A Complete Collection achievement in Stardew Valley

A Complete Collection

Complete the museum collection.

A Complete Collection+0.6
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How to unlock the A Complete Collection achievement

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    So as the previous guides deal with a, now patched, glitch I figured it’d be a good call to throw out some hints and tips I learned by doing this the hard way.
    To get this achievement you are going to need to gather a total of 95 items. 53 minerals and 42 artifacts which will need to be taken to Gunther in the museum.
    The museum is in the south east corner of Pelican town, over the bridge and south of the blacksmiths hut.

    External image

    Bringing up your menu allows you to see how many items from each area you have collected and are short. Note that minerals and artifacts collected show up as soon as you collect them, even if you haven’t dropped them into the museum yet so it’s worth taking any new collectables you find straight away.
    When finished your collection pages should look like this.
    External image

    External image

    If you are going through the game normally you should get most of these in the process of picking up the other achievements.
    I got all but 4 artifacts and 2 minerals without having to do any grinding, though I confess I did regularly refer to the wiki for help to complete subquests.
    So here’s a quick breakdown of the various items in order and how you can get each one. I’m not going to post an exhaustive list of where each one can be found, just the most common occurrences of each. Just be aware that some items can be picked up through other means then those listed, my first ruby was given to me as a gift during the feast of the winter star festival for example.

    Geodes are your key to opening up all the different minerals and a couple of the artifacts so it’s important to know where you can find the different types.
    They come in 4 types. Geodes, Omni Geodes, Frozen Geodes and Magma Geodes. These can be opened by Clint the blacksmith in Pelican town for 25g.

    Geodes: Chance to drop whilst breaking any stone above ground or in the mine (higher chance in mine levels (1-39). Dropped by Duggies (25%), produce of stonefish pond (pop 9). Found whilst tilling soil in farm.

    Omni Geodes: Chance to drop from breaking stone at every level of the mines, skull cavern and quarry cavern. Dropped by carbon ghosts (99%, skull cavern). Produced by octopus fish pond (pop 9).

    Frozen geodes: Chance to drop from breaking stone in the mines (level 41-79. Produced by ice pip fish pond (pop 9).

    Magma Geode: Chance to drop from breaking stone in the mines (level 81-119). Chance drop from breaking crates and barrels in skull cavern. Produced by lava eel fish pond (pop 9).

    External image

    External image

    External image

    External image


    Artifacts are a whole different ball game though at first it’ll seem like they are identical to minerals and you won’t know why they’re kept on a separate list. Very few artifacts are found inside geodes. Instead they are more commonly found in artifact spots around the surface of the world. These are identified by patches of dirt, sand or snow with worms wiggling about

    An artifact spot (the infamous sand wigglers)
    External image

    Most artifact spots will contain something other than an artifact (stone, clay, wild seeds, yam) but a handful of artifacts are only obtainable by smacking the artifact spot with your hoe.

    It’s also worth noting that artifact spots in different areas will have a different list of artifacts that can be found there (no dried starfish or anchors in the Calico desert for example). Several artifacts are given as rewards for certain subquests and missions so if you’ve been trying to get everything done that the game has to offer you will get a load of these as you progress.

    There are also several which can be gained by buying artifact troves from the trader in the calico desert, he will trade 5 omni geodes for a single artifact trove which the blacksmith can open. If you find you have all of the minerals you require it’s worth stockpiling omni geodes for this purpose if you are still missing artifacts.

    External image

    External image

    External image

    External image

    Additional notes:

    Quarry: For the sake of artifact spots the quarry counts as part of the mountains.

    Winter artifact hunting: Because everything in winter is covered in snow, more artifact spots are able to generate in areas where previously they couldn’t because it was grass. If you’re having trouble finding a specific artifact it might be worth waiting until winter when you might have more spawnable surfaces. This isn’t true for items on the beach or desert and makes minimal impact on artifacts which spawn at the railroad, but it’s handy for those elusive town or forest artifacts.

    Wilderness farms: Wilderness golems have a chance of dropping diamonds, earth crystals or prismatic shards, wilderness golems can only be found if the wilderness map is chosen for the players farm at the start of the game.

    Fishing chests: Fishing chests are an alternative way of gaining some of these artifacts or minerals, you’ll almost certainly pick up one or two this way; but the list of possible items in the fishing chest is large, there is a chance that when you are fishing you might not get a chest pop up and even if you do get a chest to appear in the minigame you might not be able to catch it/catching it might lose you the fish and therefore the chest. As such I’ve put it here as a mention but unless you assign your professions and gear yourself solely to getting chests (which is possible) you can’t really rely on it.

    Luck: Whilst luck makes a difference on how often geodes will drop from rocks it does not effect what items are found within geodes. With that in mind it's worth using good luck days for collecting geodes from the mines and bad luck days for having the blacksmith open any geodes you've opened. You can find out what the luck for the day is like on your tv in your house.

    Well that’s all I can think of, if you can think of any more information which I could add to here, please let me know, I hope this helps some of you out. Almost all of the percentages from these lists came from the official stardew valley wiki, not my own data collection.
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  • Pure Pip RaptorPure Pip Raptor268,084
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    There is 95 items you need for the achievement. You have to give them to Gunther in the museum. I made this list because I was missing one but couldn't figure out what. Maybe it will help you guys too.
    1. Emerald
    2. Ruby
    3. Amethyst
    4. Topaz
    5. Jade
    6. Diamond
    7. Quartz
    8. Fire Quartz
    9. Frozen Tear
    10. Earth Crystal
    11. Aquamarine
    12. Tigerseye
    13. Opal
    14. Fire Opal
    15. Aerinite
    16. Alamite
    17. Bixite
    18. Baryte
    19. Basalt
    20. Calcite
    21. Celestine
    22. Dolomite
    23. Esperite
    24. Fairy Stone
    25. Fluorapatite
    26. Geminite
    27. Ghost Crystal
    28. Granite
    29. Helvite
    30. Hematite
    31. Jagoite
    32. Jamborite
    33. Jasper
    34. Kyanite
    35. Limestone
    36. Lemon Stone
    37. Lunarite
    38. Marble
    39. Malachite
    40. Mudstone
    41. Nekoite
    42. Neptunite
    43. Obsidian
    44. Ocean Stone
    45. Orpiment
    46. Petrified Slime
    47. Prismatic Shard
    48. Pyrite
    49. Thunder Egg
    50. Sandstone
    51. Slate
    52. Soapstone
    53. Star Shards
    54. Amphibian Fossil
    55. Anchor
    56. Ancient Doll
    57. Ancient Drum
    58. Ancient Seed
    59. Ancient Sword
    60. Arrowhead
    61. Bone Flute
    62. Chewing Stick
    63. Chicken Statue
    64. Chipped Amphora
    65. Dinosaur Egg
    66. Dried Starfish
    67. Dwarf Gadget
    68. Dwarf Scroll I
    69. Dwarf Scroll II
    70. Dwarf Scroll III
    71. Dwarf Scroll IV
    72. Dwarvish Helm
    73. Elvish Jewelry
    74. Glass Shards
    75. Golden Mask
    76. Golden Relic
    77. Nautilus Fossil
    78. Ornamental Fan
    79. Palm Fossil
    80. Prehistoric Handaxe
    81. Prehistoric Rib
    82. Prehistoric Scapula
    83. Prehistoric Skull
    84. Prehistoric Tool
    85. Prehistoric Tibia
    86. Prehistoric Vertebra
    87. Rare Disc
    88. Rusty Cog
    89. Rusty Spoon
    90. Rusty Spur
    91. Skeletal Hand
    92. Skeletal Tail
    93. Strange doll - green
    94. Strange Doll - yellow
    95. Trilobite
  • BRETT 57642BRETT 57642273,701
    28 May 2018 28 May 2018
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    60 Emerald
    62 Aquamarine
    64 Ruby
    66 Amethyst
    68 Topaz
    70 Jade
    72 Diamond
    80 Quartz
    82 Fire Quartz
    84 Frozen Tear
    86 Earth Crystal
    562 Tigerseye
    564 Opal
    565 Fire Opal
    541 Aerinite
    538 Alamite
    539 Bixite
    540 Baryte
    570 Basalt
    542 Calcite
    566 Celestine
    543 Dolomite
    544 Esperite
    577 Fairy Stone
    545 Fluorapatite
    546 Geminite
    561 Ghost Crystal
    569 Granite
    547 Helvite
    573 Hematite
    549 Jagoite
    548 Jamborite
    563 Jasper
    550 Kyanite
    571 Limestone
    554 Lemon Stone
    551 Lunarite
    567 Marble
    552 Malachite
    574 Mudstone
    555 Nekoite
    553 Neptunite
    575 Obsidian
    560 Ocean Stone
    556 Orpiment
    557 Petrified Slime
    74 Prismatic Shard
    559 Pyrite
    558 Thunder Egg
    568 Sandstone
    576 Slate
    572 Soapstone
    578 Star Shards
    587 Amphibian Fossil
    117 Anchor
    103 Ancient Doll
    123 Ancient Drum
    114 Ancient Seed
    109 Ancient Sword
    101 Arrowhead
    119 Bone Flute
    105 Chewing Stick
    113 Chicken Statue
    100 Chipped Amphora
    107 Dinosaur Egg
    116 Dried Starfish
    122 Dwarf Gadget
    96 Dwarf Scroll I
    97 Dwarf Scroll II
    98 Dwarf Scroll III
    99 Dwarf Scroll IV
    121 Dwarvish Helm
    104 Elvish Jewelry
    118 Glass Shards
    124 Golden Mask
    125 Golden Relic
    586 Nautilus Fossil
    106 Ornamental Fan
    588 Palm Fossil
    120 Prehistoric Handaxe
    583 Prehistoric Rib
    579 Prehistoric Scapula
    581 Prehistoric Skull
    115 Prehistoric Tool
    580 Prehistoric Tibia
    584 Prehistoric Vertebra
    108 Rare Disc
    112 Rusty Cog
    110 Rusty Spoon
    111 Rusty Spur
    582 Skeletal Hand
    585 Skeletal Tail
    126 Strange doll - green
    127 Strange Doll - yellow
    589 Trilobite
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