shed!

    If you have a level 3 house with the basement you can also age the wine in kegs to double it's value. You can put a maximu of 125 accessible casks in your basement and start with 33. It will take 2 seasons to age the wine but it will double the value, it basically means you can double the value of one of every 8 harvests which is a small, but nice bump. Given the time taken to gather the hardwoodfor the casks though it's quicker to ignore this if you are racing to the 10M.

    General Process

    Get you crops and sprinklers set up ASAP as detailed above, but don’t neglect the Oak resin. If you can get 6-8 taps set up by summer you should be fine.

    Through the year focus on generating cash from high yield crops, with a side view on completing the bundles for the greenhouse. Mine as much as you can inbetween this (you’ll need a lot of ore!), it should get much easier as you get more sprinklers. Wood shouldn’t be an issue, just make sure to replant trees as you cut then down.

    Use your growing array of kegs to produce wine (from fruit) or beer (from hops) to supplement your income through the year. You'll be producing too much to put all your produce in these, but it can give a useful (and growing) bonus as you build more and more. You should be able to unlock the Greenhouse in time for Winter to continue this.

    How quickly you get up to full capacity depends on how early you got the Ancient Seed and how quickly you can produce kegs. You can use hops, Fruit trees or star fruit (you get the seed early on, from donating 15 unique minerals to Gunther) until then to fill out the rest of the spaces.

    Glitch Method

    Note: This will be patched Shortly! Thanks to Rickr304 in the comments


    I'm leaving it in this solution to note this fact in case anyone finds the glitch on google etc.

    Thanks to Mr Sniper 879 in the comments, below is a great way to boost this quicker, it should give you over 6M in your first two years. (This is enough to buy and sell to hit 10M). I've left the original solution in place for those who wish to obtain this without the use of glitches.

    • On 27th Fall there is the Spirits Eve Festival

    • Make sure your Inventory is full, and contains at least 3 items you don't mind losing.

    • At 10pm go to the town square then north and through the maze (At the end you can walk through the hedge).

    • Open the chest for the golden pumpkin. Instead of putting it in your Inventory, drop it on the floor. Do this until there are 31 pumpkins on the floor.

    • Open your inventory and send 3 items to the trash, you should automatically pick up the pumpkins but have 3 stacks of 812 pumpkins due to the glitch, these sell for 3M+ total.

    • If you are close to 10M, head to Pierre's and buy stacks of the most expensive tree (6000g) and sell them back to him. Buying three 3M worth and selling them will net you 1.5M more income, repeat and that's an extra 750k etc. etc.

    (Note this video is not my own, all credit to the owner)
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    Arkzein Shame, at least the standard way only takes a few hours once you reach that stage, which you need to for the other achievements anyway. Updated the solution to avoid confusion in any case.
    Posted by Arkzein on 02 Feb 17 at 13:28
    bryan dot exe I like any solution that employs the harmonic series. +1
    Posted by bryan dot exe on 05 Mar 17 at 13:32
    CQOzymandias Worth noting that as of 11/8/2019, the item name glitch no longer works, as it was patched with the 1.3 Multiplayer update.

    (TECHNICALLY, this glitch still works *occasionally*, but not reliably. It appears that there are a few random conversations that still spawn items with the glitch-for example, I completed a Help Wanted quest for Emily, and her Thank You response conversation spawned items for me. However, talking to Gus on day one as well as nearly all other instances, including buying animals from Marnie and naming them, no longer work.)
    Posted by CQOzymandias on 16 Nov 19 at 05:26
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